Battery & Transmission

Sat 8  Nov. 
For no apparent reason, the car didn’t start...flat battery.

Tues 11 Nov. 
Failed to start again, in the middle of using it throughout the day and when the engine was still warm.  This happened again later in the evening so we called out Landrover Assistance, but when they arrived, the car started!  The mechanic said this was a common problem with the electronic system of the battery.

Wed 12 Nov. 
Terrible smell whilst driving, then the window on the passenger side misted up.  We stopped immediately at a service station on motorway.  On opening the bonnet the battery was smoking and leaking sulphuric acid.  Phoned Landrover assistance and waited 2 hours for a breakdown truck, who took it to the garage in Lisbon where they assured us there WOULD be a spare battery to replace it with.  Another hour later a taxi arrived for us and took us to the garage, who then told us they didn’t have a battery! They told us that the garage which did have a battery was at the other side of Lisbon, but would be shut in 45 minutes and therefore we would have to wait till tomorrow morning, despite us offering to collect it in the taxi which we had.  Therefore we had to wait for another taxi to take us to the airport to collect a hire car and return to the hotel, which involved a journey of 200km, the petrol and toll fees.

Thurs 13 Nov. 
Drove back 200km to Lisbon to collect car which they said would be ready by 11.00am.  At 11.00am the battery hadn’t even arrived!  The repairs were finished by 12.30 but we were told there was an error-light on the dashboard and the car would have to remain whilst they investigated the problem.  Then they shut for lunch, whilst we waited.  They told us the battery WAS covered by warranty.  All afternoon they spent trying to re-programme the computer, and told me that they needed to “wash the area free of the acid before re-fitting the battery”.  By closing time, they were none the wiser and again we were told that we had to go back (another 200km, petrol and tolls) without the car.  Again we got a taxi to the airport to get a suitable substitute vehicle (to fit a hot air balloon in).  On arrival we were handed the keys to a Peugeot Partner!! And without a tow bar!

Friday 12 Nov. 
Still no news, told they couldn’t find the fault as the acid had got in the electronics so would have to stay until Monday. 

Sun 14 Nov. 
Left Portgual for 980km journey to Spain, having to leave the trailer in Portugal, which would involve another 2 days journey and petrol to collect it as the hire car replacement was not a suitable replacement and had no tow bar.  Phoned Landrover Assistance, who agreed that, bearing in mind the Portuguese garage had kept the car for 3 days without any progress, it would be a good idea to transfer the car to Benidorm as the garage there knew the car very well and its history of problems.

Mon 15 Nov. 
Portuguese garage not happy to release car as said they had ordered a part for it.  It was agreed that if the part had not arrived by Tuesday evening the car could go to Benidorm.

Wed. 17 Nov.
Portuguese garage bought in a specialist technician, who took photos, and claimed that WE had washed off the engine with water, and therefore the blame was ours and the work would therefore not be covered by warranty and wouldn’t be release until the payment for repairs was settled by us personally.

Land Rover Discovery

Hi Glen Thanks for your brave statement it has been helpful in my decision making. Cant say it was in relation to the current range but for the old model i was told by a reliable source in a Motoring organisation that it was the most unreliable model of car in relation to roadside breakdowns, Like you said in theory great Jonathan JD Team GB

Brave Statement

Thanks for your support, i have posted this also on a few Land Rover enthusiasts blogs, and they are not too happy! this is a true situation, i have never had a car break down on me and this new Land Rover Discovery 3 has twice, apart from the countless time it has lived in the local Land Rover workshop. On top of this Land Rover Customer service has no interest in resolving the situation, and will not pay for a battery that exploded under warranty, I feel that prospective clients should be made aware of this situation so they do not end up in the same position as me. Three weeks on and I still have not received the car back, have clients to fly this coming weekend, so looks like it will cost me more money! If you would like to leave comments on this please do so on my website because this will help me promote the site up the search engines much quicker. Thanks for your support.
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