Reply from Land Rover

Dear Mr Board
Thank you for taking the time to appraise us of the concerns and frustrations you have encountered over recent months with your vehicle.

Land Rover as a matter of policy refer all instances involving our products in overseas markets to the National Sales Centre for each particular country. Therefore for that purpose I have forwarded all your correspondence to the Registered Office in Spain.

We apologise for any inconvenience and delays and hope that the reported issue is resolved to your satisfaction.
I am sorry that I have not been able to assist you in a more positive way, but I hope that you can appreciate that there are certain procedures in place that we must follow. However, please be assured that a record of all your correspondence received to date has been kept on file.

Yours sincerely

Sue Beesley
Senior Executive
Customer Relations
Land Rover UK
Abbey Road

My Reply

Dear Sue Thank you for your reply, the only problem is that all you are doing is passing on this to the Spanish office which is not interested in my case, so i do not expect any progress to be made, Land Rover UK are the manufactures of the vehicle and should be responsible for dealing with this acute case of a poor product and customer relations, so can you please pass this on to a higher authority, because i have purchased a sub standard product which i cannot accept anymore and subsequently require a full refund. Kind Regards


Dear Mr Board I am sorry that you are not happy with my response, however, this is the Customer Relationship for Land Rover UK - any issues that you have with your vehicle or indeed the dealership in Spain - this must be addressed by them. I have forwarded your correspondence to the Spanish NSC with a request that they investigate and respond to your concerns at their earliest opportunity. Your request for a refund has been noted, however, due to constraints placed upon us under Consumer Law, your contract of sale lies with the vending dealership and not with Land Rover. As such, any decisions made pertaining to the cancelling of this agreement must be made by the vending dealership alone. Once again I apologise that we are unable to assist you in the way in which you have anticipated. Yours sincerely Sue Beesley Land Rover UK


Thank you Sue for your help and response, but surly you have a department there for export sales which can deal with this, because the Spanish office is not interested and i need to lease with a higher authority. Look forward to hearing from you soon.


Dear Mr Board Further to you email, I have forwarded your correspondence to the Regional Manager for Spain - I have requested he keep me apprised of the situation. I hope this meets with your approval. Kind regards Sue Beesley land Rover UK

Any Updates?

How are you getting on, any updates?

No News Yet

Still waiting unfortunatly, it looks like the U.K. maybe trying to help me, but I dont think the Spanish have any interest in sorting out the situation.

Full Refund

Land Rover states that if I want a full refund I have to discuss with the supplying dealership, problem is that the dealership is no longer selling Land Rovers!

No progress still!

Hi Sue I have not heard anything, and I still dont have a car! I fly hot air balloons for a living and i have just lost out on earning 1,500€ because i cant fly my clients this weekend! Do you know that over the last 6 or 7 weeks, i have only had the car to use for around a week, its been in the dealership the rest of the time! I am serious about pressing for a full refund plus compensation, seeing that the supplying dealer is not longer trading, please advise how I am to proceed? I look forward to hearing from you.

No Responce

Hi Sue I have not heard anything, and I still dont have a car! I fly hot air balloons for a living and i have just lost out on earning 1,500€ because i cant fly my clients this weekend! Do you know that over the last 6 or 7 weeks, i have only had the car to use for around a week, its been in the dealership the rest of the time! I am serious about pressing for a full refund plus compensation, seeing that the supplying dealer is not longer trading, please advise how I am to proceed? I look forward to hearing from you.

No Transport!

Thanks, but he does not respond, and I dont have transport!

Typical Land Rover

Looks like the Spanish manager is either not interested, hopes that you will eventually go away, or does not know how to deal with the situation! My advice is keep pushing, the car is obviously not of sufficient reliability or fit for the purpose for which it was sold, and I feel that they must eventually refund you in full. Good luck, and keep us posted.

Does Land Rover realise that my car has been off o

Good morning Sue Does Land Rover realise that my car has been off of the road now for over a month? and i have not even been given a replacement car to use? does Land Rover consider this normal practice? added to this my car was in for repair around two weeks just before this last incident, are Land Rover able to explain what if any purpose there is to owning a car that i am never able to use? I appreciate you help in trying to deal with my case, but it has been dragging on too long now, i definitely require a full refund and have the evidence of an un-merchantable product to confirm this, please could you ask the relevant authorities how they would like me to proceed? Thank you for your time.

