Why have we constructed this website?

We have launched Land Rover Hell www.LandRoverHell.com as a result of the consistent problems that we have experienced with our Land Rover Discovery since its purchase, almost 3 years ago. Besides all the problems with the car, what has compounded matters is the bad service and general uninterested and unhelpful attitude of Land Rover Spain, and Land Rover head office in the U.K.
The car has been unbelievably unreliable, and on 2 occasions whilst travelling abroad we experienced major problems, resulting on both occasions having to leave the car behind and return in a small hire car, thus leaving the trailer we had taken with us, stranded there too. Consequently this has involved another round-trip of having to collect the trailer, all at our own cost, which on both occasions the mileage has been 975km for each trip, so it wasn’t cheap! We also feel that it should be bought to everybody’s attention that Land Rover do not want to honour their warranty obligations, and fabricate lies to avoid paying out for genuine repairs, (please read the article "Battery & Transmission" for further details).
We just feel that potential customers of Land Rover should be aware of the fact that the Land Rover Discovery is not a reliable car, and after the sale care is non existent and is particularly bad from Head Office.  The supplying dealer was a nightmare, (no longer a main Land Rover dealer) However the current servicing dealer Autonautica in Benidorm has been fantastic and always very helpful, the roadside assistance have been terrific too, (invaluable on the Land Rover Discovery) but in the long run it is Head Office that hold the key to providing the long-term solution, and thus it is with them we have the problem.
Hopefully, this forum will enlighten customers about our bad experiences, and also let other Land Rover Discover owners list there problems and grievances, so that prospective purchases of Land Rover products can see what they could be letting themselves in for, and subsequently that Land Rover realise the discontent of its customers and thus improve the reliability of the cars they manufacture and the after-car they provide for their customers, without whom, they would be out of business.
We feel that the product is fantastic in theory, but the practicalities of owning the car make the purchase of a Land Rover Discover a really bad and costly mistake, please feel free to comment on current articles, and add your own. We have an extensive Search Engine Optimisation and marketing campaigns and plan to make this website the major forum for all Land Rover models, we look forward to your help in achieving this.
*Please note all of the comments of this website and blog are of the individual opinions of the authors, and the owners of the website are not responsible for these in any way.

Get rid quickly

Thanks for the info, that really helped me a lot, i was in two minds about buying one of these due to a bad previous experience with the old model, so now i know it has to be a Toyota, good luck, I would push Land Rover for a full refund, the product was not of merchantable quality.

Get rid quickly

Thanks for your support, yes I agree a full refund is what is required.


My mate D3 hse has started letting water in the back soaking the carpets and making it smell bad inside.It's in the dearlership as we speak.

Problems galore but I love my Disco.

I love my Series II but it has had major problems such as auto gearbox failing, seats not locking into positions (up or down), tailgate lock jamming (can anyone suggest a fix?), power steering failing, and numerous other bits and pieces falling off, jamming or breaking. We looked long and hard for this model and we have been very disappointed in it's reliability. Yes we were warned, but it remained top of our list. Please LandRover, get your act together!

Top of List Too

Yes I understand, it was top of my list too, it suited all of the need that I had, but the vehicle is plagued with faults and unreliability, I am waiting to finish off a list of all of these which I will publish here shortly (its so long so it is taking quite a while). A few years ago my Friend was a sales manager for a major Land Rover dealership, I was looking to buy a Discovery from him, he in no uncertain terns told me not to buy one, he said they were all breaking down, and his job was so unpleasant dealing with all of the unsatisfied clients, the last thing that he wanted to do was to sell a Land Rover Discovery to a friend, buy Japanese he said. Because of the take over by Ford and the excellent road tests, I thought this had all changed and it was now a quality product, that is why I went ahead and purchased the series 3 model, unfortunately my assumptions were wrong, and the product or its unreliability has not moved on, so prospective purchases please be warned, do not make the same mistake as me, buy a BMW, Audi, Toyota, or something else as long as its not a Land Rover.

Persist for a refund

Your website looks great. I am so sorry you have had problems with your Disco. Do persist with a refund. I´ll stick with the old and battered models .... thank you very much.

Web site

well done on such a fab website, I will link it to mine www.landroverdontbuy.com next time I re do it. Looks really professional pity Landrover cant folloe your lead.


I sold my lovely V8 G reg for a nice T reg TD5. the V8 was quite economical at 12 to the gal ..... Or it was when i consider the running cosst of the TD5. Bought at 66k at 3 year old lasted until 72K until a wire broke to the BCU(you will learn these terms if you own one) that repair involved a BCU replacement and new key (note key, not keys as they wanted another 90pounds for the spare) at 2,250pounds, followed by the alarm playing up at 2000 pounds then the head went at 88K 1,200 pounds then the clutch went at 99k 600 pounds. gear box was about to go so it did instead......... Total price of car 14k at 3 years old repairs in general 10k over 3 years sold for 5k at 6 years old cost of 3years motoring = 19k (without diesel, insurance tyres or car tax) i'm A SHOGUN MAN NOW stuff JLR.. Anycase JLR are the only manufactuerer to sell cars in monochrome.


I have read the Landroverdontbuy.com website, this all a while ago would have been a shock, but now i know better its no longer a surprise, good luck in your quest, lets hope that we will both be successfully in gaining a future refund, and subsequently be able to buy a better product.

Buy a Toyota

Loads of LandCruisers about... you can pick a 3.0l Colorado up between 3k-7k depending on preference... Got mine for 6k, 4yrs ago... spent nothing on it (yet!)...it's still worth £3k (with no thanks to Mr Brown) .... 160,000 on the clock...and it'll be good for another 100k.. It'll hit well over 100mph (not that i ever go over the speed limit ) ... I'd never buy a Disco... utter rubbish..

You're right!

Yes, I am thinking of buying a Toyota, on both occasions when my land rover discover broke down I was told by other balloonists there with Toyotas, to buy a Toyota, they never break.

Boy i'm so pleased i sold that car

Oh and whilst we are on the joys of owning a LR i had to ask all my collegues who own one not to visit me at my house once for a period of Two weeks. I couldn't enable or disable the alarm using the keys. Had to use the emergency access code in the drivers door to get in (which had changed due to the replacement BCU and the mechanic not updating the records, another tow up to the main dealer at my cost.) Turns out there was an errant radio signal in the vacinity and only land rovers were affected. Great when most of my friends own a defender and you can imagine the scene when a friend turned up out of the blue. A dash outside with arms waving "Don't turn it off. Go away" "Great" (or at least they did until they realised what issues they were getting with the clutches and the alarms). I had to get Offcom to correct the radio signal before i could set my alarm. Other issues: Radio gave up ACE Ecu had fault light. (Took a new ACE ECU and 5 flushes of the hydraulics to get that back ps £40 per flush) Boy i'm so pleased i sold that car

Buy a Shogun!!!!

Very clever , I'm impressed. Mind you I did tell you to buy a Shogun!!!!

major quality issues

Sorry to hear about all of your Land Rover problems, when I worked with them 1994- 1998 as a Sales Manager, yes there were major quality issues but I thought they had been resolved, not so.

Good luck with the refund.

Yes I can fully appreciate you being more than a little p***ed off with both the car and the manufacturer, Do you think your telling us something we don't already know? Good luck with the refund.

i would be very unhappy if i forked out over £25k

Blimey you really are p!!! with land rover but i can see why While we all love fixing a series or older defender vehicle as its part of the endearment, i would be very unhappy if i forked out over £25k and got your experience I wonder how many folks have gone to the bother of setting up a website about it

why did you not ask for a replacement vehicle?

if you were so unhappy with the product,why did you not ask for a replacement vehicle? Having been through this with a customer i can see both sides last time a chap went this way he had a full page spread in the times news paper as land rover were unhelpful in resolving his problem

Do you know what was the outcome

Do you know what was the outcome of that case? I would consider a replacement vehicle (depending upon what was offered) but they have not offered me that either! As I said before the car suited my purpose, but it can not be relied upon.

sounds like your dealer is at fault

sounds like your dealer is at fault there although with the freelander, defender, rrs why buy the disco

Supplying dealer

Supplying dealer no longer selling Land Rovers!

why in gods name did you not demand a replacement

Got to take issue with you here - It makes purchase and owning of your vehicle the mistake, NOT the D3 in general. Yes they have had some nightmares with them, a god read of the D3 webby will tell you that. Frankly, if you've had that many problems with it, why in gods name did you not demand a replacement vehicle. You are/were/would have been perfectly entitled to ask for one. Whilst I admit my Disco1 was froma used dealer, the first one I purchased had many problem which in some part they must have known about, so I demanded a replacement vehicle which I got.

I completely sympathise.

Seriously - sell the thing, get on with your life or take them to court. Obviously you have a lemon and you haven't been treated very well, so don't buy another one! I completely sympathise.

you have as good a case

You should let your website stand on its own two feet and gain support that way, if you have as good a case and marketing as you claim it will generate its own support

If I spent that much money on something that lets

If I spent that much money on something that lets me down would I be happy? and also it's not legally possible to cancel a warranty because a customer is not happy. Let's face it it's not the only duff Landrover out there is it? My neighbour's one cannot be parked on a slop without the alarm going off, and seems to be permanently in the shop judging by the number of dealer loan cars he's had. The onus is on the manufacturer and dealer to sort it out, if they don't then they should not be upset if the owner wants to share the grief. Having just had my car fail on Christmas Eve leading to returning home instead of going to see friends I can see the point. The RAC fixed my car, but recommended that I return to the dealer for a thorough check as it was likely to happen again. I called to book in and was given a date 3 weeks away, great if it happens again in the meantime. It's 10 months old, and they still can't fix a gearbox that makes everyone who drives it seem like a ham fisted amateur. As the second biggest purchase in most people's lives you have a right to expect it to be up to the job. I also sold my last car simply on the basis of poor dealer service, on the basis that they didn't deserve a penny more from my own earnings. Why should people accept poor service - go to most other countries and you don't see it

The most unreliable car I have ever owned.

The most unreliable car I have ever owned. In 30 months and 20,000 miles it had more than 17 weeks off the road, it had new engine, exhaust, inter-cooler in the first 5,00 miles. 8 months later the turbo fell off melting the weiring loom. a week later the front diff went, three months later the transfer box gave up, had water leaks and a bit of window trim fell off on the motorway. I must have done around 10,000 miles in courtesy cars, I have got rid of it at last before the warranty ran out, God help the poor guy that's bought it now. I now have a BMW X3sd and its brilliant.

This is the most unreliable car I have ever owned

This is the most unreliable car I have ever owned. It has been into the dealers for critical suspension faults four times. The front brakes wore to the metal without the warning light coming on (and Land Rover Assist said the car was safe to drive to the dealers), the rear handbrake shoes disintegrated locking the back wheels while driving. Twice the car has been returned to the dealer on a breakdown truck within hours of being repaired. The transmission has failed once. The rear wiper came off while driving and the sun roof drain pipes block pouring water into the cabin. Land Rover Customer Service don't return calls.

Great car when it works!!!

Great car when it works!!! Large piece of plastic ripped away from windscreen, while on moterway. On board computer warning of low coolant level, told by dealer to ignore (computer fault) Wheels badly out of alignment by 15000 miles (£75) The washer fuse has blown three times. Rear parking sensor does not work, most of the time. Don`t try to change a flat tyre, phone landrover!! Major fuel leak onto engine block (spilt pipe found only on final test drive while under service 35000k FIRE RISK)The car was gone for five days that time. Rear wiper works intermitantly. Driver seat leaver broken and so it goes on. But don`t ask the dealer about faults ( do not want to know)

We were told otherwise!

We purchased a Disco 3 in April. We are very pleased with the vehicle in general terms but there are a few niggles! 1. we had to have a complete nearside headlight replacement. 2. we had an air bag replaced due to a computer fault. 3. the rear access is a poor version of the previous model. You cannot reach the back of the boot space due to the lower tailgate opening downward. it would have been better to have retained the full door opening vertically. 4. there is a sign of transmision noise/clunk when moving forward from slow pace eg when in traffic and accelerating. 5. the mpg is poor - still only 24 average urban despite over 5,000 miles. We were told otherwise!

I can understand your disappointment

I can understand your disappointment with the faults on your vehicle and the poor dealer service; the fact that you have created a web page dedicated to the subject speaks volumes.

Discovery 3

I purchased the Discovery 3 for my retirement and to undertake a major round Australia trip and have to say when I took delivery I thought this is the best car I had ever owned, three years and 50,000 kilometres down the track my experience includes, instrument pack faulty and replaced, air suspension faults, two new front differentials, tie rod replacement, RH front lower ball joint arm and ball joint replaced, second lower ball joint replaced, three wheel alignments, front window not working, loose wiring, indicators not working, loose wires, water leaking from sunroof, (twice), radio not switching off, radio complete fail, an intermittent fault with another window not working and countless stop light globe replacements. The vehicle has never been off road, always garaged. In the case of my previous (and much less expensive) vehicles, a Nissan Pathfinder, a Mitsubishi Pajero and a Toyota Land Cruiser, I never had the need to replace tyres under 80,000 km, (I have now been informed that one tyre is scrubbed out and requires replacement and 3 nearly worn out). In addition, I usually get 70,000 kms on a set of brakes, 31,000 kms and required replacement. I have always purchased new vehicles, and I have never suffered the litany of maintenance difficulties and inconvenience with any other vehicle, save this Discovery 3. I note from some recent advertising that the Discovery 3 TDV6 has won fourth year in succession both the “Best Large Diesel Wagon” and “Best Overall” category. I certainly purchased my vehicle on the basis of the Discovery 3 being awarded the “Best 4 wheel drive of the year award” and am bitterly disappointed. I have lost total confidence in the Discovery 3 and certainly would not contemplate any form of remote travel in the vehicle. Complaining gets you nowhere on the local scene and ended up going direct to the CEO of Tata Motors, who referred back to the UK who referred back to Australia with no effort by Land Rover to negotiate at any point about what has clearly been a poorly built vehicle. I guess next step is to advertise my experience on the back of the TDV6 and go to court.

V8 Discovery

Bought a low mileage V8 and converted it to LPG. Found that Land Rover were not interested in official LPG conversions so no congestion charge reduction. After blown water pump, two broken coil springs, terrible choppy ride, and exploding air spring got rid. Will never buy another Land Rover again. Prefer any Japanese 4x4 to these blinged-up poncemobiles.

Don't buy one

I live in Australia, it is a big country and some places are very remote, land rover is not listening, they have created a land rover which cannot be relied on. The Australian army is soon to give them away after using them since the first series one, about 50 years ago? To me that is indication that they are now rubbish. I haven't heard anything good about the td5 engine, especialy it's computer, it is unreliable, expensive to repair, even has plastic oil bungs of all things, they are not built to last. I heard many expensive horror stories, from computers filling up with oil, even one that decided it had been stolen and wouldn't start, it had to be transported by truck to the nearest dealer about 1000 klm, it was hooked up to the diagnostic computer so it could be reset. At one time I was considering replacing my 1994 200tdi defender with one, not anymore it is very reliable, 300,000 klm;s on the clock, I have seviced it myself since new, it is wiser and so much cheaper to get a old defender with tdi 200 and 300 diesel engine, completly refurbish the whole vehicle it, parts are reasonable, paint it and have some thing you can use. By the way I have owned rovers for 35 years. So land rover I hope you wake up to yourself if you want to be successful in car manufacturing.

A Truly Useless Auto

I have 25 pages (repair invoices) from LR Dealer (Toronto) that validate the extremely problematic vehicle the Land Rover Discovery (2000) truly is. I would never buy another LR product or Ford for that matter. The final blow was a cracked block at 70K. Service was writing up an invoice for $15K for a new engine when I told them to stuff it and their product.

Been Cr*p for years

They been rubbish for years which is a shame when you consider the esteem in which they were once held &remember BMW sold Land Rover for a lousy quid! just to get rid. Obviously they knew something the buying public didn't Personally I think the media must carry some of the blame forever singing it's phrases without any dissent when they must have known all wasna reet at mill. No wonder they always seem to get whisked off to some exotic climes to test these motors. Needless to say I would never buy a vehicle on the basis of what I read in the motoring press


yesterday we suffered a puncture on the motorway, which of course, could happen to anyone. However, after the wheel had been replaced with its new tyre, could the tyre-centre get the spare back in place? No! was the answer, as the ratchet system which lowered the tyre had broken, and thus could not be wound back to replace the spare in its original position. This is the first time we have used the spare, so surely the mechanism should have a shelf-life to support more than once!!! So the puncture has cost me the tyre fee, plus 46 pounds for a new system to raise the spare tyre back up!!!!!! Wonderful! yours, Not Happy

Land Rover Discovery TDV6 S E

Anyone that has one of these cars GET RID QUICK. They are NOT safe. Whilst driving the car on Sunday there was smoke coming from the rear, we stopped in a layby and as we got out the car to see what was wrong, flames come up the passanger side of the car and from under the bonnet. Within 3 minutes the flames were avery where inside and out. The fire services were at the scene within ten minutes and it took nearly 2 hours to put the flames out. Thankfully the kids stayed home as there would not have been time to get them out. I am thinking of getting on to watchdog to warn everyone about it.


