Discovery 4 HSE. Recently the fuel warning light has come on and the fuel gauge registers as empty despite there being more than enough diesel in the tank.

Enquiry:I have a 4 year old Discovery 4 HSE. Recently the fuel warning light has come on and the fuel gauge registers as empty despite there being more than enough diesel in the tank. I have received an "Upgrade" to the software but the problem persists. I understand that this fault is commonplace and the fix advised is to have a replacement sender unit. I have also heard that this replacement fix is not the answer as a better software update is essentially what is required. Can you point me in the right direction to fix the problem as I am reluctant to spend a serious amount of money to replace the sender if that will not fix the problem. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Fuel empty warning light on


fuel gauge not working light came on

Fuel tank light come on no fuel in tank but tank is not empty fill up tank problem stay the same

Fuel Gauge warning light

I had a similar problem and was advised by a Landrover Assist technician that there is a Landrover fix available. The fualt is caused by corrosion in the wiring loom connections. A replacement final section with gold plated terminals is the solution.

Discovery 3

i just filled my discovery 3 up it said 330 miles i have done 8 miles it has gone to 270 i was sat outside whilst my girlfriend went in the shop and it sempt to drop every 30 secs i have had a look under car and cant see any obvious ie leaks

disco 3 fuel gauge

Fuel gauge on 2007 Disco 3 suddenly went to zero despite tank 1/2 full. Hard cornering brought the reading back. Maybe the sender unit was stuck and was knocked free. But much more likely to be corroded wiring fault as suggested by many.


My discovery 4 has just had the same problem, I have been told by my garage it is the sender wiring joints, this is a problem with this model. £200 plus vat to fix it with tow new terminals, ps Tank has to come out

Fuel gauge drops to zero AND misfires

Same fault as described here but mine went the whole hog and went into Forced Engine shutdown mode - note the Engine Management light did not come on. Apparently the EMS does this to prevent the serious damage that can occur to the injectors and CAT if you actually run out of fuel, so it forces a misfire so the driver thinks there is something wrong and pulls over. Ive been told that fixing the sender and applying the software fix then stops the EMS thinking there is low fuel and so clears the misfire too. - as on here its 200 quid plus the VAT plus the 125 quid diagnostic test in the first place. so 325 quid plus VAT. Im surprised that Landrover know about this and they did not recall or change it at a service - I would expect more from a £55,000 car!! Mine gets done tomorrow - will let you know if it fixes it....

Fuel gauge zero

I am having the same problem in my HSE the fuel gauge indicates empty when I know it is full, and now stops car working! how did you get on with your repairs? did they work?

Discovery 4 hse

My gauge reads empty when there is still 20l still in the tank.The gauge also reads20%high.Hence my true mpg on runs is only 24mpg. The car is still under warranty and Land Rover coustomer service do not offer any help.

Diiscovery4 fuel instruments

I have the same problem on my Disco4and I find Land Rover coustomer service very unhelpful dispite giving photos to prove the point.The vehicle has been into the garage 6times and I am still being told there is nothing wrong!!Anybody any suggestions?

Discovery 4 Fuel Gauge/Misfiring

My 2011 Discovery 4 (owned for 7 months and numerous issues) suddenly displayed no fuel/empty tank on a recent trip to the coast. The fuel tank was 3/4 full at the time. A week later (today) whilst waiting for it to go in for diagnostics next week, whilst driving to the station the car was gently misfiring/revs dropping at all speeds - no warning lights showing and car has been starting fine. When I returned to my car this evening the 'rev dropping' started immediately and, on my 5 mile drive home, I had a feeling it was going to stall which it did 6 times whilst driving at 40 mph (again no warning signs just coasted to a standstill) and also when arriving at a junction. Each time I lost the powered steering, hazard lights on and then re-started the engine each time with no hesitation. I limped the car home and avoided the dual carriageways as I was terrified of being involved in an accident - it was horrendous. Odd thing though - when I parked the car, I carried out a pretty hard 3 point turn (on full steering lock) and when I parked, not only had the fuel gauge fault cleared but the revs were back to normal and it would appear to be faultless....... I noted a comment above about a hard cornering bringing back the fuel gauge. What this all means, I have no idea but, having already paid out for a full gearbox re-build just over 3 months of ownership I have totally lost confidence in this vehicle and will be looking to move away from Land Rover completely. I should have known better, my partner had a Range Rover which had so many electronic faults it was a joke. I drove with my heart in my mouth tonight and also when I had total gearbox failure more than once before the gearbox was re-built. The worst car purchase I have ever made and I have always been a fan of Land Rovers. I also noticed the comment on the EMS - is this what was causing my rev dropping - does anyone know please?
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