Fob Off!

As far as I am aware your vehicle has been repaired and is ready for collection - please contact Benidorm to arrange collection. Your Contract of Sale lies with your vending dealer, therefore I would respectfully advise you discuss your request for a refund with them. Many thanks Sue Beesley Land Rover UK


Dear Sue, I had not been advised that my car is ready, secondly the vending dealer is no longer trading, so what do i do now? With regard to the money that i had to pay to the dealer in Portugal, it has now clearly been proven that the fault was a warranty item, so how am i going to be refunded? Are you the correct person for me to contact, otherwise please advise the email address of the relevent person. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Please Help

Sue i need to speak to a person with authority over Carlos Gallego, he is obviously not wanting to help me or be fair, the repairing dealer spoke to him and he stopped the repairs being covered under warranty, when the main dealer told him that it was a fault of the car and should be covered, this and the battery should be covered, can you please put me in touch with somebody who can help me?

No alternative

Sue I think that you will agree that i have now hit a brick wall with Land Rover, Land Rover really have no interest in my case, or wish to honor its warranty obligation. I am not going to let this matter rest, Land Rovers attitude to a client spending almost 60,000€ on one of their cars is beyond belief, so I m advising you that I will now be taking the following initial action: 1) Optimise a website to appear on the first page of search engine for as broad as possible criteria for any search for Land Rover products (I can easily do this because i own a Search Engine Optimisation company). 2) Write to all of the UK national press and motoring press with details of my plight also informing them of the website that i have set up, and why. 3) have a member of my staff spend considerable time writing on motoring and consumer blogs about this appalling situation. 4) Have a specialist examen the car to write a report and subsequently consult with a solicitor about taking on my case to commence legal action against Land Rover Spain. I will subsequently do the same for Spain and America. I will be taking all of the above action because I feel very badly treated and let down by Land Rover, and feel that this treatment and lack of care must be made available to the public domain.

Contact Details

I have viewed your website and understand your sentiments, however, could I respectfully ask that you remove my contact details . There are a number of executives available to handle customer issues including first port of call telephone number 08705 000500. I am not in the position to respond as a single point of contact. Please be assured I have forwarded your last email to Mr Gallego and he has assured me he will respond. Many thanks Sue Beesley Land Rover UK


Hi Sue I have as requested removed your contact details, I thank you for your help in dealing with Spain because i think without your help nothing would have been done. I am still very grieved with their attitude and the way i have been so badly treated, and i must now press on with my request for a full refund via the avenues that i had previously outlined. Kind regards

Very Happy Christmas

Thank you for your email and acknowledging my request - it is much appreciated. I am happy that Spain have now responded in a positive manner and that you can move forward. It remains for me to wish you a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Kind regards Sue Beesley

goodwill gesture!

Following our conversation when your car was in Portugal some days ago, we can confirm that the repair has been completed in Autonáutica, our Dealership in Benidorm, and your car is ready for you to collect (as it has been informed to you by different ways). According to the information and pictures we have received, the failure could have been caused by user error. Nevertheless, it is not fair and possible for us as a brand to ask a customer to pay for a repair when his car is under warranty if there is not a total security of this statement. This is why we have decided to assume the cost of this repair as a goodwill gesture and without prejudice, and reimburse you the cost of the battery replacement in our Dealership in Portugal as soon as you send us a copy of the invoice that you paid and your bank account details. I do hope the above content will bring closure to this matter and I hope you are assured of our best intentions.


Thank you for your email, sorry i am not clear about the latest repair to the gearbox module, yesterday i was told by the dealer that i would have to pay, have you now told the dealer that i now have nothing to pay? Look forward to hearing from you.