Experts report done, particulars of claim drafted. Summons and Court action next -


Had a Disco 2 TD5 for three years now, only very minor problems so far, keep you posted though!

Thanks guys

Thanks for posting.. I am searching for a SUV for cariyng me and kayaks and bikes and orher stuff arround Europe (in the begining started looking for a van but then realised it would be strange to use a van as a everyday car.. didnn't want to own two cars so i started looking for a SUV more for the space than the offroad but still will be used alor on dirt roads )... I was looking at Volvo XC90 (i live in Sweden) mainly for 1-safety, 2-fuel friendly 3-clean and simple cokpit... then i discovered that some of them have problems with transmision (the ones with the general motor transmision) they eat rubber (25k miles for a set of tires was the average i found) and serviced 6 times untill 67k miles (for me it looks like too often).. then i was into BMW x5.. crap.. eats rubber.. they get 20 k miiles out of a set..not fuel friendly at all so no beemer for me.. The LR was the third.. i am disspaointed , tons of problems.. I guess I'll be still searching.. too bad there is no car that looks outside like a LR, inside like a Beemer , has a volvo safety and a toyota reliability .... Looking towards Toyota, Honda, Subaru amdn maybe Jeep (don't realy fancy the exterior and shore hate the interior... but i am buyng the car to use it , not to look at it.. Personal note.. How a old renault (my parents used to own) could go 110 k km with the same tires (~9 years) and same transmision ?!? Thanks again

Land Rover Rubbish

I have just spent 10 mins reading about your plight. I owned a new Range Rover TD6 in 2005 which I sold 10mths later following a series of problems which never got resolved. I found LR customer sevices arrogant and disinterested. Its funny I found this website whilst reviewing a road test report on the Discovery 4 which I was considering as a next purchase. I currently own a Toyota hilux and new shape BMW X5 and I have to say neither vehicles have been back to the supplying dealership other than for routine servicing - something you tend to take for granted until you read about LR - Thank you for reminding me NOT to buy LR


Hi I am currently leaving post on www.preloved.co.uk where we are having a very heated debate over how good Land Rovers are. Why not join in, one contributor Dudkat72 says that you did not have a 3 year warrantee on your Disco? I owned a Freelander, which was a nightmare! Any chance you could contact all other people who might want to voice their opinion of Land Rovers on this website.


well done on such a fantastic web site I have a disco 3 which as already had two faults and it is only 4 months old.

Never buy a land rover again

Finally got rid of my Land Rover. What a piece of crap! No wonder you do not see that many on the road, they spend most of their time in a garage than on a road. The resale value is only 1/6 of the original value. Guess what! I bought new cars and it is something reliable, a Subaru and a Suzuki (the last Suzuki I had lasts 15+ years with only regular oil changes needed and each oil + filter changes only cost me 40 bucks and no major fixes. Unlike LR which costs me more than a few hundred bucks for each oil change + regular garage visits to get problems fixes).

Never buy a land rover again

Resale value is only one-sixth of the original. Expensive services. Totally unreliable crap. The reason why you do not see that many on the road is because they spend more of their time in a garage. I had a Suzuki sidekick before and boy, it was reliable and took a lot of abuse. Only needed regular oil + filter changes. So, I bought a new car and guess what, it is a Suzuki while I let my wife use the Subaru.

Seat problems

We have a 1 year old Disco 3. After twelve months of wrangling and MULTIPLE returns to main dealer our seats still rock on their rails. I have been told unofficially that there is a known manufacturing fault with all the Disco 3s - LandRover have been appalling, I am now looking into to cancelling the lease and buying a Land Cruiser. Wish we kept our old Disco now.

I will never own a LR

I lived in britian and allways bought british car's, i have had 1 LR90, 1 dosov and 1 rangerover, all 3 cars broke down,for some reason. At the pub i would put excuse after excuse why they broke down so much, "it was the weather" too hot too cold " in the end i ran out of excuses,and realised i was making a fool of my self, never again LR

landrover quality

Have in the distant past,owned a 2a and v8 ist type rangy,reliabilty poor but always got home having bag of tools,but both good towcars and were third vehicles,bought new td5 discovery as prime vehicle, I usually do my own check just make sure a few weeks after delivery found oil seal leak on transfer box,and low oil level in front diff ,no leaks so not filled correctly at factory.sold within 18 months as iit kept stalling and wife did not like it.Wife wanted a new Disco three,bought demonstrator fantastic ride and comfort,superb tower of any trailer,lots of room inside,just before warranty ran out it all went wrong,suspension went funny ,dog would not go near the vehicle,wife carsick after 40 miles ,local agent could not fix to our satisfaction then all warning lights kept coming on,tyres wore out a twenty k.Traded in for top of range Nissan x trail,reliable ,good on fuel but worst towing vehicle I have ever owned,the rides terrible with a ton on the hook.My dilemma now is that wife wants a disco 4 as she liked the comfort and towing abilty,but will it it be another disaster,I am good with the spanners but you can no longer fix modern motors unless you have a laptop I would like a Toyota but the top one with decent engine and hi/low box is close to £60 grand.

Dont but a Discovery 4 see letter from new owner

I would keep well clear see the letter called disco 4, they have had loads of problems.


My husband and I recently bought a Disco 4. We live in South Africa. Twice the vehicle warning light has come on warning us not to drive the vehicle due to the hand brake not releasing. Once the LR refused to start and LRSA could not care less. DO NOT EVEN THINK OF BUYING ONE-BUY A TOYOTA.


yo guys, what sort of problems have you been getting with your discover?

Land Rover Discovery 2001

I agree, spent $9,000 on the vehical two years ago (from an honest attorney) and have spent another $4,500 trying to get the engine light or other lights off every other day. I could live with these lights however the car will not pass inspecition with these lights on. Driving home today the car incline light came on with a load beeping sound. Any one know what this is? In any event, just spent $800 last week fixing another light to have this one come on. Do not buy a Land Rover!

Tata read this...

Message to Tata: Websites like this must be doing untold damage to your sales and brand image. If you dismiss the posts in this website as being from a bunch of ‘disaffecteds’ then see which.co.uk/cars which says "Almost half of the Discoveries in our survey needed repairs in the last 12 months..." (2006). And in their 2009 brand reliability survey Which? gave Land Rover a 1 (out of 5) star rating. The problem of selling an unreliable product is made ten times worse by not dealing effectively with customers who have had a problem. Try asking yourselves the question “Who is the most important individual in the Land Rover organisation? If you have replied ‘factory floor worker, managers or Chief Executive' then think again. The answer is 'your customer'! You have a strong brand name and superbly design cars, let down by a lack of build quality and an indifferent attitude to your customers. You might want to consider putting improved reliability and customer service at the top of the agenda of all your meetings and generate a culture around this. If any of your staff do not support you then encourage them to seek employment opportunities elsewhere. You cannot continue to depend on a strong Land Rover brand name without nurturing it. The consequences of failing to act, are a tarnished brand image and loss of sales and competitiveness. I for one was considering buying a new Discovery 4 HSE, but, unless I see good evidence of a change, I will not be doing so. I doubt if I am alone. So come on Tata - get your act together!

td5 Discovery2

What can I say. Bought what I thought was a brill car 04 plate, 38,000 with full dealer service history £14,000. 1.5 years later new clutch, oil from injectors migrating into ECU, replaced air suspension, now it seems I've got to replace the cylinder head - £2,400 - for a reconditioned one as I cant get a new one (they're on back order) new one will cost best part of £3,000 to replace but can't get my hands on one. Crack in the cylinder head leading to diesel entering the engine oil sump - I was driving 200 miles at motorway speeds - think I'm lucky the engine didn't grind to a halt or blow up. Phoned Land Rover in Sollihull - waste of time - talk about keeping things at arms length never buy Land Rover again - going Jap or Korean. I'm really sad and really unhappy about the quality control and after service provided by Land rover for a car that I desired for many years!!! What can I say - wanted to support Land Rover and British motor engineering but I just can't afford to keep this poor quality car on the road.

Landrover defender"puma"

Enquiry:Please can you give me any info on Landrover defender"puma" as i have major problems with my new Defender Puma and landrover deny there is a problem The vechile has been in the garage for 10 weeks this year and still Landrover will not accept there is a problemThe car has been towed 4 times

Puma starter and power problems

Hi I would like to see the rest of this article. My Puma has starter and power problems. Landrover defender"puma" Enquiry:Please can you give me any info on Landrover defender"puma" as i have major problems with my new Defender Puma and landrover deny there is a problem The vechile has been in the garage for 10 weeks this year and still Landrover will not accept there is a problemThe car has been towed 4 times

Disco 2 blown head gaskets

Year 2000 Series 2 Disco petrol V8 purchased from new and FLRSH. First head gasket blew when it was just out of warranty, second one went at 75k; its now done 120k and it looks like the gaskets gone again. On a V8 its not a cheap job. On contacting LR when the first head gasket went they didnt want to know. The above was in addition to a catalogue of other problems. Best way to hurt LR is simply not to buy their cars; only when there sales plummet will they do anything. My next purchase will be jap. I will not buy or ever recommend a Land Rover to anyone.

disco 4

Thanks for all the info I was keen on buying a 2nd hand one in a few years time for my 4wd trip around oz will look else where now

Never again

Yes totally agree with every statement on this website. Used to own a Freelander, then Discovery. Constant hassles.Stranded by TD5 twice in a month with different faults (ie rusty wires on starter motor.....what on a 5 year old car???). Complained to Head Office. Usual excuses and waffle about how they value their loyal customers. I am not one of them! Now drive a Mitsubishi. Hassle free bliss! To all owners......good luck.....you will need it (and a fat wallet)

300tdi wont start

Hi, I have got a 1996 300tdi Discovery, Intermittently it will not start. I have all lights on the dash shining bright; the battery is only 4 months old. When I turn the Key I can’t hear the starter clicking, but I can hear a small click from the glove box area. Oh and recently it cut out on the motorway at speed, and the came back to life on it own \r\n Any Ideas Regards Bill

Ex-Land Rover Fan

I ran a series of Land Rovers from a 108 Safari through to a 90 TDi. They were great vehicles and only on one occassion did I experience a breakdown. Life changed and we bought a new (fairly) early Discovery. It was a wonderful car to drive but after 3 gearboxes in 100k I parted company with the marque. Since then it's been a series of Japanese vehicles, two Troopers, a Vitara and now a RAV4. When I was buying the RAV4 I seriously considered a Freelander but the dealerships were more interested in preserving the percieved "quality" and "value" of what they were selling than talking sensible and in detail about the vehicles. No problem with the test vehicle is was a nice drive and felt as though it might be of better quality than some of their previous nightmares. Bottom line: my trust in Land Rover has gone completely. I'm not sure that Ford every did LRJ any favours. Their policy of common componentry between marques must have made economic sense to them but we ended up with everything they made looking like a Transit Van!

Buy New or Under Warranty

These are designed for the well to do who does not care about cost Period! If you buy one thinking you can beat this, then you'll be suprised!

My Disco 3

I bought a Disco 3 in June 2010, part-x'ed my brand new Mitsubishi Outlander for it as the Outlander wouldn't pull my horse box. Only 4 days after getting it the suspension warning light came on telling me to slow down to 30 mph, I was on the M56 at the time so you can imagine how difficult it was to slow down that much safely. The car has been in and out of the garage to be repaired. They finally put new sensors on it after Landrover Assist told me thats what it needed. I had nearly 2 months of peaceful driving but it's back again and the car is back in the garage. I am just glad it didn't happen when I was towing my horses as when it goes the suspension drops down and the car bounces over every bump in the road. If the box was on with the horses God only knows what would have happened. I am so disappointed and thought more of Landrovers than this. Its a 57 plate and only had 28,000 miles when I bought it. Probably spent most of its time being repaired. I have lost so much money on my Outlander then had to put another £4,000 to the Landrover if I sell it now I will lose so much and I hate the thought of it being passed on to someone else to suffer these problems as what I make out from the web is the problem always comes back.

TD5 Dream In Africa

Hi all, came across this website by chance looking for Land Rover Head Office. Sorry to hear all your woes. We own a 2001 TD5 Diesel. Same problems as you have. In the first year we broke down every 300 km or so. Water pipes bursting, (vehicle was NEW!!!) oil pump blowing, christmas tree lights alway flashing on, on the dash. Ping, ping, ping all the way down the freeway and through the bush in Mozambique. (no workshops / spares there). The gear box failed (manual), the turbo blew, the poor thing overheated endlessly. I refused point blank much to my darling better half's dismay to sell my baby Landy. I still own my 1st car ever bought, (BMW) it will go to the grave with me. Anyway, we have been problem free with our beautiful Landy for the last 6 SIX (yes six) years. It has travelled the whole of Southern Africa through gruelling terrain, and to all the Toyota punters out there, we have passed many broken down in the bush, or halfway through a river, you most definately DO break down, alot. We have rescued more other make 4 x 4's than we can count. Whats the secret to our problem free driving. WE FIX IT OURSELVES!!!! We told Land Rover to shove their warrenty, bought a book, dug a trench in our driveway so we could stand under the vehicle and spent ever free moment learning about our vehicle. If you are going to drive it, learn how to fix it. We took out the air suspension, replaced with springs. Bounces alot, but no problems. Ping, ping, ping - no more, after fitting the most expensive break-pads we could find. It does slow town driving every day with me, +/- 70km stop start, as well as week long expeditions into serious bush every two months or so. I LOVE my Land Rover, but will never ever take it to a dealer. EVER. You want a problem free Landy, do not send it to them for anything, I thought it was only in SA that we had the bad workmanship. Obviously not. I wanted to ask Land Rover Head Office, if they could recommend an Exhaust Filter for soot control on mine, but after your problems, think I'll figure it out myself. Best of luck to all out there, remember, it is a good vehicle, just the human factor thats not.

Another Breakdown

My Land Rover Discovery 3 has broken down for the third time, this time suspension, buying this car has been the worst purchase of my entire life! Please everybody never buy a Land Rover Discover or any Land Rover product, you will be sorely disappointed.

Again MY DISCO 3

Well put the Landrover back into servicing again and again the computer had recorded there was an error but no one knows what this error is. Told they couldn't find a fault but had recalibrated the computer. Day after getting car back my biggest nightmare happened, I was towing my box with one of my horses home after show jumping and the suspension fault came up again. Car sat down and had now suspension had to pull in 4 times take key out then in again. It was dark and the traffic was heavy so the car, box and horse swayed which was not only scarey for the horse but for us too. Phoned the dealer and they said they wanted to try and fix it them selves so I agreed but in the back of my mind I knew it would happen again. After having the car from the Friday until the Wednesday, got the explanation of it was the wiring and they had reprogrammed the computer, recalibrated sensors etc etc. Heard it all before on the forums. Friday 1st fault appeared again then nothing for 6 days then it happened 3 times in as many miles. Now they want the car for a week and if that fails they say they will exchange it, but do I really want to go through it again with another. Love the car when it works properly but it is more unreliable than my kids promises to do the washing up.

TD4 Freelander dumped very quickly

Hello All. I had a very brief brush with the famous Landrover reliabilty problems. Purchased a 2001 TD4 Freelander earlier this year (2010) to be used as a second "fun" car to take to the snow but after one week of driving around town it just would not warm start in a shopping centre car park. I had the car flat trayed back to the dealer where it sat for a week at the end of which I was told "there was no problem" I though, hmmm that was not the kind of fun and reliability I was looking for in a car that might be parked 100 kilometres or more up some dirt track late one night way out of mobile phone range. Subsequently discovered these Landrover problem site(s) and decided to cut my losses straight away, take the initial hit to the wallet and move on with my life. Am now the very satisfied owner of a new Suzuki Grand Vitara that has already spent losts of time playing in the mountains here in Oz this last winter. Once bitten twice shy on European cars, my other car is a Toyota that has gone the last seven years on only scheduled services and never missed a beat.

TD5 -5 no stars

To buy or or not to buy.?Maby a landrover body with a toyota the rest might work,then on the other hand why not just buy a toyota and be done with all landies problems.Ive had two td5s and both had no end to problems,but its a car one can love to hate if that makes any sence to you,my third and finial choise was what decided me against any furture landrovers in my parking bay,one look at this new old landie put me off for life,some 70000rand had been spent on services repairs and it had a worn gearbox and who knows what else is still in store,maby a total replacement of parts might help.No furture for this very unreliable car.


this car is a heap of rubbish suspension dropping after 12 miles every time land rover dealers can not find the problems

I hate Landrovers

We had a Freelander and it was a piece of CRAP!

