System Shutdown

On driving a substantial distance, twice we have experienced a complete shutdown of the electronic system.  Firstly, various lights would appear on the dash indicating strange faults and the car would lose power and appear to be in an off-road setting and suspension would lower, the display reads "HBC Fault", chugging along as if it were in an off-road setting.  To clear the problem involved stopping the car, and having to wait around half an hour before it would clear itself and we could resume our journey. This fault has occurred on numerous occasions.

oh my

Oh my! Should of bought a Jeep!

2009 Land Rover Discovery

My Discovery is 12 months old, has been into the garage three times for the same fault which is that at times it just stops. Whether on the motorway, at a road junction wherever. The garage will not guarantee its safety and Land Rover say they will not refund the money or replace it as it is over 12 months old. The car is dangerous and I am now really worried about driving it and having an accident. I have had previous Discos without a problem and I did like the car but now I fear for my life and that of my family. I can just imagine coming to a complete stop on the motorway with a 40' vehicle raining down on me. Why can't car manufacturers stand up and be counted they obviously know of these faults but aren't prepared to do anything about them.

Very Dangerous!

Yesterday I was driving my uncles freelander 2 for about 5h highway(with stops). In the car was my aunt, a small dog and an eight-week old puppy. It was dark, minus degrees (C´), ice+snow ( We live in Finland) I was driving approx. 100km/h on the motorway when suddenly all the warning lights went on, the touch screen restarted and the car also changed settings. I was pulling over when I realized the gas pedal did not do anything. The brakes worked fine and there was little traffic, but it was still a very stressful situation. The display was showing texts like HBC fault, engine performance reduced, transmission fault traction reduced, all terrain mods off etc. I also had trouble shutting the damn thing off! And the key did not want to come out. When i got everything to shut down and the key out, it did not start anymore during the whole time. I later heard the same thing had happened a week earlier. I had no idea land rover was so unreliable. I think my uncle has made a terrible mistake buying this car (based on previous use also). In my oppinion this car is not a terrain vehicle. It is also very stressful to drive because it is warning the driver about something all the time. Maybe it does not take the cold? In any case it is NOT a winter car. It is very unreliable and apparently also very DANGEROUS!

shut down

my new 2010 rang rover sport hse diliverd on the 16th sep 2009 within 8 weeks my car pulled up and shut down completly with all sorts of dash board lights on like a christmas tree at about 5 to 10 mph it was in garage more than i had it but it was then in for three days told it would not do it again picket it up the next time i drove it i set off for work got up to about 60 to 70 mph without warning it shut down again this time i was hurt dont no what happend it was so fast all i no is i broke my neck in three places i am now most of the time in a wheelchair and spend my life in pain landrover uk said it was not there fault i am takeing them to court my life is now shit the company will not admit liability


What does HBC mean?


Touchscreen on dash has very thin coloured lines on it. No reversing camera. Only picked up 2nd hand car yesterday. Sat Nav was all over the place. Any suggestions would be helpful

danger car

i was loving my newly acquired freelander 2 landcover when it completely shutdown no hazards lights on a busy freeway with nowhere to go .i endured 20 mins of terror before emergency tow truck arrived and suffered 2 days of PTS I'm appalled that a car can put our life at risk with no warning the auto electrician thinks it was a computer module error i will take it to landcover as terrified of a recurrence

Discovery 4 2010

In 41deg. heat, cars electrical system closed down. Lights came on without warning hence flattened the battery. wasn't aware the system could power up a heavy current by itself without any visible warning. Hence after two days the battery was completely drained. Required a jump start. ran vehicle for 10 hrs continually did not shut it down. Charge in system appears ok temperature now dropped to 21 to 25 degrees. Is there a shut down system when temperature above 40 deg under the bonnet?
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