replacement engine/vehicle through warranty

I have a 2006 Discovery 3 HSE which went into a dealer 7 WEEKS AGO to have the electronic handbrake adjusted. The dealer spotted a small oil leak that LR advised required a new camshaft. This was duly fitted under warranty, however when testing after repair the engine misfired badly whilst cold. Seven weeks have now passed during which time the heads have been sent off for testing, the valves tested, injectors replaced and the camshaft sensor replaced; none of which has worked. The dealer has admitted they don't know what to do even though they have consulted with LR. I've written to LR Customer Services explaining my patience has run out and I expect them to deal with the situation immediately. From what I read on this website I don't hold out a great deal of hope of a quick resolution, so my solicitor will be hearing from me very shortly! Has anyone out there had any experience of seeking a replacement engine/vehicle through warranty?

Same problem!

I would be interested to hear the results of this as currently.... Car went in to have handbrake adjusted, one week later there was a rattling noise coming from the engine, took it into dealer garage who said it was most likely an injector that needed replacing so arranged to leave it with them the next day. Did this and went back later that day to be told they had checked them all, the diagnostic is showing no problems, so we have to replace the entire engine! The car is a late 2007, and has only done 35,000 miles, and no one seems to know why it needs replacing, this is a massive repair and I am hoping that land rover will assist and give me some answers, this is my third lr, second disco, the dealership has been really good, but I do not understand how or why this could happen?!

disco 3 nightmare

2008 HSE - crankshaft broken, new engine will cost just about what car is worth! Am talking to LR but don't hold out much hope- seems garages in London who offer £ 3500 fitted are dodgy!

Disco 4 snapped crank

We know about the crankshaft issues on the discovery 3, but at 86,000 miles our disco 4 snapped the crank with no warning on a short run back from taking the kids back from Saturday morning football. After three weeks Landrover have offered a goodwill gesture of 20 percent against a new engine (circa 16k) if supplied and fitted by Landrover. The dealers have offered to add another 10 percent (very nice people and embarrassed by Landrover reaction) but the car is six, nearly seven years old and not worth the cost of a Landrover repair. I was keen to buy a disco 5 (my husband less so) but this is the latest in a string of faults with this car, and unless Landrover are prepared to make a reasonable contribution it will be our last. This is the ninth and worst Landrover we have owned (all three defenders have been brilliant, the disco's less so) looks like the crankshaft curse has crossed the model range!

Disco 4 snapped crankshaft

Our Disco 4 died without warning last weekend. early indications from Hunters in Guildford is that it is a suspected broken crank. the car has done 35,000 miles!!!! this is a car that is supposed to be made for rough terrain. 16-18k for new engine. awaiting LR to strip the engine to confirm the worst. Goodwill being spoken about, but on a car that young, one would hope the good will is the cost of the fitting!!! Shocked at a product breaking like this.
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