Discovery 3 V6 petrol - numerous problems

My Disco 3 is five years old and has done just over 12000 kilometers - so far it has let me down 3 times in the last years - first the terrain response and active suspension failed due to a broken wire on a wheel speed sensor - then the fuel guage failed (apparently a weel known Landrover problem which has persisted without solution for years) then most spectacularly 3 months ago it dropped a valve into one of the pistons requiring major engine and head repairs - on top of this I've had to replace the front lower control arms and ball joints and it goes through tyres like my 6 year old goes through shoes despite no off road use - I really don't know when to cut my losses and get rid of it. I really wish I'd listened to all the people who advised me not to do it and rather get a Toyota!!!

Discovery LR3 Flooaded

Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Hussien Tamam, a proud owner of Land Rover LR3. Recently I came across an unfortunate incident that requires your immediate involvement as a reputable manufacturer of some of the most recognized vehicles on the road. Last week to be exact I was exposed to what I would describe as a moderate to severe participation in the form of rain. To make the long story short, the vehicle was semi flooded and I had to exit through the window after I the vehicle came to a complete halt and the electrical system complete failure. Well my main concern with the whole situation was how I was received by the dealership. When I made the decision to purchase the LR3 from a various range of automobiles in its category, I made my decision to purchase the vehicle with the support and customer care the Land Rover is known for. So it came to me as a surprise when the local dealer took a decision after a vague inspection that they are familiar with what happened and it would be a cheaper to report it to the insurance for a refund as it would be cheaper to replace then fix. With all due respect to whatever protocol your dealerships follow to attain a problem, from my profession as a senior pilot for a reputable airliner, I know better than being told that a Land Rover would not work on fixing but rather exchanging. My study of the LR3 before the purchase assured me that no matter how tough the situation is, the LR3 would back me up and I also assumed that the LR3 would be backed up itself by its manufactures through its dealership network. The 2009 LR3 was purchased in Dubai where I had full trust in the dealership and due to my job relocation I ended up in Casablanca, where such incident took place. Now with nowhere to go for realistic support that I would consider as logical I ask of you as a reputable manufacturer that should be concerned for the satisfaction as well as safety of their customers to interfere and guide me with the proper lead to resolve my situation. My LR3 has less that 14000km on it, and with an investment in such a vehicle that is by no means cheap I do not expect less than first class customer care. My contact: Hussien Tamam Phone Num: +212671097948 The dealership: Land Rover, Casablanca, Morocco.

disco 3

DONT BUY ONE!!!!! Nothing but trouble i promise you!!!

Discovery 4 TDV6 HSE

In May of 2010 I purchased my first Disco and have so far (21/1/11) done 24,000 km much of which has been off road. I have experienced no problems whatsoever. Prior to the purchase I researched the market thoroughly even interviewing many owners. The only other vehicle in contention was the Toyota Lancruiser 200 series (Amazon in UK) but it has many problems here in Oz ( high fuel and oil consumption, bad dust sealing, transmission etc). So a happy Disco owner so far!

disc td5 and disco 3

why why why did i BUY MY SECOND LANDROVER, these cars are Crap compared to Japs, Got my first one as I had dreamed about owning one since I was a kid, a TD5 thought it would last for many many years amnd at least 200,000 miles alas I was so so wrong, I payed a premium price for a lump of junk too may fixes , had to use waterproofs inside the vehicle due to extreme leaking from both sunroofs, where is the great british workmanship there eh? oil leaking into the ECU which was the final straw for me but did I learn, NO Itraded it in , got next to nothing for it only 81k on the clock and got myself a TD3 tyres last only 30 k , drivrs door lock needs to be replaced, radio kept dying , now out of warranty so will sell as soon as I can and get a Jap, at least they are reliable and last a hell of a lot longer than British rubbish. I will never ever buy a landrover again.

Dates of the complaint

It's a shame that there is no dates associated with all these responses. As a car is released I would think that fixes are put into place as more of the same model is rolled out from the factory. I am wondering if anyone has had problems with purchasing new Discovery 4 since November 2010

Bonnets up

I am a lorry driver in the uk and i see more disco's and range rovers on the side of motorways with their bonnets up than any other vehicle. iv'e had a range rover, but could'nt keep up with the repairs. now buy japanese. BLISS.

Secondary Turbo

I understand that the Disco 4 range have been recalled in South Africa as threre are apparantly problems with the vehicles ' secondary turbos. Anybody aware of this problem elsewhere?

Buy Tpyota

I love the design and comfort of the disco and have been tempted to buy one for year, but after reading these reports which confirm testimonies I have heard I must stick with logic over emotion. I have a 1994 80 series Landcruiser I have used for work towing trailers 90% of its life with 2500 kg load. This vehicle has done 524,000klms, and has never broken down. Repairs, two radiators, numerous brakes and one set of rotors afetr market $80, numerous batteries. Front diff repair for noise.Biggest repairs, reco fuel pump and injectors $3000, still runs like a charm kust done a 2000klm round trip to nrth Qld with a trailer on siting on 80- 110klms. Replaced all the suspension two years ago and rides andd steers like new again. This vehicle has only ever stoped when I have run out of fuel then switch to reserve tank and it fires up and goes again (turbo deisel). AQs much as I would like a the comfort and prestige of a European 4WD I think I will stick to a proven product. We do a lot of long trips and I could not live with a vehicle that would be unreliable,my business and safety depent on reliability. Thanks for sharing the views it has helped me avoid a possible big mistake, I will be keeping My 80 series which I have now retired and am converting to a camping vehicle and now are looking maybe to get a Prado which have a great reputation here in Ausi. Macaky.

Two sides of the story

Sorry to hear about your troubles and of course both dealership an LR do have responsibilities here. You also have a responsibility as an owner. It seems you have gona along with this blind, deaf and dumb. Obviously the dealer never should have sold such a complex car and obviously Land Rover does not admit to their very real quality problems. This is a fact. But these cars require "awake" ownership, both regarding to using the vehicle correctly, knowing the vehicle and being an active owner, not relying solely on the dealer/workshop. Sorry, I've been a Land Rover owner for more than 7 years (Discovery2 and Discovery/LR3) and been very happy with the cars. I have NOT been happy with Land Rovers attention to their own lack of quality assurance and/or the dealerships willingness to discuss these problems with Land Rover. I have been very aware of this and pushed through problem solving and issues myself. It seems corporate brass in Land Rover either don't know or don't want to hear about the real problems and dealers don't have the capacity to learn what and how. That is crucial for happy Land Rover owners. Sorry, but this car needs attention from every part of the chain. And obvioulsy you've been an ignorant owner, too.


I am at a loss as why you did not listen to your friend, LR Dealer, what more of an informant would you need, don't buy he said, buy something else he said but you didn't take the hint, THATS WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR, for Christs sake. Thats one of the problems these days, no-one cares to listen, if a Friend told me that, I would say thanks friend, but not you, you heard great road reports, but your friend said don't buy one, you heard Fords taking over, but your friend said,don't buy one, but you know better than him, because some writer who gets paid to tell lies, doesn't care one way or the other. I have yet to purchase our 4WD, its been 12 months now and I am still researching, I have narrowed it down to 3, I am in no hurry, big purchase,last vehicle and I question motorists in the streets, plus an minuses, read road reports and reviews. Yes it would help if the many writers above would put in a date, just going on the year models doesn't help much, some vehicles are over 11yo, what do you expect from aging vehicles, like new? Then theres the boofheads who say, I'ma Ford man, I'ma Toyota man, I'ma LR man and it doesn't matter if you tell them the cars crap, they won't listen, just pig-headed will not listen to facts or figures, they know better than others brands, because my daddy had one for yrs and whats good for dad is good for me and thats why you hear ppl moan after elections, because I always vote Labor, Conservative,Liberal,Green because my daddy voted labor and my grandfather voted labor and my great-grand-daddy voted labor, well guess what, times change and if you have no sense to listen to your FRIEND, then you deserve what you get and got. I don't expect this to be published because you only want to hear from whingers who also didn't research their vehicle, so many complaints,since they are on this page that means they have a computer which means they can read reviews and car reports, obviously not one of them did any research, not much use complaining now is it. Don't forget the site My cars a Lemon, Google Crap Cars, Google Bad reviews, research reseach research, its your money and next time listen to your friends otherwise you won't have many left if you ignore them and their ADVICE. New South Wales, Australia Sun. 17/4/11

Freelander owner was thinking of buying Disco 3

I currently own a 2003 Freelander Kalihari 1.8 petrol, manual shift, 5door station wagon. I am the second owner. Freelander's have a list of typical faults, all of which have happened to mine. i.e. head gasket replaced and head skimmed plus all the belts changed and a service - cost £500 at an independent Rover specialist. Prior to this the same work on an Alfa Romeo 156 cost me £872 so I was relatively happy with the freelander work. I have the car for three years and in that time have done 37,000 miles. In the three years it's been off the road for repairs for only 5 days. I bought and replaced the driver's door electric window mechanism only for it to fail after 4 months. I phoned the Land Rover dealership in Glasgow where I bought the part and even though I myself fitted the part which failed, the dealership insisted that as the part was under warranty, THEY would fit the new one, which they did free of charge. When I got the car back I was handed a 'vehicle health check' sheet that the mechanic had drawn up. Here are some of the 'rip off' examples for the check list. 1. Noisy/broken rear suspension bush, there repair cost - £286. My own cost buying part and having a local garage fit it - £50. 2. Broken viscous coupling damper bush - cost £768, My own cost buying the part and having a local garage fit it - £120. 3. Replacement front brake disks and pads - cost £320. My own cost buying the parts and having a local garage fit them - £85. Any dealership irrespective of what marque is involved will NOT offer you a competitive price for repair work or servicing. Last week I took a 2.7 TD V6 Discovery 3 for a test drive and was dissapointed by it's lack of throttle reponse, in has covered only 38,000 miles and is priced at £18,000, I will be seriously taking another long hard look a 4 x 4s after reading all these posts however, what I will say now is if you surf the web for ANY make of car, they ALL have forums exactly the same as this one, full of disgruntled owners with a plethora of 'typical' faults so it's not just Land Rover. I think the trick is to 'know' what you are after, thoroughly do the required research and get the car A.A. checked if you're in the U.K. if you're not, take a good mechanic with you and if there's even a small hint that something is not quite right after taking the test drive and having 'your' experts evaluate the car, simply walk away, there's plenty of cars out there.

Buying a Disco

Have been considering buying a Disco to replace my Mitsubishi Shogun. It is now no longer my plan! Great site.

discovery 2 td5 2002 reg auto

yes i have had loads faults brake pads,gearbox pipe split oil on road,rad leak,drive plate u/s gearbox out, injecter wiring oil up wire into box,fuel pump,feul pressure regulator, cuts out, loads more this on 70.000 miles car crap

Range Rover - same as all of the,

Bought a new model RR 4.4 TDI in Nov when the new model was released.. Would advise anyone considering a RR to forget it and go with the Audi or BMW. JLR have ZERO customer care. We wait now for nearly 2 weeks here in Romania for a DP filter to come.....what a joke. Nice car if you leave it in the shed. For us first and absolute last. Should have looked at this gerat site prior.


Since 1994 I have been the owner of 110 Defender single cab, and have replaced the water pump and fuel tank – my fault as I live on a farm and sometimes drag the wife’s horsebox around. Apart from that, my 'ride' has served me very well on the farm in France without the need for any return to the mothership for a fresh download of commands to control her. She may not be the fastest on the road, but she gets there, and I attribute this to the simplicity of the engine control. I have been an electronics engineer for many years, and see with every evolution of the instrumentation that I work upon, the poor quality control of software control and cheaper quality components. If anybody from LandRover management is reading, that resistor sourced from the new supplier in China may save you a few pence on the component, but with the price tag you ask these days for your product, you should really have stayed with a quality supplier. Oh, and lest you forget, you may save yourself a few quid per vehicle in manufacturing costs, but you cost a lot of other people a hell of a lot more. Keep it simple, keep it going. A few years ago I was preparing to upgrade to a Discovery, and then read the horror stories, so stayed clear. Recently, I thought I might take a Disco, but it seems that once again, the rush to market of new product has taken precedence over quality to market. I work in a totally different sector to the auto industry, but it seems that all companies involved in technology are asking a greater price for poorer – and I mean sustainable quality - product. In my industry, it is so bad now, that existing customers are afraid of upgrading hardware or software for fear of hitting control problems that mean expensive downtime for their productivity. If LandRover are anything like my company, HQ sell to the dealer, who is then responsible for all maintenance of sold vehicles. The dealers must be pulling their hair out if this is the case, whilst LandRover HQ count the dividends from their options. Hey, Mr. Beancounter for LandRover. Your quick cost cutting exercise at HQ has just lost you 50k from someone who is loyal to the core LandRover ethos. Something I fear was killed off some time ago when your company sold out.

Disco engine failure

I am compelling information about Land Rover, V 8 engine failures; more specifically in Discovery II & P38 with engine blocks casted from aluminum alloy - including Throttle Body Coolant Heater Flange. If you have any knowledge of people who have had to replace their engines because of failures, please have them contact me.


We bought a 2004 Disco form Milford/Guilfrod, CT. and we had engine failure - the engine cracked! All this stem from the BAD Aluinum alloy engines that were put into Discovery II & P38 RR. The is a long history (which I found out after we had the problem) of engine faillures. Please refer to: http://robisonservice.blogspot.com/search?updated-min=2009-01-01T00%3A00%3A00-05%3A00&updated-max=2010-01-01T00%3A00%3A00-05%3A00&max-results=19 for a very indepth blog. If this has happened to you pleae contact me.

L/Rover 100% RUBBISH

LandRover raped my arse I have no money left as its ALWAYS breaking down and cost zillions to keep it running Worthless as a trade in. I will NEVER buy another British junkbox again

LandRover Take Note!!!

I am just in time to read your website!!! I made an appointment to test drive a 2011 Rangie Vogue Supercharged and a Disco 4 HSE V8 tomorrow as my brother and I update our family cars every 2 years and it is time. I have owned 3 Disco's and 2 Rangie Autobiography. My brother has had 3 disco's and 2 rangie Sports. The last 3 SUV's I've owned have been Porsche Cayenne Turbo S's and I must say they have been beyond incredible machines and I would never want another 4wd. If I couldn't afford the turbo s i'd work my way down the list to a model I could afford. Brilliant customer service, brilliant reliability and generally love the car as a fun, family, practical beast. Was considering the Disco 4 as we have a new baby on the way and having the extra seats is going to really be a help. Out of Audi, Merc, BMW and LR, I think the Disco 4 is the best looking and it would do all the off road work i need it to and all my towing and kid carting perfectly, problem is I need it to work. LANDROVER, I hope you see that this little fella over here in Australia was about to spend about $600,000 on your product tomorrow as I was going to buy all my Partners matching cars. Looks like you not looking after LANDROVERHELL, I might have to compromise and give in on how much I hate jap car looks and driving dynamic and potentially go the LEXUS TRUCK or a Merc GL500 and a few ML63's. Dont want to sound smug or arrogant, but I can be as Im the customer, you don't listen, you don't want my business. In 2011 you have to understand the average consumer has more of a voice than former celebrities and politicians as we can tell anyone the truth faster than you can mute it. Get your act together and look after your clients. The cheapest new customer to find and advertise for is your current clients. Stop spending money on advertising, spend it on your clients, you might turn your failing business around if you listen.

Discovery 2 Faults etc

I will never purchase another Land Rover, my Discovery 2 , has had exhaust studs break twice in 12 months, steering box oil leak, blocked drain pipes on sun roof, leak around windscreen (still to be pinpointed, a windscreen fitter told me they all do it) heated driver seat does not work, radio display tells me I have a telephone call - No phone fitted !! , the fuel consumption is truly dreadful, 23 mpg average, Rear door seal leaks, took it to Local dealer they told me it was rear window seal even when I could see it leaking in across top of door seal (now fixed by myself) its a 2003 model had 63,000 miles on clock when purchased and was in pristine condition inside and out, I have now found corrosion on main chassis, however on the plus side it was good in the snow, and it tows better than a Jeep, should have bought a Toyota


I have a Toyota Hilux Surf. I was going to change it for a Discovery for towing, but after viewing and test driving numerous ones have realised how inferior they seem, i.e. sluggish to drive, bodywork, doors etc poorly put together and coming apart, door locks not working, rust ridden underneath, leaky and bulky, rust under seals around the doors and bits looking as though they are about to fall off. My Surf is 17 years old and is in far better condition that some younger Discoveries I have seen. I have now decided to stick with Jap 4x4s.

new defender sucks

I want to see a defender on the road, look at it, and to think, that´s a defender, despite the changes, it still looks a defender, just what Jeep did with the jeep wrangler. Jeep deserves all my consideration, because that made ​​the Land Rover could not make. Jeep will be the next land rover, i will buy a jeep because jeep, land rover is death

Poor Service

I wil use all your info on the poor service aspect and try to help our clients must better in south africa ,stellenbosch.