The part that has been replaced

The part that has been replaced is the transfer box module, that is fitted close to the battery (the gearbox module is in the interior of the gearbox) and I have confirmed with the staff of Autonáutica right this morning that no charge should be claimed to you by this repair. So, the car is ready and at your disposal. Yours sincerely, Carlos Gallego Customer Care & Homologations Manager Jaguar & Land Rover Spain and Portugal Tel.- 00 34 91 578 61 68 Fax.- 00 34 91 578 62 92

Keep up the campaign

From reading the content of this website, I feel that although they should have been obligated to replace these parts under warranty at the beginning of this drama, that they only eventually did so because of the pressure that you put on them and your creation of this excellent website, my advice is to keep pushing for a refund, I think you deserve it. One other matter have they offered you any payment to your out of pocket expenses, I should think they will amount to a fair bit?

"Without Prejudice"

Land Rover Discovery 3 "Without Prejudice" Thank you for your reply informing me that the cost of repairs would be covered by Land Rover, I appreciate that, but this is no less than what should happen under your 3 year warranty.. But still, you are implying that the fault could have been caused by “user error”, and only agreeing to the pay the costs as you have not “total security of the statement”, meaning that you have no proof that it was caused by “user error”. I know 100% that the problem was nothing to do with any “user error!”. This fact alone has made us feel that we were to blame and Land Rover was trying to avoid their responsibilities and make us pay. However, the facts still remain over the appalling way we have been treated throughout the whole of this time of waiting for my car to be repaired. Putting the financial matters aside regarding this latest problem, I don’t think Land Rover realise the other inconveniences we have endured, such as; · The loss of 2 days of our holiday, waiting at garages for the car to be repaired, but never was. · The failing to give us a substitute hire car, thus losing more of the holiday (as it involved towing a hot air balloon on a trailer, therefore we could not fly the balloon) · The cost of numerous phone calls, as we were phoning-cross countries all the time. · Having to leave the trailer in Portugal with its expensive contents, and having to return with a borrowed car, which meant a trip of 1900km, and petrol amounting to 600euros. But the worry of the situation, not knowing when we could see our car again, and the way Land Rover shifted the responsibilities have been of paramount stress. It is the second time we have been stranded abroad with the same car, and subsequently returning home without the car. I am sure that you will agree that the car is not of merchantable quality, having spent a lot of its short life in the garage (Autonautica, Benidorm can enforce this). I don’t have any confidence in the car´s reliablility now and would be grateful if Land Rover will refund in full the retail cost of this car plus provide me a levle of compensation for all of the distress and inconvienace that this car has caused us, in order that I can purchase a brand more reliable. In the meantime I would be grateful if the abovementioned costs could be met. I look forward to hearing from you.

now in a position to either offer me a full refund

"Without Prejudice" Good afternoon Mr Gallego Thank you for the payment of the 400€ which I had to pay in Portugal, but what about all of the other expenses that I incurred, do you not feel a obligation to refund me these also? Also can you please advise me if you are now in a position to either offer me a full refund, or a replacement car, surly you must agree that the car is not reliable and of merchantable quality or fit for the purpose for which it was sold and purchased. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

I used the car on Sunday and it broke down on me 4

I used the car on Sunday and it broke down on me 4 times in a 50km trip, the Engine Fault comes up and the car shuts down forcing me to stop the car and wait whilst the car resets, this is very dangerous, and on these roads and very upsetting which now makes it impossible to use the car on any distance because it keeps breaking down. Do you and Land Rover think that it is correct that i paid close to 60,000€ for a car two and a half years ago and now I am unable to use it because it keeps breaking down? is this normal for a Land Rover product, do you not feel any liability toward me because the vehicle is no good for the purpose that it was? I am simply astounded by your attitude, you do not treat me like a valued customer but like a piece of dirt, are you seriously not going to do anymore to help me, and leave me with a car that i cant use? I look forward to hearing from you soon.

if the car is failing you have got all our Dealers

As I wrote you some days ago, if the car is failing you have got all our Dealerships network at your disposal to work with your car, and obviously it is your decision if you continue driving your car although it is failing (according to your comunication).

so what do I do now?

Thanks for your reply, so will this repair be covered under the warranty, because its is an inherent software fault? when i had this fault before all the dealer would say that the software need resetting, and nothing could be done! so what do I do now?

