Appreciation of your website

I really appreciate the whole story am getting i live in East africa, Kenya precisely wanted to buy a LR3 Discovery but thanks to your website i wont for now

another suggestion i think you can add to your website is categorise your complaints e.g

1. Landrover discovery 3

2. landrover disocvery 2


3. Range Rover

4. Defender etc

so that if theres many problems with this vehicle someone can jump on the experiences of other and learn 

-thanks for your work 

I purchased a 6 month old Sport in 2010

It turned out to have - 1. missing wiring loom to rear door - took 3 months to resolve due to dealer/LR arguing over responsibility and part unavailable 2. debris under paint meant rear door had to be resprayed 3. rear door lock not reconnected after missing wiring loom installed so car was unlocked for around 3 months 4. Suspension fault required 3 trips - first to diagnose, second to fit parts but they had not ordered them and third to fit parts missed last time but they did a software update instead that could have been done first visit and did not fit the parts after all 5. Random power loss at junctions/roundabouts leading to near misses/abuse from other motorists supposedly fixed by software update but still occurring 6. Warning lights still unresolved after 2 fixes by LR assist and a dealer visit 7. Knocking noise from suspension 8. Feathering of tyre edge at 8000 miles described as a "characteristic" by LR I have now had it 2 years only done 22000 miles and sport has been dropped off ramp at last service due to use of wrong lifting equipment and been out of action for last 8 weeks but LR customer Service refuse to get involved and advise sorting with dealer.

Land Rover Hell Website Appreciation

Enquiry:I would like to thank you for the best efforts that you did building this website , because I'm going through hell by my 2012 LR4 , it's 11 Month old and been in service for 55 days 15 times . I would like go thank you again and I'll send you my updates and full reports in case you need to post it , as much as I use to love this SUV as much as I hate it right now , I'm going into a law suit with Jaguar Land Rover North America .
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