The end of the Defender

It's bad, but not all bad.. I've seen photoshop pictures of this with real off road tires and roof rack and so on, and it could be worse (like in this pictures from the show), BUT, it looks like an ugly yeti combined with a pimpet mini.. And it is NOT a Defender! So.. Yes, even if I see some small positv signs, it is what it is, a wannabe 4x4 for housewife's getting the kids at school.. And that is NEVER what the defender was meant to do.. So if they stick with this, i just ask them: PLEAS let the Defender name die with the one that is now, and let i do so in pride and not with this plastic fantastic bull shit.. And the front.. don't even get me started, I know about the regulations, but still, this is one of the worst I ever seen.. by anyone car manufacture.. It look like a china copy of a real car.. We that own a Defender, or a Series Land Rover takes pride in driving it, using it, restoring it, and abuse it.. And therefor they are one of the most iconic cars ever build. Do they honestly think that in 30-40-50 years from now most of these new "defenders" could say the same? Do they think they are still on the road, of the road or plunge thrue desert, climb mountains, deep in the jungle or just as a working horse on a farm? I think not. This will for me be the day Land Rover dies. Sorry.. It has been a great honor to be a part of the LR community for all these years. Nicholas, Norway PS. I have a idea of what the guys are doing, for in the world of big money and capitalism it's stupid to build something that last forever, that never dies.. Why should peoples then buy new cars? Well, there you have it.. It's a sad day when one of the most iconic company takes every bits of it's history and throw it a way in the name of profit.. But this is what the world have become. -and I that was stupid of thinking that LR was different..


It must be love: no other vehicle could possibly have so many unhappy owners. Water leaks, breakdowns, warning lights (don't talk to me about electronics!) all because LandRover will not spend a little more making their 50k motorcar reliable. Is this a British thing? Is it because we love to whinge? No, LandRovers, when they work, are the best. It's just a pity that the downtime is increasing with the amount of sub standard gadgets and googits loaded into the poor animal. Buy German!!!

Disco 3

Have bought a disco 3 on 08. Park break failure appears on screen, radio turns off, and a loud alarm often wails..... any ideas?

Never ever ever (ever) buy a Landy

I bought a 2.5 year old Discovery 3 V6 petrol (I'm in South Africa) with only 60,000km on the clock. I've had it 3 years and done only about another 60,000km. These are the littany of problems I've had. 1 Complete failure of traction control and electronic terrani response due to chaffing anof wire on LHS front wheel speed sensor. 2 Replacement of front control arms at only 100,000km 3 Major engine damage requiring total engine rebuild due to valve dropped through no 1 piston 4 Failure of 5th door locking mechanism in closed position with no possible overide 6 Blockage of sunroof drain channels resulting in major water ingress 7 Breakage of 3rd row seat actuator handle (cheap plastic) 8 Breakage of radio selector buttons (cheap plastic) 9 Radio often decides to stay on when car is switched off and and then doesn't respond to any buttons 10 Numerous randon fault messages related to terrain response and DSC 11 Continious low coolant indicator on start up that no one can trace 12 Total petrol gauge failure due to failure of soldered conection in sender unit - this couldn't be corrected without majhor surgery involving removal of petrol tank and indinuity. These are all a combination of shoddy design and manufacturing All in all a total and utter nightmare - clearly the boys at Solihull are maintaining the great British Leyalnd traditions - remember this is supposed to be a premium off road vehicle capable of the most arduous expedition use - do you think I'd risk going very far in this piece of crap - no wonder all they ever get used for in the UK is trips to school and Tesco Everynoe warned me and told me to buy a Toyota but because I'm British I had some misplaced sense of patriotism - I won't make the same mistake again - a pity because probably the Indians will sort it all out and the next generation will be better.


I had a top of the range K Reg Land Rover Discovery (from new). It was the worst car I've ever owned in my life, and I made Land Rover buy it back from me when the 3 year warranty expired. I replaced it with a top of the range Defender. An excellent decision. I still find it difficult to believe both cars were made by the same company!

Don't make my mistake

I bought a used 2003 Freelander which had total engine failure at less than 42000 miles. Costs more to fix than car worth so total loss. Researched it and evidently lots of people have problems with them. Never again.

Air Ride Suspension Kits

I've just read this and I was in shock. It was my uncle's dream car due to its sporting attributes. Nevertheless, I want to thank you for sponsoring this information. Experience using a product set standards for quality of the product itself.

disco 2

Interesting website. Our 2000 (W Reg) Disco 2, was purchased as the beast to pull the family 2 ton six berth caravan, which is does with ease. Touring Normandy and Brittany was dogged with problems, for the sake of a corroded starter motor cable and a leaking rear passenger airbag. What was shocking was the repair costs quoted in France. £4000 Euros to replace the airbag. I contacted our local specialists, Excalibur 4x4 in England. The part was £104. Mark would have flown out and fitted it for us for not much more !! The French mechanics would not fit any parts supplied by the customer. The starter motor cable ended up being a simple cash deal. £30 quid. Job done. This week it's just biting the bullet. The list of common Disco 2 faults is always the same, so i'm just getting them done. See if any of these ring a bell with you. I've already had the modified diesel injector harness replaced to stop oil migration to the ECU. 1. remove headlining, attend to poor spot welding causing leaks. Replace both sunroof seals. 2. Replace rear tailgate locking mechanism. 3. replace ABS sensors causing ABS, Hill Descent and Traction Light Warning lights to stay on. 4. replace 'pinholed' rear passenger airbag. 5. replace leaking aircon condenser radiator. 6.check for noisy clutch. Finally, replace cracked passenger headlamp and passenger door mirror. I've had the turbo wastegate freed off successfully. May need new shuttle valve and airflow sensor, but that is it. Despite the cursing and swearing, we still love it. It is comfortable, versatile and the kids love it. Econmomy is good for a 2.5 turbo diesel intercooler TD5. Long runs give us 34.4 average to the gallon. Fully loaded and towing the caravan, 25.2 mpg. Body wise, it's wearing well and I'm glad we have ACE and aircon, having borrowed one that didn't. Disc 3 and 4 seem to have more problems. Dealerships still seem to see you as the 'cash cow'. My advice, get a good independent Land Rover specialist. Excalibur 4x4 at Needham market Lion Barn Industrial estate here in Suffolk are the best I've come across.I've not seen a problem that Mark or Steve can't deal with.

Discovery 4 won't start

I have a Discovery 4, 15, 000 miles. On Friday it wouldn't start. It didn't even say 'no smart key found' I got a life home and phoned Landrover assistance. When I returned to the car an hour later it started!! I met a friend today who has also had the same problem. (3 times) Has anyone else experienced this?

Mines a free lander 2

Ive first brought a free lander 08 reg. The first trouble was no water in it when going down the motorway. 2nd trouble was the power steering went. 3rd trouble auternater broke. 4th trouble more Oil in than when it was first brought. So got rid of the 08 freelander in exchange for a new one. Send it in for the first service and then the clutch was broken. Tyres coverd in red dust. Engine not ticking over properly. Damaged to drivers side window. I belive this car was taken off roading. I wished i had never seen a landrover before !!! Im trying to get rid of my car now because ive had nearly 2 years of HELL !!!


discovery 3 and 4 are full of faults. never buy one... trading standards need look into these constant errors by landrover! Lets all get together and bombard watchdog with our info!!



Discovery 3 - worst4x4xfar

The only thing I haven't replaced on my 2008 Disco TDSE is its owner. NEVER AGAIN!

1992 discovery

I purchased mine from a family friend about 3 years ago. Since purchasing this mistake i have replaced the master cylinder, fuel pump, water pump, rebuilt the trnsfer case and gearbox, replaced the rear shocks, two sets of front tyres and wheel alignments. Now this truck is not used offroad, strictly onroad, and now am having overheating issues. (3.5 litre v8) complete waste of money, english piece of crap, they don't know how to build a car. What i think it comes down to is that in england you drive for 10 minutes and then you are down to a 40kmph off road status. Here in australia you drive for 3 hours at 100kmph and then go offroad, these trucks cannot handle the stress of these speeds.

You should have read the reviews

These are always the lowest rated vehicles every year. I can't figure out why you people buy them. The only vehicle that ever gets a lower rating is Jaguar, which is built in the same factory. Not sure what would make anyone want to buy one. Overpriced. Poor quality. Ugly as hell.


We bought two new Range Rover Sports and in 18 months have had 28 issues! Never buy beware. We are trying to get some compensation from Land Rover or we will take to court. So far they have offered £500.00, not bad bearing in mind the two cars cost neraly £100,000. They are jokers!

Same the world over!!

LR3 V8 HSE. Spent tens of thousands and still counting. Loss in value means I can't afford to sell it. I have even bought a new car (Nissan - no problems at all after one year...) to use while the sack of spanners is in the garage (use it about 6 months of the year, while in the garage for the other 6 - seriously!) Land Rover Dubai do not even entertain working on any of their own cars OVER 5 YEARS OLD!! This shows you how much they stand behind their own brand!! All of the private garages give you a sorry look at being so stupid for buying one, then proceed to fleece you anyway. In with one problem last week, then out with 5 more. Just broke down after leaving the garage (same when leaving main dealer). Intermittent total loss of power / fuel (who knows?? No fault code to tell!!) You name it, it's failed. From suspension to roof and back down again. My mate didn't listen to me, bought a Range Rover, then had tens of problems until he had to have a new engine. Wife made him sell it as she didn't feel safe driving such an unreliable POS with kids. Other mate had a newer one, and enjoyed meeting with the guys at the dealer workshop, who knew him by name!! My even poorer mate had an older spec one and also bought another car to use for whenever his Range broke down. Please do yourself a huge favour, and boycott any new or used Land Rover or Range Rover, unless you are a serious masochist, or have a serious desire to get rid of some cash!! This will be the best piece of advice you ever get if you are buying a car. If I can save even one poor soul, this web-rant will be worth it - Thanks for listening!!

Disco 4

So glad I came accross your website as I was just about to buy a new Disco 4 and after doing reasearch and asking arround I will not tough a Land Rover

Discovery 1 1998

My 1998 Discovery smokes in the mornings after de exeleration blue smoke smell like raw diesel can anyone help please

Looking to buy 1997 TDI

Hello, I am looking to buy 1997 Landrover Disco TDI, anyone with any problems with these, or are these made in the reliable years??? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks. Location Australia.

Disco 4 is not a Land rover but a range rover with

We have had our Disco3 for 3 years and after a couple of long trips into the african bush and wilderness concluded that the vehicle is not really up to much more than weekend and very occasional off road off road. We functionally tested off road it amazing, but the amazing turns very scary when the electronics start misbehaving in tough situation. Our list of problems is VERY long and all linked to far to many electronics for a real off road 4x4. A quick selection Faulty gearbox sensors - gear changes at very times intermittently Faulty air suspension sensor(s) - car raised an lower itself on it own. Electonic park brake - loads of problems with it Rear door actuator - = can get into boot not funny when trying to set up camp in the bush !

Dont believe the critics

I was faced with a decision 4 years ago - new disco or Landcruiser lC4. Reliability was iffy by word of mouth, friends said that warranty issues were ignored so I went with the Cruiser. So coming round to that time again for a new a new car - and high (or rather top) on the list is the new Disco 4. Surely reliability would be sorted, every article you read in the UK press punts a UK car.... So this site was a godsend - reliability and warranty is obviously still an issue and based on this, just ordered a new Landcruiser LC 5. Don't believe all the press and hype you read about the LC5 and not for the UK market. With the new suspension et al, it is absolutely a real alternative and seems many "experts" or critics are plugging the disco but completely ignoring the downside in a balanced review. I dont stress with the family being stranded,late at night coming back into London and I got about 70% residual on what I paid for my 4 year old LC4 4 years later... In africa they always say "if you go to the bush, you can take a landrover, if you want to come back, better take a landcruiser"...

Range Rover Vogue

I bought a 2 year old Range Rover Vogue TDV8 as a family barge 2 months ago. Have always loved the Range Rover but I lacked the confidence to spend the amount of money required. My partner fell in love with one and having spent 50ishK I wish I had listened to my instinct. So far the battery has been dead on 2 seperate occassions (LR assistance were very helpful) - Spent 5 days with LR garage for them to claim there is no fault (I must have bought the worlds first self healing car!!!). The "like for like" courtesy car under the warranty??? A Fiat Punto. The car is now back with the gargae (2 weeks later) because it will not recognise the SmartKey. This left my partner and 2 year old son stuck in the middle of an industrial estate for over an hour. The "like for like" courtesy car under the warranty? A Chevrolet Volt (I have now complained to LR Customer Care and await their response). According to LandRover website they endevour to repair recovered cars within 4 hours of them being recovered to the dealership. Well I spent 4 hours calling the dealership every 30 mins, being told everyone in servicing is busy, before I was told that they would get round to it tomorrow and that the LR experience I have had is not good enough. When asked what they would do about my experience being "not good enough", they said they can only appologise. Well apologies are not enough and I am consdiering requesting a refund. I wonder how long before that results in legal action as LR do not seem keen on dealing with disgruntled customers.


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pulling out!

i was just about ready to purchase an 08 disco3 hse with 65k from a private dealer in 2 days. after reading all of this I'm running in the opp direction! i test drove the landy 2 days ago and it drove well, except it wouldn't go in to low access mode for easy entry.dealer assured me it will be sent to land rover to sort it out. in the meantime i contacted the 2 previous owners and the basically said stay far away from it! iv had problems with my ex- jeep too, where the dealers only diagnose faults via computer error codes....and nobody bothers to have a look directly at the problem. seems that is the norm in south africa. i have a mercedez benz A class and i have to say their attitude and after sale service is totally amazing! well trained staff who are genuinely willing to assist from the security guards as u enter to the service boss!( well done mercedes m2 city). yes the ml 350 might not be as fancy as the disco3 but after the endless hell i had with the jeep I'm definitely not gonna spend my hard earned cash on another suv manufacturer that refuses to put customer satisfaction 1st on its list of priorities. thanks for all yr honesty every1....just made my decision a whole lot easier.

Very uncertain now

I have almost ordered my Discovery 4 when I stumbled upon this site. I must say the content is shocking. I have driven a Touareg and a few Pajeros in the past. I have never experienced any reliability problems with them and now doubt the wisdom of considering a Discovery. However, is there not a possibility that many, if not most, of these postings are false and maliciously posted by competitors. Was just wondering as very few complainers are properly identified and the complaints are without dates to enable readers to place complaints in a proper time frame. Would like to hear what others , or perhaps Landrover itself, have say ..?

Very uncertain now

I have almost ordered my Discovery 4 when I stumbled upon this site. I must say the content is shocking. I have driven a Touareg and a few Pajeros in the past. I have never experienced any reliability problems with them and now doubt the wisdom of considering a Discovery. However, is there not a possibility that many, if not most, of these postings are false and maliciously posted by competitors. Was just wondering as very few complainers are properly identified and the complaints are without dates to enable readers to place complaints in a proper time frame. Would like to hear what others , or perhaps Landrover itself, have say ..?


My Defender 110 Puma 2009 - engine replace 3 times -blow head gasket - Land Rover SA we are the only one who have engine problems in SA - My wifes Defender 90 also blow head gasket - any body els with the same problems - we ask for trade back sins the first engine replacement 32000km (REPLACE ENGINE WITH RECON ENGINE !!!!!!) DID NOT HELP US SEND EMAIL TO CEO DEWALD

Discovery v Shogun

Due to replace my 3rd Shogun in April. fancied a change. Was considering a Discovery 4. Not any more. I used to run LR until we bought a new 110 Station Wagon in 1985. Had so much trouble and so little help, respect or anythinh from LR or the main dealer in Cardiff. The memories had paled until I read this site top to bottom. Had three shoguns never been into dealers except for servicing. Never broken down. Will go for another one. Thanks all.

Brand New Disco in 1995

We purchased a brand new Discovery in 1995. We had known about the gearbox problems with the series I cars, but we were told that all that was "now sorted" since BMW took over the marque. We had the car just under seven years and 95,000 miles, during which we had 22 unscheduled visits to the garage, and were broken down on the road eight times, which included gearbox, head gasket, clutch, water pump, etc etc the list goes on and on. We bought a Nissan Navara in 2002, now coming up to 128,000 miles and all we've done is change the filters and a new set of tyres at 75,000. At the last annual test it failed for a loose piece of plastic on the bumper, fixed with one pop rivet. What a difference! Give me a Jappie chappie anytime.

Flashing Disco Lights

I'm another mug who fell under the Disco 3 spell. Picked up my 60K mileage 06 plate diesel manual S tonight and drove it home. Went to lock it up and it went haywire - alarm blaring away, hazards flashing, heating turning on and off, doors locking and unlocking and I had the key in my hand! Got back in, started it up (it runs beautifully) and took it straight back to the dealer. Hopefully, I can get a refund or maybe an alternative motor; fingers crossed for a lucky escape (glass is half full). Shame I didn't come here first! You know - I'm really gutted because I really wanted this car - been looking forward for years to getting my hands on one - oh those lovely rose tinted spectacles

discovery 3

I was about to do a deal on a discovery 3 this week 9/3/12. Thanks to this web site I am keeping well clear. I will stick to my BMW X3 DIESEL SPORT.