You did no address my question below:

OK, i will have to take the car to the dealership then, so more time off the road when i am unable to use the car! but i cannot do this until the new year. You did no address my question below: Do you and Land Rover think that it is correct that i paid close to 60,000€ for a car two and a half years ago and now I am unable to use it because it keeps breaking down? is this normal for a Land Rover product, do you not feel any liability toward me because the vehicle is no good for the purpose that it was? I am simply astounded by your attitude, you do not treat me like a valued customer but like a piece of dirt, are you seriously not going to do anymore to help me, and leave me with a car that i cant use?

Now Jaguar

I totally understand your pain regarding Land Rover. I brought a new Jaguar XF in September 08 at a price of £43000 & it has been back to the dealers 8 times. On my last visit with a two page list of faults on the first week of December the car stayed there & I have not had it back & it is now 30th December. Avoid Jag/Land Rover product because since Ford lost interest it has all gone very wrong

Avoid Jag/Land Rover product because since Ford lo

Yes I think the two products are interlinked, and what make them worse it that they are both premium products, it would not be so bad if you were buying a cheep third world car, its such a shame, Jaguar Land Rover put together what is a desirable range of cars but they do not have either the technical or financial resources to back it up, however what has compounded my contempt of the product is their lack of interest in customer support.

You have just reminded me how bad LR product is!!

I have just spent 10 mins reading about your plight. I owned a new Range Rover TD6 in 2005 which I sold 10mths later following a series of problems which never got resolved. I found LR customer sevices arrogant and disinterested. Its funny I found this website whilst reviewing a road test report on the Discovery 4 which I was considering as a next purchase. I currently own a Toyota hilux and new shape BMW X5 and I have to say neither vehicles have been back to the supplying dealership other than for routine servicing - something you tend to take for granted until you read about LR - Thank you for reminding me NOT to buy LR

That is what this website if for!

Hi, thanks for your posting, glad you found this website before buying, as you say, stick to what you know best and steer clear of any Land Rover products.

will the discovery 4 HSE 2011 model be reliable an

Hi i have just paid £1000 deposit on a new discovery 4 HSE 2011 model which i am to collect in 4 weeks, after reading your website i am very concerned on the reliability and aftercare service and am now wondering if i should pull out while i can. I currently drive a Merc ML270 cdi which i have never had any problems after 6years what should i do?

Dont buy a Land Rover Discovery

Hi, apart from the comments on this website, look at reliability surveys and you will see that Land Rover comes last, I and everybody on this website would never buy a Land Rover again, if you do I am certain that you will very soon regret it.

Discovery 4

Good-day: about to upgrade our Freelander 2 (which we adore) to Discovery 4 (for towing) when we found this site; now freaking out. At a loss as to what vehicle to consider now. (Don't want to be stranded in outback Aus).


We I have been stranded three times with my Discovery 3, and each time had to leave the car behind and come back in a loan car, buy a Toyota not a Land Rover, there have a poor reliability record, and bad customer service, just check out all or the customer satisfaction surveys to convince yourself.

Discovery in South Africa

I am glad to see that I am not the only person who loves these cars,but hates the management and attitude.I have 3 common world wide issues too.The radio/CD player stuffed out and does not work,Sat-nav now gives error all the time too. The next issue is the compressor just gave in3 months out of guarantee,typical.And today my rear door does not open. Each time its just a few thousand here and there.I have paid this thing off twice in maintenance.Land Rover SA, say sorry to hear about your troubles,we can fix it at a cost to me.Where is my service???Build a decent car that wont have issues or constantly break! Fix things,dont always just replace!!! There must be some serious lack of smart people at Land Rover...

Range Rovers

Have driven 7 BMWs over many years, they have an excellent product with a great reliability record and brilliant customer service. Was considering a new Range Rover Evoque, just for a change, but your experiences make me wonder if this is a wise move or if they will have a better track record than past vehicles??

Discovery 3 Fire Trap

My Discovery 3 spontaneously burst into flames and burnt to the ground days before xmas 2011. There was no warning, no indicators, just sudden fire under the bonnet. My children 5 and 3 were in the car and we were all grateful to escape. Land rover told me to stick it and won't investigate the cause. I have seen pictures on the web of other burning LR's. There is nothing behind the marketing of Land rover - avoid like the plague.