Discovery 4

I bought a new Disco 4 in October 2011. It currently has 8 000 kilometre on the clock and has been to the dealership 4 times for repairs. Battery replaced twice, software upgrades and gearbox replaced 3 weeks ago. Same problems persist. I have tried to have the vehicle replaced, but LR is offering less than other manufactures. For me its back to old faithful Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. Never, never buy a Disco. Anyone else with gearbox problems?

Disco 3

I bought a Disco 3 2007 Manual in Oct '11. FSH and contact detail of previous owner. Previously owned Pajero and Fortuner. Within the 1st week of buying it my problems started - 1st handbrake release 4 times. Once Idrove it out of Centurion LR premises only to get stuck within 400meter! I am in the process of replacing the clutch 3rd time on 123k km! Engin cuts out basically every time I accelerate when passing a slower car. Radio reception non existing. LOOKING FOR A BUYER - ANY TAKERS/

Range rover TD V8 2007

Should like to discuss Vogue td V8 2007 and whether the turbo vanes lubricant fails and they stick and problems with exhaust re circulation valves. Does anyone have similar problems?

Disco V Defender

Hi there, On a Central australia bushwalking trip some years back, I was driven to the start in a Disco. The owner said that the name was appropriate because every day you make a discovery of another fault!. I have always thought them too glitzy and complex for long term reliability. I have owned a Series 2A station wagon, a rough but tough unit, I could just about fix anything on it, it was so basic. It never rusted, never busted. Now I have a 2000 TD5 Hardtop and its the same. It just starts and goes. It does 11 litres per 100km. I think Land Rover should have stuck with the original, improved its ergonomics and not ventured into the expensive plastic arena. But don't bag Defender as well just for the sake of your Disco disasters. I do sympathise, they should never have been given any of those media awards.


I feel your pain and wish i would have read this before buying mine and i cannot tell you snough about the headache i've had with mine from fixtures falling off to faulty AC, not to mention the 2,700 we spent on the engine block and most recentgear is loked in 4h...

Land Rover Discovery II

Bought my disco from a main dealer in 2007. Traded in a 525D BMW. Third child came along and the Landy seemed the perfect car. Within a couple of weeks the sunroof started to leak. Spoke to dealer who stated "we don't deal with water ingress". Fixed that at an Independent Landy dealer free of charge. A few more weeks passed and it started to leak through the windscreen, again dealer would have nothing to do with it. Phoned head office and they weren't interested. I have now had the vehicle 4.6 years. I have spent close to £7000 on repairs and servicing. Fuel pipes, brake pipes, fuel regulator, various air bags, power steering box, various calipers, ignition barrel, injector seals, fuel harness, two hubs, the list goes on and on. This vehicle has however done everything that has been asked of it, amazing in the snow and off road but that is where this vehicle excels. I have averaged £175 per month in repairs and servicing and that is on top of the loan I am still paying. I would recommend this vehicle if you are looking to off road but would advise anybody to avoid it for any other reason other than that. It has now got to the point where I can no longer finance the repairs. I have replaced just about everything on this vehicle now but cannot take the chance that something else will go wrong (and it will) so on Wednesday it goes in favour of a new Hyundai, 5 year triple pack care which should leave me with no motoring worries for the first time in nearly 5 years. A wee bit of me will be sad to see this Landy go but it has been and probably would continue to be financially crippling !! If you are going to buy one just make sure you have deep deep pockets.

Thanks for the feedback!

I am in NZ and spend a lot of time on trips in the mountains (remote)and was agonizing over the decision on whether to go for a Disco or Land Cruiser. I have been researching it for some time. I did prefer the Disco style and looks. Decision made. Off to Toyota on Monday. Thanks.

Land rover repair manual

Land Rover repair manual for sale a must have if you own one of these vehicles as it will forever break down, and after hundereds of trips to your local land rover stealers you will need to start doing the work yourself, service manual a fiver from here http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/320903689325?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1586.l2649

Thanks for the Hoods Up!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I was thinking of dumping my 4Runner and get a Discovery. A friend of mine said 'you better research that truck first'.. wow, I am shocked and saddened for all owners. Thank you again for the heads up!!

Service sucks

Service segment Land Rover and Range Rover in India SUCKS BIG TIME. NO CO-ORDINATION and NO FOLLOW-UPS.

Range Rover sport

Tailgate closure a huge disapointment. Worse than the cheapest entry level vehicle. 2011 model is not hydrolic and you have to bang and prod to close.

My disco 1 V8 engine

My disco 1 V8 engine I am not happy of this car since owned it; it has NUMEROUS UNSOLVED PROBLEMS. The engine started overheating since 2009 up to now. Have asked LR specialist here in Tanzanian (CMC) to change whatever they find not well but just ended up by paying huge amount of money out of nothing. It seems LR specialists or representative have no technical know how of the vehicles. I am so disappointed with LR products. Please don’t go for LR, you will regret.

LR3 2005 Tailgate wont lock properly

Hi friends and thanks for all of your input regarding tailgate problems. Your input pointed me in the best direction to solve my problem. Went to my parents with the kids last weekend and the car ran great. Upon leaving though I couldnt get the back door to latch home correctly and it remained adjar the entrie way home with the TAILGATE OPEN warning on the dash. The car would lock and the door could not be opened when locked but it was only closed to the first latch, not the fully closed latch. We were able to open and close the back doors as usual but could not close the top door fully. Using the Land Rover Technical Service Bulletin at http://www.disco3.co.uk/gallery/albums/userpics/13978/Liftgate%20Latch%20Diagnostics.pdf Another way I found the bulletin was to copy the following bulletin number into the search bar on google LTB00191. I printed the bulletin and took it outside with me. I set about removing the trim on the lower tailgate which if done carefully is quite easy. It has the plastic push in clips and a few screws holding it in place. One inside, I removed the 3 screws surrounding the centre latch which released the latch mechanism. I removed it from the door but left the cable attached. I cleaned it liberally 5 times using WD40 and messed with the mechanism a bit to familiarise myself with how it worked. Using a small screwdriver, I operated the mechanism many times to release any grit from inside it as if I was closing and opening the door. I found that cleaning it worked wonders and it now operates correctly again. Total fix cost was a couple of cents for the lubricant/cleaner. All good. Be carefull with your trim when removing it as I believe this can be done without damage. Best wishes and I still love my LR3

Anyone thinks of Grand Cherokee

My friend bought an LR Disco 4 in China and he is about to visit the dealer the 4 th time in a month. It is a brand new car, beautiful to look at but that's all. I thought it was the faults of low grade chinese petrol. After reading this web, it is about the car itself. Looks Indian people are better at cooking curry. lol


I sold my old Pajero (Shogun ) after a very long and trouble free life ( 240,000) and bought a 2004 Discovery diesel. It has cost me more to repair than it cost to buy and is still in the workshop as I write. I am a mechanical engineer and once was a power plant design and development engineeer for Chrysler and I cannot beleive the things that have gone wrong with this vehicle. Almost without exception all problems have been either plain bad engineering or a lack of quality control. and thus just repeat themselves. I have replaced a warped manifold three times and so it goes. I went out this morning and bought a new VX Toyota Prado. I did deriously consider a Discovery 4 but after talking to a few ownerpringss, it seems the problems are the same. The Toyota cost three quarters the price of the Disco and sports all the same bells and whistles. On a recent trip up the oodnadatta track to Alice Springs and then west through the dessert I saw only one Disco and it was being towed by a Nissan. Toyotas and Nissans everywhere and a few Mitsubushi and that is that. Country people here wouldn't touch a Land Rover with a barge pole. They are too dependent on their vehicles. I also drive a Jaguar XK8 and the story is the same. You need tow of the if you are to have a decent chance of getting to work in the morning. I am a Brit and have supported British cars all my life but I have finally learned my lesson. Never again will I buy anything made in the UK.


Can you scan and post the dealer reciepts of all the repair work done to the vehicle? It would be interesting to see how much time they took and the descriptions of the faults they found.


I had a Landroverr Discovery 2 td5 for just under a year and the piece of shit cost me over £3500 in repair's so i sold it for half what i paid losing out nearly £4000. All i can say is that buying this SHIT was the BIGGEST mistake i have ever, ever made so LANDROVER CAN GO FUCK THEMSELVE'S.

discovery 4 se

2010-24000km. New starter motor, transfer box, gearbox, fuel pump. Got to go before warranty is up!

Just in time

Was just about to order a new disco, but after reading this lot I've ordered a Touereg instead and it should arrive just in time for Xmas. Yippee!

How bad?

The comments above are certainly concerning, especially about the Disco3, but can we have some perspective here? There are perhaps 30 or 40 (I didn't count them) very negative experiences that are related in this blog, they come from five continents, Europe, Asia, North America, Australia and Africa. In those five continents there have been thousands of Discos sold, is it really surprising that some of those have been lemons? The implication made by some that European cars ( LR in particular) are crap and those from east Asia are bulletproof is simply wrong. Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Kia, et al, all break down, all have their share of lemons and can all be horrendously expensive to fix. Try pricing a new Landcruiser engine, or even a set of injectors sometime. LR parts here in Australia are relatively cheap by comparison. It is certainly true that european computers are not in the same league as those fitted in east Asia and this has altered the "balance of reliability" towards Asia but to suggest that they do not have all of the same problems that are attributed to LR is to ignore the facts.


CMC Motors, Mombasa and Nairobi in Kenya. Now owned by TATA of India, Land Rover's main problem is their COMPLETE lack of educated technical people or quality service anywhere, but most especially in Africa. Toyota in Kenya provide perfectly decent, clean quality servicing and problem solving, all done with evident pride by trained people, with a smile and a cup of coffee. CMC are an insulting joke by comparison. Bureaucratic half-wits 'managing' totally untrained 'mechanics', crowding around each pathetic vehicle like a troop of pre-hominids, as they tug and dismember each poor car toward an early demise. It would make you cry with laughter were it not so depressing. If Land Rover is represented by CMC, don't get one. You'll end up in tears, one way or another.

discovery TDi 1996

I bought the car 4 months ago and since I´ve repaired the engine completely because it destroyed itself as the engine light appearred so no time even for parking. I´ve been struggling with electrical problems every day. As soon as I finish one thing other comes, it´s a piece of crap! Steering leaks, gearbox problems, transfer problems, braking problems, sunroofs lasts as long as you keep them close, the turbo charger lasts only 200k, more electrical problems, interior plastics crack and break, hoses and pipes always show leaks, diesel pump is a nightmare to repair(even at authorized services) etc, etc, etc. It´s the most unreliable car I´ve ever driven. And since I have it I´ve seen many similar problems with other people who own this cars. I have had 6 land cruisers rj70 and joining them all I haven´t spent more money than the land rover has drained me. Old school toyotas never let me down.

Discovery td4

Was about to buy a 2010 not now though. Thanks for the heads up......

Reality check

Thank you LR Hell. I was speaking to a tow truck driver mate yesterday about our intention to buy a used Land Rover Discovery, either privately or through a Toowoomba dealer www.southerncrosslandrover.com.au Not any more! He basically pleaded with me to reconsider and promptly rattled off a long list of serious problems with these vehicles he regularly deals with. Having found your website www.landroverhell.com confirming this and then some, I will now be looking elsewhere to solve our 4x4 needs with the distinct feeling of having dodged a bullet. Keep up the good work.

Disco 3 engine bearing failure

Bought my beloved disco 18 months ago after seeing it for the first time on the road in 2006,i said to myself one day i will have one.Its a 2008 tdv6 hsre and had 60k on the clock but soon after purchase all the problems started;faulty warning lights,suspention,handbreak,diff,bushes,wheel alighning 3 times and now one of bearings in the engine apparently has lifted and turned and destroyed the engine.Landrover Umhlanga before they explained what the cause they hit me with a bill for a RECON of R130K,as you can imagine i was gutted and very confused.The LR warreny was up but had an extended with SA warrenties,it has been nearly a month in the workshop because SA warrenties want LR to open up the engine so they can determine the cause and the next step to take with payment .But LR have refused to open up the engine stating that its plain to see what,with steeel filings in the sump there is no need to open it up.Eventually i contacted LR S AFRICA complaining about the service and th faults with the car and the have now given the go ahead for a proper inspection of the engine.The sad thing is that if SA warrenties do pay out it will only be R50K of the R130K .I have done a bit of research on the Disco problems and am quite shocked not just at the problems but lack of support and genuine concern from LR ,it seems they know quite well about said problems but are playing dumn.I still love my Disco3 and miss driving it and was planning on movng to a 4 very soon,can you believe it my wife bought the Evoque and was going to trade my Disco for an out the box 4 but i told her get the Evoque and i would hang on to my 3 a couple more months,abaolutley gutted.Any advice needed thanks for listening regards ;very sad DISCO lover

LR4 Any Problems

Hi there, I'm thinking to buy the Land Rover LR4. Does the new LR4 have any problems or only the old vehicles? Thanks!

LR4 Any Problems

Hi there, I'm thinking to buy the Land Rover LR4. Does the new LR4 have any problems or only the old vehicles? Thanks!

my LR3 will not start

i bought my LR3 V8 like 5 months ago. battery changed twice if parked for 3 days withouth driving , but parked last week fro another 3 days same problem. please i am tired of this issue as battery has been changed again and LR will not start . please anybody with this problem before?

Tdi 1996 broke down again after 3 months of repair

After 3 months of reparing the engine completely I´ve chequed the valve clearance and noticed a suspicious failure, 6 valves weren´t adjusted and valve tappets were desintegrated, so checked again with the mechanic. Result: Pushrods and friends were deformed. Only 5000km after repairing the engine! Even spare parts are unreliable (and I bought original equippment and did the job with qualified personel). Also a friend who owns a 300tdi had to replace the inyection pump and turbo with only 200000km! (and he does take good care of the vehicle)

TDI Hell

Should have come here before we got our 300 TDI. I never knew you could have so many problems with a car. Bought it 2nd hand and right away the problems started. First it was minor things like CV joints which needed to be replaced, worn bearings etc. This seemed like minor things at first but still costly. Then the car would not start at all, at the worst times possible, after adding fuel or when out somewhere for dinner. At this point we are starting to get worried. To fix this we changed the battery, then the starter died, so we changed this too. Out of no where the car started making some grinding noise, had to replace the diff. Right after fixing this the car started misfiring. The engine had to be rebuilt. Couple of weeks later the car is very sluggish and am like what's the worst that could happen. Well my worst nightmare occurs, car turns off right in the middle of rush hour traffic. Turns out the injector pump is dead, we get a new one. Car dies again, due to the fuel cutoff switch wire getting snapped. Seems like a made-up story . At this point the car seems quite dangerous to drive at night. We fix that issue and think finally some peace. Well while driving out of nowhere there is a loss of power steering and the ac dies. Turns out the fan belt snapped. I think, this will be easy to fix. Well after replacing the fan belt, the steering is still stiff, we have to buy a new pump for this. The belt snaps again just a few days later, we have to buy a new water pump. Then the cooling system starts acting up and we have to re-pipe the whole thing. You would think this is the end of the nightmare, not quiet yet, car has problems starting again and it's making some screeching sound. Turns out it's problems with the starter relay and the fan. Well the final straw is the Gearbox starting to act up . The mechanic says we need to get a replacement as after opening it, a rebuild seems impossible. At this point we utterly tired of the car. Out of the 1 year we have had it it's been in the garage 60% of the time. The money spent on repairs alone would have been enough to buy another Disco with lots of change. We have just decided to cut our losses and refuse to put any more money in this money hog as what it does best is part you away from your money. NEVER AGAIN !!! NEVER NEVER AGAIN !!! Just stay far away from these cars if you want to have reliable transport that wont leave you stranded in the middle of night far away from home.

Discovery 4

Disco 4, 2012 I was just about to sign for a disco 4 this weekend or Monday! As several others I stumbled over this site, I have heard of problems with disco 3, and some initial electrical issues with disco 4 - but I seriously thought this to have been fixed? I see several people here asking for positive comments and others posting questions - why no answers? Also with these many discos sold there will be a lot of issues, its the same for Volvo V70 that sold a quite a lot in Sweden, as is also the case with XC90 - that do come out very low in many tests for reliability, especially on electrical issues. My self I would not buy a XC90 - never. I have read soo many 4wdr tests, reviews etc. on the disco4, and none are really mentioning any issues with the current disco generation - why is that? I had several cars in the expensive end, Auid Allroads, several Mercs, where the Germany built has been very good and the US (at least some) has been BAD. Now looking for a new SUV, tried several and the Disco 4 clearly has very nice features, drives very nice on road and in light terrain - unbetable compared o Pajero and Land cruiser, but of course a site like this makes me doubt. Why are there no dates, no names on all these posts? That takes away some of the credability of the posts! And as someone else wrote above, would have been nice to have comments from LR / the new owner! Is it a LR problem or dealer issue. Christian (Stockholm, Sweden, 6april2013)

LR4 any problems

Are you that stupid to ask such a stupid question here? Why don't you take a change to buy one, never see anyone that dumb! Do you think a car mfr can change and make good car all of a sudden?

2011 disco ENGINE FAILED

bought 2011 disco 4, fsh under 2yr old and just 25k miles. engine failed completely due to injector problems, and was recommended new replacement engine complete by landrover, but would NOT be covered under warranty!! they quoted me £18,000 SCANDELOUS, I will have to sue but does not help me in the short term. IF anyone has simlar experience or can help?

Recycle a V8 Defender

My 1995 V8 galvanised chassis 110 Defender station wagon has done 245,000 kM from new in my hands, about half on bush trips and the engine has never been opened. Only major replacement was new R380 box at 150000kM in year 2000. All wear items have been replaced at end of life, normal services performed by me. Open road consumption is 15 litres per hundred down to 20 on urban cycle. It is the best vehicle I have ever owned and will continue to pour petrol down its throat for at least the next 5 years in the knowledge that my total cost of ownership is lower than anything produced by BMW, Ford, or TATA since with a Landrover badge. If you want a real Landrover, recycle a late analogue V8 Defender from the Leyland era.

Above & Beyond

I wish that this company go bankrupt in the near future from the way they are treating their customers and how much they charge for their JUNk product , I use to love LR to death till I got stuck with a Lemon .


Just about to trade in my pajero RX on a 2013 TD discovery.WOW....... Not now. I knew they had problems but thought they were sorted. Thanks for the info and heads up. Just saved a lot of money.


Got stranded with a new Discovery 2 years old. 3 times,drove on the back of Tow Truck. I went back to Mercedes that never let me down. Will not advice anybody to buy a Landrover.

So you think you have got problems !

If you think LR is bad then you don't know about the Renault 2.2DCi engine. They continuously blow turbos (50k km if your lucky) which then wrecks the engine . We had two engines and a new turbo in an Espace which staggered to 130k km and repair bills of 12000 Euro before finally finishing as scrap due to the cost of further repairs. The vehicle in running order is worth over 5000 Euro but as scrap - zilch and Renault don't want to know although there are pages and pages about the problems on the internet. Moral - do your research on the internet before parting with your money.

Series 1 Discovery

We started with the 3.9ltr V/8. At 176k it was in need of many things - so, I bought a 300tdi from England and had it shipped to Vancouver and converted. It's 28mpg on Hwy. and 20.1mpg in town. Does anyone have one, say from England. Are they any better. We expect the engine to go 500K like our '91 1.6ltr Jetta TDi. Any chance ? As for the Disco, each door lock was $600 and we replaced all five. IF the steering wheel is unlocked, and you turn the wheels ever a little bit without the engine running you will take out the Power Steering Gear Box ( $800 Part ). Single A/C is useless in hot weather. Anyone have a lot of miles on a Disco with TDi, or maybe we should get rid of it ?

Thank you for all the advise

THANK YOU ALL FOR THE ADVISE I am in NSW and was agonizing over the decision on whether to go for a Landrover or Land Cruiser. I have been researching it for some time. I did prefer the Landrover style and looks. I think I will buy a Toyota


This is my fourth pre-owned Landrover Discovery, a series 3 TDV6S (56 plate). I began buying pre-owned Landrover Discovery[s] in 1997 because of its reputation for reliability and durability. Things go wrong with all cars, but this Landrover Discovery has developed major and costly faults. I have bought all my Discovery(s) from the same Landrover dealership where I have always found all the staff to be both professional and friendly. Due to the location of this, my nearest, Landrover dealership all my Landrover Discovery(s) have been regularly maintained at my local garage using only Landrover approved components. The mileage on this vehicle at purchase read 35112 and currently reads at 57725. Immediately on purchase in Nov 2010 there was an engine noise present when I first collected the vehicle that I was unhappy with and unaccustomed to. The Landrover dealership explained that all the Landrover Discovery series 3 made this noise but was unable to explain why or offer a remedy... In December, 2010, one month after purchase, the suspension started going up and down of its own accord making driving very dangerous. Thankfully this was rectified under warranty by May 2011 but only after the sensor was replaced for the third time - the first two replacements being faulty!! In March this year (2013) a grating noise developed coupled with a slight loss of power at lower speeds. A computer diagnostic indicated faulty exhaust valves . These were replaced at a cost of over £200 each plus labour - to no effect. A "Landrover expert" was of the opinion the rear timing belt and tensioner were causing the problem. These were duly replaced at cost of over £200. Also to no effect. Current opinion considers that it is the pressurised diesel fuel pump that may be faulty. This will cost £600 plus labour to replace. In Sept this year the dealership advised the noise appeared to be coming from the engine: that in order to assist in diagnosing any fault the engine would need to be stripped down: that even if the engine were stripped down there was no guarantee that the fault would be found: that Landrover policy with all vehicles under warranty that had presented with similar noise/problems in this particular dealership's experience was to change the engine. Of course my vehicle is no longer under warranty. Since Sept this vehicle has begun to vibrate episodically for no apparent reason. It would appear that the Discovery 3 series is inherently flawed. Landrover/Jaguar' s response (c/o the Team Leader of the Executive Office & External Liaison Team) concludes that as the work previously carried out by my regular garage may not be to Land Rover standards it is a possibility that any engine noise could be due to the fitment of other components. I find this to be a limited & dismissive attitude to the quality of its product, therefore I will not be considering a fifth Landrover.

98 Disco

Sorry to hear about all of your Land Rover problems. Wow..I didn't think there would so many problems with the newer Discos. I have a 98 Disco 1. I've owned it for the last 15yrs. Lots of problems with from the get go. Yes, I've kept the lemon car for the last 15yrs. But most of the problems were covered by the warranty. Especially the one time that the transmission exploded during a trip cross country. But once the warranty was out the door, I went to find a reputable mechanic to fix my issues. I've searched the last 10yrs for mechanic. I seriously hate going to the dealer. Like others said, the reps are arrogant and pricing made me so depressed, I would start weighing my pros and cons if I wanted to keep the car. Fortunately, I found an honest, competant mechanic in my area. Recently, I replaced the O2 sensors, spark plugs and catalytic converters. If I went to the dealer, the catalytic converters alone would cost more than what I've done. Just got back from a trip from California to New York and back. No problems so far. It's like a Love/Hate relationship with my Disco. I love it when it runs well. Then when problems come up, I start racking my brain if I want to get rid of it.


Wow. My wife and I are in the market for a new SUV here in the U.S. and were seriously considering a new Range Rover Evoque. There are a plethora of terrible reviews readily available online that have made me hesitate about the Land Rover brand. Many reliability/satisfaction studies (analyzing the first three years of ownership) show horrible Land Rover ratings (dead last and not even close to 2nd to last). Everyone's reviews on this site put the final nail in. I would prefer to buy a vehicle that will not require that I set aside thousands of dollars in a "Land Rover Fund" for when I need to pay for technical and costly repairs/parts unexpectedly and regularly. Maybe next time around we will do the research again and have another look at Land Rover if they start taking pride in their products and caring about customers.

1999 D2 V8 never again

The first time i hopped into the D2 v8 I loved the way it drove so i bought it..but wait there's more. total engine rebuild after 102kms bought it at 97kms seized engine. But wait theres more.. incredible oil leaks not just the odd drop but rather big pools, rear seat mechanism failure, engine tapping noise, air compressor, air suspension, radiator replacement , air conditioning, wheel bearings,brakes rotor and pads, fuel sensor, air sensor, ABS braking failure 3 amigos, rotor sensor, drive shaft recond, window winder failure, faulty central locking, rear passenger lock never worked, internal plastic faceplates would fall off from time to time,faulty warning would come up and it would shut down,paint deterioration, burst heater pipes, new wires just to mention a few from the top of my head. the fuel cost made me want to buy shares in Mobil or look at owning a petrol station. I had to sell it and warned the buyer of the faults but the price was so cheap he couldn't resist the bargain. he rang me 2 weeks after i sold it to him to say he had a problem with the central locking and alarm (he would have had to get it towed as it wouldn't start) i had done less than 39k kms in this vehicle sold it with a 135k kms on the speedo to be fair i did enjoy towing with the air suspension i now own a mitsubishi and it is reliable. the bills ran into excess of 28k you need to be wealthy to own one of these be warned - they are cheap for a reason.

2000 Land Rover Disco 2

I wish i would have seen this before I got rid of my Chevy Tahoe for my 2000 landy. I bought it with just over 140k from a dealer and was able to get into it straight across for my Tahoe with 220k, should have been my first clue... With in the amount of miles for it to be due for an oil change heres a list of things that have failed, the oil pump failed 300 miles after I got it, took out the motor $1200 for a used motor with 120k, @ 500 miles the rad. developed a leak $150 for a used one, @ 1000 miles on the used motor head gasket shit the farm so I had the heads redone and did all new gaskets on the motor, still leaks everywhere..... If you want a vehical that when and I do mean "When" it runs right that is a joy to drive then by all means buy a land rover. Just keep in mind that you best buy 2 or 3 at the same time and pray that the used parts you have can get you by, if not the new parts will make you go bankrupt not to mention the down time fixing them. Mine has spent more time in my shop in pieces than on the road driving. And I dont know where land rover gets their E.P.A. ratings from but im lucky to see 12-13 mpg most times its closer to 10, and having to run 91 octane it gets expensive. Bottom line save your self the money, time, and stress and stay far far far away from Land Rovers.

My two cents...

I bought a 2005 Land Rover LR3 v8 new. While it was still under warranty, the compressor went out. Just AFTER it went out of warranty, the compressor went out again and it cost around $1,200 to fix. Now, I've just experienced the dreaded red suspension warning light and the 30mph limit. I've decided to do the coil conversion at a cost of $1,800. Besides these suspension problems that happen to every Rover owner, (usually several times over), I've experienced these other problems that seem to come 'standard' with LR3s. The electronic switch in the back lift gate went out and the dealer said it would be between $600-$900 to fix. I took it to a local foreign car repair shop and they fixed the gate plus replaced bulbs in the headlight and tail light for $115. The back hatch piston also broke. The headlight bulbs have been replaced at least 10 times since I bought the car. It seems like there are so many electronics to this car that there is always something that doesn't work or needs fixing. And, of course, the dealer charges ridiculous prices to fix anything. In fact, they charge over $100 just to LOOK at the car!! And when I've taken the car to the dealer, it's like the mechanics have no idea as to what's wrong or how to fix it. I had FIVE guys with their heads under the hood all scratching their heads like monkeys wondering what could be wrong with the car. EVERY car has the same problems yet they act like they've never seen it before. Absolutely horrendous!! As one person said, when the car is running well, it's a nice car. Interior is great. But don't count on owning one of these cars and not having to put in THOUSANDS of dollars in just a short time fixing a myriad of problems. The biggest which seems to be the air suspension. If you are considering buying one of these pieces of crap, please do yourself a favor and go online and investigate all the problems that so many owners share. It's not just a problem that crops up here or there or once in a while. It happens to ALL the cars sooner or later. Oh, yeah, the electronic parking brake that squeals and grinds and makes a horrible noise so I don't even use it any more. This is a piece of crap car. Marketed and sold as a 'luxury' car but made from cheap, crappy parts that are guaranteed to break and cost thousands to fix. I forgot to mention the wheels that look like they are made out of plastic and sprayed with silver paint that started chipping and peeling off after about three years. Seriously? Wheel rims that are painted like some cheap Yugo? Don't be fooled by reviews of new LR3s. When it's new, it's fine. Read reviews by people who have owned the car for three or five years. Do yourself a favor…. DO NOT BUY LAND ROVERS!!!! You'll be sorry. I write this as a public service.

Goodbye to Landrover

Car was ex-demonstrator with 15K on the clock and £40K. Owned for 2 years. Just traded for £15K. Why traded? Twice broken down and needed to be towed. So the car had to go. Really... this car is a joke. NEVER.. EVER... buy a Landrover. The company deserved to go broke and be bought by the Indians. But its still unreliable and depreciates like a stone. Massive serivce bills.

Parking Brake

I had new discs and pads fitted and now the parking brake has locked on. It took several attempts to release by moving the car forward and back. This happened in Switzerland at Christmas and another owner had the same problem. Anybody else experienced and if so what was the cause?

cracked oil pump case

Have a look at this.... http://www.disco3.co.uk/forum/post1231145.html#1231145

Wont change my 13 month old car

Hi all I had purchased a new Range Rover evouqe and had nothing but problems with the car and now they wont change it as its over 12 months even I have been complaining for over 12 months and they say they cant do anything Any suggestions guy

2003 Land Rover Disco

I had purchased this 2003 Land Rover discovery vehicle that my wife loves, after the drive from Tampa to Winter Haven I parked it to obtain plates on monday (it was late friday) morning, I drove it Monday and it started to overheat. So I check the fluid level and added a gallon of water. well by the end of the day I paid to have it towed 4 miles away. $180 head gasket kit, done the work my self replaced expansion tank and now it shut off while driving, i had enough, too many issues if you do the research grr

Nearly bought one

Hi, I was going out to buy a TD3 today and boy am I glad I read these comments first. Landrover....I am staying well clear.

What a rubish of car

I just had test drive on 2004 Td5,Adelaide, South Australia, extremely low km.Just over 100K, full service history,one private owner.In short,on 10 km test drive, something vent wrong,lot of lights started on the dashboard,white smoke under the bonnet,and finally poor Disco stopped at peak traffic dropping oil and water all over the road ! Bad luck, or bad car? Poor owner was so ashamed, but I know I will stay far from Land rover for my life !!

Landrovers now an past

Do Landrovers go wrong? Yes Are dealers far to Expensive Yes Is landrovers customer care the worst? In most cases YES Yet for every one owner complaint on this web site there are probably 25+ that have little of no trouble with there product. Mankind will never tell the good/positive things he/she has encountered, yet will get their knickers in a twist, boxers wrapped around balls and all when a product goes even just a little wrong. For a simple example everyone has or knows someone with a Senseo or Nescafe coffee pad thing, they are all over the world millions and millions of them, there are lots of complaints about what goes wrong yet very little of positive experiences of them despite there are millions and millions of them every where. As it has been the case since Day one each new model has it own set of problems ( remember the D1 300 tdi cambelt horrors ) Now one of Landrovers most reliable engines ever many well and truly have been driven hard and put away wet yet have still gone over 500.000KMs So like most other makes of car you can expect problems with the first production run of each new model, This has always been the case. The D2 had its own share, now most have done an average of 300.000 Km some will have had new engine's or a new head, moste will be on their 3rd or fourth set of air springs and many will have had the sunroofs properly sealed. Alot of the comments I would regard as driver/owner error Leaking sunroofs will eventually kill one of the control modules. Brake discs and pads wear out as do tires and clutches, they shouldn't even be on your list unless they fail under 50.000 km even then if you manage to kill a clutch at 20.000 km you need an automatic or your licence revoked. On crappy roads your suspension will suffer a lot more, diving in dust/offroad will cause squeaks and rattles, ( do you take your car in for early services as written in your owners manual? bet you don't ) Another thing That you are all missing is that cars are built from components, Not one modern car is built out of in house manufactured components Land Rover and other makes design and put together the components and the test the result. so if a component fails its not really a land rover product that has failed is may well be a part that one of you your self produce in the company you work for. Okay land rover bought crappy parts from the company that you work for, and they are crap parts because you called in sick that morning so there was no quality control for that batch of parts destined for Land Rover's production line. So if you think the D3's 2.7 or D4's 3.0 V6 diesel is a piece of rubbish, well don't buy a jaguar, ford or peugeot, or Renault, as these also use the same PSA engines, mind a long list of other makes of car as they use the same auto box, or manual gearbox. as for the control modules many will be Bosch products, does that mean all Bosch products are rubbish ( dont do any DIY work then your cord drill may well be a Bosch item or have bosch components in it.) If the control modules are Siemens products don't go to hospital for that operation many medical care machines are made by simens! As for servicing and repairs for Land Rovers out of warrenty Find a local or non local garage the has good reputation and mechanics to match that understand your particular model of Land Rover, They should recognize faults just from what your describing over the phone, and know exactly what is causing the fault and how to fix it, That said It will take time to learn these faults in new models and find the cures for them. For instance I specialize in servicing Land Rovers Fitted with the Td5 engine these are Defenders and Discovery series 2, I know all the faults and what will need to be replaced to fix the fault, better still I can tell owners in advance which part or component I expect will fail next base on the mileage an known service history. Many current problems with the Discovery 2 and Defender are down to age and lack of servicing by a mechanic with knowledge of the Td5 and Td5 land rovers , Most of these fault being leaks, due to aged rubber components, or general wear in bearings and seals and other components due to mileage. Because I know who the manufacturer is of most of these components I can buy the part directly from the manufacturer, You get Original parts without paying all the middlemen which hikes up the price of components. Now when a component fails in some way say an engine die's at 30.000 km and seem that this happens to a whole lot of the same model you should combine your power as customers and get a letter/petition to Land Rover via a lawyer and force them to fix the problem rather than saying you going to get a toyota which means you didn't need a Discovery/ landrover in the first place as is basicly means it only looked good for your YOB status and fitted the golf clubs and bankers wage. ( although you need the later in order to afford to buy one in the first place ) One other thing, If Landrover had never built the first real "SUV" The 1957 series one station wagon and later the first true SUV The Range Rover classic for other makes to copy perhaps there would be no toyota landcruisers, mitsu shoguns, etc etc. I have driven most models of land rover over the years form series one up to the Evoqe never been towed home, and the ones i have owned in various states of repair have never been recovered, One that my father owned did get recovered, after gearbox failure at 240.000 kms after lots of heavy towing, nothing wrong with that. Dont be offended that is not my intention, Just think before throwing hissy fits.