Freelander 1 engine number

I have imported a used freelander 1 from UK, its chassis no: SALLNABA71A314955. I have seen from the service book and papers that the engine has been replaced and the problem is that there is no engine number on this one. On its V5 form it engine no: 18K4FL83662511 but we cant locate it on the engine, there is just a tag on the engine which is as follows: LBB11170F AAA S31102C5, CAN THIS BE THE ENGINE NUMBER? PLEASE ASSIST

Land Rover Brazil fails customers

We have a Freelander 2 2009 purchased through my company. I bought if off of them in July. After we bought it, it was identified that Front Differential is broken and will cost through the dealership $US 8,000 ONLY FOR THE PART. Obviously Land Rover Brazil wants nothing to do with this problem and says it is out warranty. We want to contact Land Rover Headquarters as this part should last longer than 4 years and the replacement price is extortionate, Does anyone have a number?

Land Rover Discovery 3, H2 CHL, LA323543

It is 13.01 on Friday 7 June 2013. I have just received a response letter from Simon Ghosh regarding my letter to Land Rover about faulty wheel nuts. His 01926 691869 number is saying that he is not back in the office until Monday morning. He has rejected the claim for replacement wheel nuts. So as a meter of urgency, please ensure that the wheel nut that I sent to Land Rover is retained and returned to me immediately - in order that I can progress my claim. Please confirm by email that you have received this email and have taken action to safeguard the faulty wheel nut.


Hello , i really apologize for the subject name ..but it is day light robbery ...i handed in my range rover for service in south africa they told me it takes two weeks to fix , i drove from zimbabwae and handed them the car ...3 months they delayed me .i received the car 2 days ago whilst the car is still not fixed ..some scratched, fuel on zero that it nearly stopped with me in a minutes driving to petrol station a very bad condition.and they took $15000 us dollars from me and they said they wanted $5000 at the beggining whilst i have explained clearly i want to know the bugt costing of the car bec im buying it from sm1 they told me $5000 AND WHEN I PAID THY DELAY 3 MINTHS N WENT UP TO 15000 ..NOW STILL CAR NOT FIXED I HAVE TO RETURN CAR BACK AND IM STAYING IN HOTEL PAYING ACCOMODATION AND EXPENSES....I AM THINKING OF GETTING A LAWYER AND SUING THEM/PLEASE DO ADVISE

Freelander in France

Hello, I have had customer service issues with LR in France concerning faults whilst the car was under guarantee. LR France have not been helpful and I have been trying without success to escalate the complaint to LR UK, but so far Terry Hill (Overseas Operations Director) has failed to even reply. It is noticeable that LR UK does not put an e-mail address on their site for their Customer Relations Centre. Would you have the e-mail address of someone in LR HQ who might take an interest in LR's shoddy service in France. LR in the UK are fantastic; why can't they reach the mark in the rest of Europe?

Land Rover sued in Turkey due to failure


Hi I live in spain and was about to purchase a new Discovery,but not now. Thanks to your information Regards H

Rear differential problems

I will never buy another Land Rover product again. I bought a Freelander 2 and 1 month out of warranty the rear diff pin needed replacing. It transpires that LR knew about this common problem, but I still had to pay toward it. The problem recurred after 18months and I've just had to pay £780 for a new rear diff. Never been off road, towed or driven at over the speed limit. I'm fuming. I paid for what I thought was reliability, not to look like a pimp or a footballer and to have to replace major mechanical components every 18months while driving carefully. Sod 'em. I'll never buy one again.

Freelander 2 TD4e rear diff

2010 Freelander2 TD4e XS owned by me from new. 37,000 on the clock and now has the dreaded whine from the rear diff. I've looked at all of the fora online and it is clear that this is a fairly common problem, even in cars post-2009. Indeeed, LR issued a TSB covering the problem in 2010 that was updated in 2011 to cover later cars. Ive contacted LR Customer Services in the UK who claim that there have never been any problems reported with the rear diff on the FL2 and that I am paying to much attention to false claims on the internet! They flatly refuse to take responsibility for producing a car where the rear diff bearings pack up at 37,000 miles yet you don't have to change the diff oil before 120,000 miles! Do we have enough support for a Class Action against LR?
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