What junk!

Just turned 50k miles on my Land Rover Sport and had my 3rd breakdown on the road yesterday. I would never ever buy this product again. I've 2-3 Toyotas and they are much better cars for less $.


Had landrover for years. Lots of high service and repair bills. On top of that high fuel consumption when towing horsebox. Swapped it for vw amarok and never look back!!! Better and much cheaper service. Sevice intervals up to 30000km! and you always know with vw how much service is going to cost you (euro 220). Also fuel consumption very very good. 100000 miles now and no major issues. Prob not best car in the world, but does job for me. Landrover never ever again!!!!


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Discovery 3 -2008 - Approved Used.........Well use

Week 1- Just purchased from a main dealer. Week 2 – And so it starts 1. Children getting wet heads in the back when it rains. 2. Whine can be heard when driving. 3. Oil on the drive when parked overnight. Week 3 - Into the dealer. (Car is to spend the entire week in the dealer) Technician phones me to read of a list of things that need doing. He also asks who sold you this vehicle in this condition. Things he has found are 1. Wheel Bearing 2. New Transfer Box 3. Sat Nav blank plate not sealed and letting water in 4. Brake lines rusty and are an MOT failure (dealer put a new mot on it the day before we collected) 5. Water Pump leaking Everything done under warranty apart from the brake lines as this is down to the dealer we purchased the car from…nice! Week 4 - Car spends the weekend on the drive. Go out on Monday another puddle of oil on the drive. Car is recovered back to dealer to re-repair transfer box and then off to original dealer to “look” at the brake lines. Week5 Having spent 20k on this vehicle we have not seen or used it much. Week 6 Hopefully having had a full refund I’ll be looking to buy a different make of car. Not really what you expect from this sort of car....or is it? In my opinion this is a lovely car but clearly the mechanical build quality and workmanship leave allot to be desired, champagne design on beer mechanics. Purchase a discovery but be pre-paired to spend a lot of time at the dealers.

After Sales Support

Should not be allowed to sell vehicles.

Land rover is the worst car

I bought 2011 LR4 2 year ago. In the last 4 months I have to send my car to fix parking brake 4 times. The problem is not fixed yet! The company did not keep its promise to reimburse my rental car. This is nightmare ! The service department is not help at all. Can not get anybody from the dealer to help. This is the worst experience in my life.

discovery 3

ive recently bought a discovery 3 55 plate tdv6,when its cold it stalls at junctions and when i press the clutch yet when its warm its perfect ,what could this be as now im regretting buying the bloody thing

My Discovery 2

1st Shout out to Land Rover Hell for this amazing website, helps a lot! 2nd! Having always dreamed of owning a Discovery since I was A kid my dream finally came true! I used to have a late 90's model Dodge Dakota 4X4 which over the years having nothing but problems with, it was time to change! So about 3 weeks ago I came across a 2001 Discovery SE7 4.0 V8 Petrol In immaculate condition! Only 111k on the od, knowing this might be too good to be true I went and looked at it! First things first looked under the vehicle! Hm... no leaks! looked under the hood no leaks super clean looked brand new! saw 7/14 on the battery thought cool new batt! Checked the oil so clean you could drink it! Took it for a test drive flawless. Low and behold I bought it, felt like a million bucks 2 days after taking it to work and home 20 minutes each way! Yep the three amigos came on! Downhill assist, abs, and TC. Didn't think much of it after about a mile engine light comes on great! go about another mile it dies while im driving not fun! Took it to my mechanic after 6 possible causes- " you need a new crank shaft cilanoid" ok fine rewrapped the wireing harness $350.00US later the vehicle ran great for 3 days! Then bang the 3 amigos come again- more electrical default codes! Found a gapeing hole in one of the rear airbags replaced rear Airbags fine another $500.00US! Then drove 2.5 hrs to high country radiator overheated thank god it was only the cap was bad fluid shot out of the cap! causeing engine to heat up. After 3 weeks with vehicle purchase and new Cap,Thermostat,both rear airbags,oil flush,trans flush, and new headlights it was time to take this baby off road! Now driving a 3hr long high desert trail it was Amazing absolutely amazing tested the downhill assist control- perfect TC perfect- came on when needed, rear lift for ground clearance- perfect A/C Ice Cold 90 degrees that day a 5,000 ft Elevation. Ran like a champ for one week then tonight bang the warning lights came on and loud noise from under carriage! While im on my way home from work! Now im wondering was it worth the purchasing! Good Luck and god bless to all that own a Land Rover! Sean from Phoenix, AZ US

poor investment

I bought a 2009 lr2 Land R thover I have had serious problems with this car I am going to try to get rid of this car I've always had problems and its a bad investment do not purchase any Land Rover at all. I am disappointed with this should have brought a Jeep.. never had and problems..

Legal Help

I Have always bought expensive cars , I have had a lot of X5's and an X6 with out problems and happy motoring. Until I bought a New Range Rover in 2013,I have not go time to go in to great detail here but this car cost £86'000 from a dealership . Just over a year later I am distraught ! , The problems are never ending ! , Electrical, Mechanical, Build quality, the car is never out of the garage and has broken down 6 times , I really don't know what to say , Could anyone please advise me and others on here as too legal advise , This can not be acceptable what is going on here and how Landrover is just accepting these issues , I feel very sorry for the people parting with large sums of money for this experience with there 2014 models with the same technology . I would love to be able to continue with my Life and get rid of this car but as I will have lost £30'000 equity in the car I'm pretty much trapped in a nightmare with Landrover , The car looks great ! a real fashion accessory in life! , But the actual reality of owning one is a terrible compromise and one that is costing people so much time and money to have the service of , Landrover should be exposed for the Cowboy company they are rather than hiding behind a array of overpriced shiny cars in a showroom with a multi million pounds PR team . Shameful and Upsetting to think they get away with this in this day and age . Regards Peter S

Wow, lots of negative feedback

I was thinking about buying one of these but after seeing all these negative reviews, not worth the risk. Too many other options out there, thanks for this resource.

No problems !!

2004 TD5 Manual- 250 thou km. 1. Pire;lli Scorpion tyres lasted 18kKm Michelins last 80KKm Steerring never touched, 2 sets pads, refused ABS sensor and disc replacement.Full synthetic oil since new, factory recommended oils always, radiator additive as required, no water in car at all, Oil in injector harness. new harnes and clean computer myself, The Valeo key barrel in ignition is poor qual, no hoses replaced,going to put a new clutch throw bearing in - normal wear. Tow a boat long dist, 9km / l 125kmh 500km trips at 1-3c is great for turbo with dense air- 49mpg in the cold. Love my landy, loved the last disco, loved dads troupy. Got to question and watch the dealer- I ask for all oil back and parts for forensic analysis as do Catapillar for their large equip. A lot of the above is dealer incompetence. I even suspect a dealers saboutage on a leaking gearbox oil cooler pipe as I go over the car before service and it started leakindg at 50km AFTER service found on my POST service check. Hasnt let me down yet and the dealer knows I will Bitch Slap the Apprentices into the next postcode if it fails on me.

The least reliable car we have ever owned

A never-ending vortex of pain, our '08 Discovery 3 car has cost a fortune to maintain since the warranty period expired. Even during the warranty period, it was always back at the dealers for repairs which we can't list, it will just go on. At least repairs were free then. Just when you think you have replaced everything, something else crops up. Always at the cost of days off the road, and inconvenience. The last two years have seen us spend GBP8'500 on repairs. Not a car that deserves to be bought twice.

2014 Land Rover HSE SUper Charged

I have a new 2014 Range Rover HSE Supercharged - it came with a bacteria in the ac - per dexter at range rover in houston - and it has been in service for more than three months if you total the times I have had it in there ---- the service guys flooded the floors because they did not re-connect the ac system correctly and won't replace the carpet and my new car smells like old shoes- everyone now denies that there was a bacteria in my ac since I threatened to hit the media with what they told me and they deny telling me it is in a part that was stored in a warehouse in Europe that was installed in some of the 2014 and 2013 and 2012 HSE, Lr3 and some sports.... I asked why don't they do a recall- Dexter of the Houston Landrover told me that it takes two weeks to replace the part since they have to remove the dash ..... if you are getting a old egg smell or moldy blast of air when you start the car - you got it too --- the gps has gone out and they had to replace the screen dn it took them 3 days to load the system- the equipment did not want to take the program ....... the service department has no quality control.....

New Discovery Sport

I like the look of the new Discovery Sport which is out soon. Trouble is, I new about all the bad news stories linked to this brand and so had a browse. Thanks, the new model could just be the new dawning, however those genes might still be lurking in the background, ready to pounce. As a retirement treat, it looks the ticket but £40,000 for a decent spec is a lot to much. Just back from a dealership, and seeing row after row of second hand's for sale did it too.

2000 Discovery II

I had a 2000 Land rover Discovery II and it was a great vehicle. I did have a few problems in 10 years. I sold it in 2010 as I usually sell my car once it gets to 100k miles. Needed a radiator, twice. The first was under Warranty but the second cost me an arm and a leg. That sucked. The other thing that failed was the Mass Airflow sensor and that only cost me $120. Before that, I had a 1993 4 runner and it had far more problems with the 4 runner than with the land rover. In the 7 years I had it, the 4runner had a head gasket recall, had a bad waterpump twice, the brakes always had problems, started to rust in year 6 (Here in Chicago, rust happens early but 6 years is too early), and for a 5 speed manual, got crap mileage. I know there are horror stories but I've had several english cars (Tr7, Tr8, MGB, Jaguar XJS) and generally, if you perform proper maint, they last. My 1980 was 20 years old when I sold it with 88k miles and really, it needed a radiator and a clutch in 20 years, aside from normal brakes and tires and such. I found this site as I am looking for another one. I need to tow a boat about 6 miles each way about 2 times a year. (From the house to the lake/dock in the spring and then back in the fall) and my budget is LOW. SO, for $3000, I can either find a variety of rusted to crap pickup trucks and 15 year old Ford explorers (known to spit out spark plugs) or I can get a 2000 - 2002 Discovery. None of which are rusted (thanks to the aluminum body) .


I needed to change the motor with 65.000 km because the light of oil never worked, and the computer said you must do the checking only when you start the car during 2 o 3 seconds and we didn´t see this adviced and then one day the motor broke because the oil was empty. And when I tried speak with the Company they told me , we cann´t do anything . Fu..... them. The service is horrible and the Garantie is for nothing. Even the systems of the car aren´t good and they are very older. Thank you for this web, I needed speak with someone, I was very disappointed.

Was Considering Discover

Before coming here I was considering the purchase of a Discovery. As a result of reading through all of your comments I realize that in doing so I would be in for a nightmare. Thank you so very much for aiding those who don't know how much of a junk brand Land Rover is!

Stopping me using their logo

JLR have been pursuing me for using the landrover name in my web address and also LR logos incl Rover aswell, and Jaguar. I have tried to tell them that people look for logs to see if an indie likes working on their cars and they are not interested. I have further told them of others using their logos in their own websites and they don't seem to follow up these leads I give them - really unfair I want it to be a levelplaying field. Lots of unhappy customers especially Jag customers who have to pay for a new hood motor of £1200 when the old one seizes up maybe people who buy their cars 3 years old should be told that it is a money pit.

landrover reliability

Well...what a lot of dissatisfied people out there, but it does not surprise me one bit ! I've been repairing most types of vehicles for many (40) yrs . tractors, trucks, cars, 4x4s, and everything in between. I have to say, land rovers are bad...very bad, but so are all French built motors...bad, vauxhalls.....bad. I have three Mitsubishi's ....very good, 1996 Shogun 3.0v6 owned by me 10yrs ...only needed set of plug leads and normal service items, NEVER let me down and still regularly pulls large twin axle caravan to west of Scotland every year, l200 pick up owned for 6yrs 1999 model 200,000km, needed starter and battery along with normal service items ,NEVER let me down . Mitsubishi delica 2.8 turbo owned 2yrs. NEVER let me down yet, I have a '98 transit van ...brilliant van owned for 14yrs and completely reliable, and a 1992 Mazda mx5 1.6 eunos roadster ...superb reliability. You can't help but notice they are not new but at the same time I would not say they are old ,they are however minus all the electronics responsible for most expensive problems.so there you go, just discovered you're web site , good work.

Gutted but relieved......

I love the look of Discos they are my dream and I have been working on a cunning Baldrick style plan to fund one.....then I found this site.......frankly I am staggered by what I read but it can't be the odd one off!! So it's Toyota or Mitsubishi then.........

2012 RR Sport

Ahmm feeling really stupid here. I have a Nov 2012 RR sport .. Warranty is 3 years or 100000 Km. I have now 113000 Km. This weekend the connecting rod blew through the block !! Till now Land Rover customer support has been very sympathetic. But an engine change will be 35000,00 euros. Sorry but if I sit on this expense I will be financially ruined. Car is on lease. I am hoping that this will be a painless experience but judging from all I have read here I am afraid. Economics soul dictate parking the wreck in a garage buying a used car, pay out the lease take the cut and once paid out burn the car. I sure hope Tata is willing to work with me on this . Can someone guide me on this as it may help if I need to take this to a court case. I have been calm and professional just because this is just too serious to be unprofessional .

Love my 2013 Disco 4

Absolutely love my disco, 50,000k's on the clock so far and has not skipped a beat. Many long trips away with 7 comfortable people and a trailer plus up to 9 mountain bikes. I was assured reliability issues were a thing of the past and my experience has been very positive. SD V6 SE 8sp


Dream car becomes nightmare.. days after the dealer warranty runs out on my 2009 lr it goes into get you home mode..checked everything find its low on oil ...nothing strange about that it happens put in 1 ltr it's all I had at time car picks up fault clears I drive home ..driving to work next day it dies I pull over then boom tons of smoke and engine runs away with itself even with key removed and omg the smoke....get recovered to dealership ..2 hrs later phone goes you had 10 litres of oil in the engine ... says the guy...wt...I say it can't have I dipped it and it showed empty on dip stick how the hell can it have 10ltres ..now here is where it gets better ..we filled it with the special oil your car needs it runs but it's smoking like hell oil got into the exhaust that's gonna cost you 75000 kroner call that 7000 pound not including fitting ..I call lr dealership in uk that's 1800 including shipping genuine parts ..where the hell did dealership in sweden get 7000 from ... a month they have had my car and all they can confirm they have done is change the oil...but I've been given every excuse in the book now on we don't know what to do ...

Land Rover

That is why we call it the English Patient... Buy 2 so that you always have one to strip for spares...

Gluttons for punishment

The fact that u and every other Land Rover wner bought one, contributes to the problem. Stop buying their junk and they'll stop building junk. U got exactly what u asked for so stop complaining. U knew they had a reputation of being problematic and yet u people bought one anyway. Not too smart.

Gluttons for punishment

U people bought these hunks of junk knowing they had a reputation for being hunks of junk. It's not Land Rovers fault u people were too stupid to buy something with a reliable reputation. U all got exactly what u deserve. As long as idiots keep buying the junk, Land Rover will keep building junk.

Having read these, I'm not buying one

LR has been my dream car since childhood but having read these comments, I'm no longer interested. My biz requires reliable cars. Thanks to all, your comments helped.

pls. i have a ploblem on my landrover pls am ha

I need a heip on my landrover discovery ii it just entered code and can't starte what can I do

Disco 3 2008

Norway: I bought my 123'Km 2008 Disco3 last year from a certified LR dealer. They assured me that they would do a full service of the car before handing it over to me. They didn't. I noticed the steering wheel was not centered as I drove away from the dealship. Next thing I noticed was that one of the headlights was out. Ok, I took it back and they fixed it. In less than a week the following happened: 1. Electronic handbrake went haywire while driving on the motorway - started to smell burnt. Next couple of days the handbrake went off and on as it pleased. 2. The alarm went off when it was parked. NO way to turn it off without getting in the car and starting it and then turn it off again. Had to do that every single time I parked it. Can you believe it? 3. Locks on the doors stopped working. I locked the doors from the key and they were still open (!). All this ended up being the dealship's issues. They fixed it all of it and said they were sorry the car hadn't gone through the service they promised before handing it to me. Nevertheless; end of story was: Out of the 4 weeks I owned the car, 2 of the weeks was spent in the garage. Result: sold it and bought a Toyota Rav4. Never been happier.

Discovery 3

Thank you for your excellent website. I love the look of the Discovery but will steer well clear of what appears to be a "Money Pit vehicle".Shogun or Land cruiser for me.

New Engine

I've had a 2009 RRSport for the last 5 years - I bought from a RR dealer when it was nearly new. It was one of the first 3.0 L diesels. Fortunately most of the issues were dealt wit under warranty - electric handbrake locked on nad wouldn't release - towed back to dealer. New engine with a week's warranty left and new front bushes were all sorted under warranty. Things that weren't sorted under warranty are - fuel guage works intermittently. This leads to the car going in to limp mode periodically - I now carry a 10mm socket in the car to take the lead of the battery and reconnect it. This fixes the limp mode issue for a while. THe suspension bangs, squeeks knocks and is generally embarrassing. I think I'll drive it through a bath of WD40. Other than these faults the car has been ok - just passed 100,000 miles and still looking good - now getting about 35mpg on motorways. My only concern is that that a 6 year old Sport is like a ticking time bomb - just waiting to fail in a very expensive way.


ran a fleet of dicos for 3 years we had all sorts of problems from rusting away to engine problems electrical faults leaks seat broke steering faults chassis rotting etc. the last year it cost us more to keep 6 discos on the road than our 15 dogs and all kennel cost put together including vet bills. we now run 6 land cruisers and 4 Nissan xtrails superb vehicles no trouble at all 100% reliable .

People defending Land Rovers

What annoys me more than anything are the people who defend the Land Rovers by saying "you don't know how to take care for the car" or "this is not a Toyota where nothing needs attation. You need to take good care of the Land Rover." That might be true - but that does NOT explain the faults people on this site are experiencing; namely that their car is FULL of faults when it comes from the dealer OR from the factory!!! Please differenciate on this; If you buy a brand new car (or a car that have only a few hundred miles), you don't expect that 1) the different electronics doesn't work, 2) air suspension fails, 3) gear box trouble, 4) leaky windows, 5) loose bolts and screws (!). You seriously blame the owner for this after having the car for such a short time? Get lost - the Land Rovers are CRAPPY quality - there's no denying that. For the record, I'm speaking out of experience. 2008 Discovery - FULL of ridiculous faults!!! even though I took really good care of it while I had it. It didn't even have 100' km. Still it was a nightmare.

Don't buy land Rover Disco 2

Would not recommend buying a Land rover ongoing problems that is taking me around in circles and costing lots of money. Would love to push it off a cliff

Wss going to nuy a desco but wont now

Wont buy 1 after reading your blog will go for land cruiser lc4

I'm tired of my car

In December 2014 I purchased a 2003 Range Rover Vogue. I had done a lot of research and found a mint condition car that had only had 1 owner, who meticulously serviced the car at approved garages. I figured it easily had another 100000km+ of life, which for me would be approximately 5 years of ownership. I was the happiest car owner in the world, for 20 years I dreamed of owning a Range Rover and finally had one of my own!!! After a few days the car would not start. Turns out the fuel pump was stuffed. Apparently all Range Rovers need the fuel pump changed at some stage. Anyway, we ordered the part from California as parts are cheaper there and changed the pump. After about two months the steering wheel stopped moving in and out. Also the CD player stopped working. All was good until a couple of months later I was driving at 70km around a corner when the car made a very loud noise, I lost power steering and it ground to a halt violently then smoke came billowing out of the hood. Luckily I am a good driver so managed to get it off the road while all this was happening. We had to get a tow truck to take the car home. Turns out the alternator ceased which made the serpentine belt snap! This issue can be found online so this is a known fault that could be extremely dangerous and frightening! (Note: I am not an engineer so cannot fully explain the technical faults that happened at that moment and the parts/fluids required to fix the car) Once again we sourced the parts and my husband fixed the car. I dread to think how much a Range Rover approved mechanic would charge?! I am just very fortunate that my husband and father are highly skilled engineers. After this incident I was very apprehensive driving the car, but at this stage my love for my Range Rover outweighed my frustration. Not long after the alternator incident the fan belt basically slid off. Which my dad fixed for me. Then the driver’s side seat cover broke off – turns out it is held on by lousy plastic that had deteriorated then snapped. Mechanically all was good and I had my confidence back to drive the amazing car I had dreamed of for so long. Then one day I got to work and turned the car off, the hood exploded in a huge cloud of steam and there was a river underneath the car. Once the car cooled down we could see the radiator hose had snapped off due to the poor quality plastic used on the part. A friend clamped it for me so I didn’t need to get a tow truck etc. I was planning on replacing the whole hose but life is busy so I didn’t around to it immediately. After only a week the hose came apart AGAIN! My father clamped it so I could get home then replaced the whole hose the next day. Two days later I started the car and it said ‘check engine oil pressure!’ Honestly, are you bloody joking?! When will the problems end? I checked the oil, it was fine so I drove home. S**t scared of the car blowing up. I started to look for a new car but once again as life is busy never got around to finding one. Everything was ok for a while. Then...I had no reverse gear! $4500 to fix the transmission - another known BS Range Rover fault. Today, two weeks after getting my car back it's dead. Wont start. It's definitely a computer problem. What makes matters worse is the s**t attitude people give - 'why did you buy that heap of junk' etc. My heart has been broken. Cars are more than a mode of transport for me, it is a love affair. However NO matter how much I love my car I cannot live my life with a car constantly trying to kill me –more importantly my children are in this car every day. I knew purchasing this car that things could go wrong, I am well aware that all machines have problems and need maintenance. There is a plethora of information online about how unreliable Land Rovers of all models are – I was more than willing to overlook this negative reputation and accept issues that could arise. However in 18 months to have such a long and sometimes dangerous list of things go wrong I cannot understand how Land Rover execs sleep at night knowing they produce machines that are (luxurious) dangerous pieces of crap.


My disco 3 is in now with compressor fault, will update when it returns


hi just writing this to let everyone know how i have been tret by landrover i drive a defender. i drove one for nealy 20 yearsand landrover has always been good but now i broke down and it is a recall on the oil pump and i had to pay £2,142.92p to get it fixed is there anyone out therewith the same problem.can you let me know. is there anyone can help me do you have to pay when its a recall.am i lower class for driving a defender,becuse i know the rangrover sports have the same recall and they fix them free of charge is threr anyone out threre that can help me like rippoff britian, or trading standards there must be someone that can help me if so email mfv@hotmail.co.uk who reads these comments

Discovery Sport

I placed an order and paid a £500 deposit for a top of the range Discovery Sport HSE 'Black Edition' in September, I was intending to trade in my Freelander 2 2.2 XS as a part exchange (Lovely car and very reliable). At the time of placing my order, I was aware there were problems with a 'B' pillar rattle/squeak but, had been informed that Land Rover had modified the panels to prevent this from re-occuring, feeling re-assured I went ahead with the order but warned the Westover Christchurch dealers salesman that I would not accept a car with the 'B' pillar problem. 3 weeks later I cancelled my order and subsequently lost my deposit! Why? Because the 'B' pillar issue continues to be a major problem on these cars with Land Rover dealers taking a hammer and chisel to the door seams, and even re-welding the tops of the pillars in an attempt to stop the fault! There are also numerous other major faults that Land Rover have failed to resolve and yet they keep on churning out the same expensive, over-rated junk! I will be keeping my Freelander 2 for a little while longer, whilst I ponder my choices for a new 4X4 purchase, but rest assured it will not be a Land Rover!

Disco 3 faults

I bought my discovery 3 from new in 2007, was very impressed with it to start with Then at 3 years the air suspension went A year later the the amp for the infotainment system went Then a year latter at 100,000 miles the oil pump mounting went, a design fault!!! Well Land Rover has modified the part 4 times!! But say it's not a problem. Result a new engine Get it back and the air suspension goes again!! Cost me a fortune Glad it's gone Good riddance

2010 LR4

After 7 years and 82K miles, all I've replaced is a front Lt control arm bushing, and a rear wheel brake sensor. That's it. Totally reliable, but then again I perform all of my own maintenance. I don't trust the skill levels at some of these dodgy dealerships.

Discovery Sport

My vehicle had the b pillar tick which is a structural defect. At only 5 months old Landrover wanted to strip out windscreen headlining and reweld the b pillars ! This is after chiselling open the b pillar seams all round the front door frames. This fault has existed in production for 2 years , 100s of cars affected and JLR just don't care. There is no fix to date and they admit it. Dealer also told me that the issue was fixed, that was obviously a lie. Don't buy this car ! Search for b pillar on discovery sport in google or discovery sport forum , your eyes will be opened.

Discovery TD5 horrendous

Bought a series II when they came out and it cost not far off £30k. Worst vehicle we have ever owned. Always had something wrong with it. Only thing good about it was it could tow a trailer with 2 large horses in it, so we kept it for that purpose and ran it into the ground. In the market for a new vehicle and the only way I would run another land rover is if somebody gave me one for nothing!

Discovery 4

After driving 35,000 miles in just over a year in a new (and perfectly reliable) Disco 4, I changed to a slightly newer, higher spec, version with just under 12,900 miles on the clock. The problems were a non functioning stop/start, a rattle from an incorrectly seated central interior light, a misaligned driver's door and a slightly squeaky lower boot lid. All quickly sorted, either by the deal, or by me. It's now running as it should, I've put on about 11,000 miles in the four and a bit months that I've owned it and it's looking good for the future. I might have simply been lucky with the 5 new, or nearly new, Land Rovers that I've owned in a row, or maybe I'm a bit more relaxed about the odd issue than many.


Having had a red and yellow 'P' light illuminated on the instrument display panel, which now cleared after running engine to charge a low battery after no use for 6 weeks, I now have a Service Warning advising Code -37 which stays on briefly when turning on the ignition. Can anyone advise what this code means please. Posted 1/4/2017 for 2006 Disco 3 TDV6 S 109,500 miles with few faults.


I have owned 10 defenders 110 from 98-14 All had problems even when new.i only used them for 2 years.i could change often because the secondhand value was high.i sold my 14 and after 3 years got the same as i bouth it for.talk about great deal.now i am a happy owner of a toyota hilux.probably one of the best utes ever made.


i want to know which side of cylinder must be up on Land Rover v6 tdi. i find the crankshaft sprocket not having a lock key and the timing is out so where do I lock the crankshaft or which side of piston or position will be please help

Never again

I've been a bit masochistic and owned 3 Range Rovers over the last few years, a 2004 Diesel-wasn't actually too bad to be fair apart from a headlight needing replacing, a 2005 4.4 V8 which needed a new air suspension compressor and a coolant pipe, and finally a 2005 RR Sport which has needed a new air suspension compressor, front suspension arms, a cambelt-which is a body off job on it?! And costs a fortune, the electronic handbrake failed, and finally the gearbox packed up and lost all drive, a reconditioned one came in at nearly £2500 fitted. Spent over £4K fixing it and hated every minute of ownership, now I can breathe a sigh of relief as I've got rid of it,sadly for someone else it's their problem now, what did I replace it with?, a Toyota Landcruiser, and I couldn't be happier.

Range Rover Sport Hse 2.7 v6

Bought a Rangerover sport hse from a car dealer,not a Land Rover one.It is a 2.7 hse sport,2007 plate.It was advertised at a certain price per month Whitchurch changed to a higher price on purchase of the vehicle and was advertised at 69000 miles,when in fact it had 69700!my partner and I noticed it needed new from tyres and the spare wheel wasn't present but the cable was present,we left the garage to purchase the vehicle another day as the Salesmen told us anything the car needs would repaired before we pick the car up.On Arival another salesman told us the car is ready,when we went in the vehicle there was a warning light,the salesman told us it was because a new battery was fitted Whitchurch wasn't the case.so alarm bells were ringing.i got an AA man at a price of 300 pound to tell me the car needed a new suspension pump also new brake pads and brake disks,I took the car back and the fixed the Suspension and brakes,picked the car up from the garage and was ok until a month later I needed new brakes again as they never fitted new disks it was just pads And the winch for the spare wheel had been cut of and was told there was a compression kit instead.what a joke.i have fitted a new timing belt,a new valve for the exhaust system,new winch and spare wheel the side steps are heavily carrrodied the parking sensors don't work anymore and the car has went back into limp mode as HDC,suspension,gearbox problem,I have stopped driving it now.But today as I have went on a day out to york on the bus my girlfriend told me the Alarm is going of so I have to go back to switch it of.Even when I don't drive the car I have a bloody problem with it.Going to contact the finance company,Enough is Enough,we bought the car in February 😭

LR Disco 4

Thanks to all of you ... I’m lost , very lost now, I was truly considering a 2012 2nd hand LR Discovery 4 I truly love its shape , I wish it comes with a Toyota D4D V6 engine :) , I have read only one just ONE good comment about the LR Disc 4 2013 ... I’m reconsidering 100% Jap or German .. thanks again Trieste-Italy Max Oct 2017


I drive a 2013 Range Rover 4.4 TDV8, The car cost a whopping £68k and has developed a fuel pressure issue that i believe to be a component failure. Guess What ? - the dealership has had my car for 4 months and now require me to pay an eye watering £9,000 to put right due to - wait for it Water in the tank AKA contaminated fuel. With over £0.25m spent with Land rover this will certainly be my last. The support network is on its last legs in the UK hence a world of warning to avoid at all costs. A real horrendous customer experience that thew world and his dog should know about.

what the

Can.t believe all this BS I have had 3 series 1 discos and at the moment still have a 300 TDI and a TD5 both with over 420.00 k's on them with little trouble at all . always serviced at 10.000 k's oil is cheap .maybe I've been lucky

No longer snob appeal

I live in AUstralia bought a LR from Gold Coast dealer Discovery 4 June 2013 $80,000 plus. New. Since we bought it Two door actuators Suspension Seat belt wearing Plastic seat belt almost worn through WHAT REALLY PISSES ME OFF THE QUOTE FOR THE ACTUATOR AROUND $700 hubby took it apart a car part shop said wash the brushes did that two hours later working fine now for two year. Suspension light came on thousands of dollars for a new one after four years they cannot find why it comes on. Dealer told me most people all theirs after two years made me feel like a poor colonial cousin. Guess I am not like the Royals who showcase the car and support the industry. Maybe LR is on the way out like the R........s., Come on guys we look up to your choices that is why you give the a RW. SHAME ON THE BRITISH CAR INDUSTRY.

RR Sport - wish I saw this sight before buying

I had a 2010 RR Sport which I bought with my heart rather than my head. No real problems in the first couple of years - only issue was that you cannot run these on a shoestring budget. Then one day at 64k miles, as I accelerated out of a turning, I heard a hideous metal on metal sound and then the car went dead. Taken to my local dealer, I was told the crank had gone and a new engine was prescribed. My dealer was extremely helpful and said that I shouldn't be paying for replacement and that they would be applying for a goodwill gesture replacement from JLR, but I spent an agonising week wondering whether or not I suddenly needed to find £20k from somewhere. Fortunately, JLR agreed to foot the whole cost. In my favour were the following things: - I had bought the car through the dealer network - I was an existing customer of the dealer network - I had an extended LR warranty - I was calm and collected with the service dept. I was lucky with my dealer (Harwoods Lewes). They were great at chasing JLR for a response. The other bonus was that the car was due the big 7 yr cam belt service and, with the new engine, I avoided that expense as well. However, after a further restricted performance issue, I was naturally scared off and decided to terminate my contract and bought an Audi instead. These are incredibly complex cars and I feel that in terms of major stuff going wrong, there is a higher instance of things happening. It surely doesn't help that the popular habit of performance chipping by so-called experts must cause higher incidence of issues. It also beggars belief that to access some service parts like the cam-belts and turbos the body has to be lifted off the chassis.

range rover evoque

new range rover evoque 2018 700m i drove then I notice. When I Slow down. under 20 MPH When Brake ( Some Clicking Noises ) Coming from the under Neath gear sifter area Every time garage they said its normal but its not normal

Very disaapointed with LR

I owned a new LR Discivert Sports for barely 3 years and it had more issues than my previous car (Hnda Civic of 10 years). Software crashed, Air-conditioning broke down, Batteries flat with no apparent reasons, amber light on the backseat door storage compartment loosen though nothing was stored in the compartment, Engine giving out rattling sound due to rubbering insert of shaft to alternator broke. In Singapore it is very costly to own a car due to mandatory requirement of acquiring a car ownership certificate, and it is even more so for a continental car . I will go back to Japanese car again likely. Utterly disappointed and disillusioned by LR. And the repair service is horrendously poor and expensive (if not for my parts/repair warranty which expired after 3 years). I would strongly suggest anybody to think really hard when considering getting a LR.

Land Rover Build Junk

Fact is most guys who know a little bit about cars know Land Rover’s products are crap. I have a 2 year old RRS - it’s on finance and I fully intend to give it back after 2 years when the balloon is due. I would NEVER attempt to own one with the intent to buy. German or Japanese only if you’re buying! I only chose the RR because it looks so much nicer to me than the ML or GL but hands down the Mercs are 1000 times easier to live with - just a bit Charlie Drake rather than Charlize Theron to look at.
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