Tailgate lock broke

Tailgate lock broke with no way to release it, waited 1 week for replacement to be fitted, really inconvenient when the boot was full of a large load! Land Rover Discovery 3 quality components!

Happend to me too

Same thing happend to me too, but i waited two weeks for the part!


So I was lucky then!

Is it the same as on the earlier ones

Is this thew same problem as on the earlier ones/// ...... the little return spring snaps/loses tension. I have replaced 3 of mine and am just sending for a second one fro the rear door and the drivers door is beginning to cause probs too. Fiddly to do but a darned site cheaper than replacing the lock mechs.

Me too!

Same thing has happened to me. I can hear it working but wont open. Is there anything i can do myself without going to a dealer. Also my radio is stuck on a certain volume which is quite loud so i have to listen with the windows down!

And me!

Same thing happened on my Disco 3 a couple of weeks ago. Looks like its a design fault and well known to dealers as they had the lock assembly and replacement trim panel in stock! The trim panel is below the rear seats and has to be destroyed to access the locking mechanism so it can be released before further repairs can be made. All done under warrenty in about 45 mins by the dealer.

And me!

Same thing happened on my Disco 3 a couple of weeks ago. Looks like its a design fault and well known to dealers as they had the lock assembly and replacement trim panel in stock! The trim panel is below the rear seats and has to be destroyed to access the locking mechanism so it can be released before further repairs can be made. All done under warrenty in about 45 mins by the dealer.

You can fix it yourself!

Exactly the same thing happened to me with the back and rear passenger doors. I looked the problem up on the web and found a nifty website called, www.disco-compatible-parts.com . On there it said the most likely cause was a broken spring inside the mechanism which helps to hold the lock in either the locked or unlocked position - without it the catch droops and you can't open the door. Bought the springs and some plastic clips to refit the trim with and got them to open again. If this happens to the back door turn the key to the unlock position, hold it there and at the same time pull the handle, that way you can still get the door open. If the side doors go then you have to hold up the catch on the inside whilst pulling the handle at the same time. Just so long as at least one door works you'll still be able to get in!

Discovery3 tailgate

I have a problem also with boot. When handle is pressed I can hear a noise however the top part refuses to budge. I have taken to a LD dealership who me advised that they needed to break into the internal panel to access the lock. All this inc parts would set me back £200. Is there ANY other way around this as it seems an awful lot of money for the sake of a lock.

Disco 3 Tailgate

I'm afraid, I've also got the same prblem. Spoke to LR dealer said it would cost £160. Car's only 4 years old. Going to try & fix it myself. Wish me luck!

Tailgate Lock

Same to me, tailgate door will not open, can hear noise but no one home I also have a Disco 3 2005



Discovery 3 TD2.7V6 2006

Battery went dead. Fully charged it and tried to re-install it. As soon as I place the battery leads on the battery terminals the horn started to blare, the wiper and washers turned on, no ignition, no dash board display, and vehicle won't start. Help!

Disco tailgate locking

My disco3 tailgate would'nt open so bought lock and panel from dealers and did it myself cost aprox £65.it was'nt to bad a job to do cheers. Mal.

Tailgate lock not working

My disco 3 tailgate lock has just stopped working, the driver door states on the screen that it is open, the alarm sounds when I try to lock the car, I will never ever buy a landrover again, too much goes wrong with them when they are not even old, landrover should have stuck to agricultural vehicles as there equipment is really crap and seems to be light years behind Jap motors for reliability, you pay good money for total distress. KEEP WELL CLEAR.

tail gate

its time land rover made a recall on tail gate cable mine has broken again design fault

tailgate lock

LR3 tailgate lock, 2005 and has now gone twice. Very poor from Land Rover and by the looks of the comments very common fault.

Td5 Tailgate lock

My tailgate has decided to remain locked for the second time. Why, oh, why are Land Rover just 'allowed' to get away with such sub-standard parts????

taildoor lock

if you remove the taildoor switch and remove rubber gaitor off switch you can operate micro switch check its not full of water common fault

Tailgate locked

Disco 3 2007. Tailgate wont open. Reading this site, it sounds similar to many others problem. Landrover should be forced to offer a free fix to this obvious design fault if they wont volunteer it. Is there a safety regulation violation they could be done for? Disgraceful.


I have a 2007 HSE D3 V8. Tailgate has broken 3 times. It is a design fault for sure. You would think the engineers would have designed a manual release mechanism, fed up with this car

Disco Tailgate Locked

Tailgate locked three times with dogs in boot. Had to realease Land Rover dog guard from the inside what a job.It appears you can not trust this switch to work. This is a health and saftey issue if you have dogs in the bach with a dog guard.


I also have a dodgy tailgate on my Discovery 3, think its the micro switch as i'm not getting any sound at all, on trick i have learned is that if it is a faulty switch as opposed to the cable, if you press and hold the lock / unlock buttons on the dash, it should unlock the tailgate !

discovery 3 tailgate top door wont open

how do i get bottom panel off

Tailgate Problem

I've just taken mine apart after being very lucky with the tailgate opening - for no apparent reason after it being locked for 2 weeks!! Anyway after stripping everything down there is a lock and small solenoid/motor with a cable connecting the two together behind a sound barrier. What happens is the solenoid (when activated by the switch) does not pull the latch back enough to release the lock fully. I was advised to replace the lock by LD after taking it in to the spares department. DON'T LISTEN TO THEM its the solenoid unit that needs replacing not the lock and its easy to do!!

Tailgate problem

Tailgate lock broke today, i press the release button and hear the noise, but it does not open! Does anyone know if there is a recall or free replacement?

Discovery 3 tail gate problem

Tailgate refused to open, could hear the solenoid operating but the upper door would not open. This is usually the release cable that has broken, it has an 'L' shaped piece at the end which breaks at the base of the 'L'. You need to remove the lower tailgate carpet from inside the car by removing the gap cover (3 bolts) and then prising the side trims out and levering the carpet panel down fom under the upper trim, this is the hardest part of this job as it is easy to break the plastic trim. Once off, you can see a foam panel, cut this and you will see a metal box held in with 2 bolts, completely remove the nearside bolt and losen the offside bolt. Then unplug the electrical connection from the nearside end of the unit, you can now feed the box into the car and remove the 2 torx screws holding on the plastic cover. Now pull on the cable and the tailgate will open. You can buy a new cable unit or as i did utilize an electrical connection strip which i cut and clamped onto the cable using a cable tie to hold it into position. This saves money and in my opinion is stronger than the 'L' shaped cable end!

LR locks

Never had door lock problems on my 1951 LR 80 !

this has helped me not hubby

hate this door problem, today at feed merchants, all sacks of feed ready to be loaded, me fiddling with door handle, its like tickling trout. Woman drives in after me in range rover, swankily says "oh you have that problem". I have had enough love my car, hate the locks. will pay anything now to get it fixed, husband not sure of cheap spring part fix cos he works in the trade and is now of the scratching of chin age group and the long intake of breath through his teeth. I am buying the spring damn it.

Discovery 3 tailgate won't open

the tailgate won't open on my Discovery 3 2006 HSE. Can hear the clicking sound but nothing happens. Frustrating....

disco rear door lock

i have a 1996 disco..rear door would not open,but by folding passenger rear seats down and reaching rear door catch andpulling and letting it snap back several times the lock started to function,

locked tail gate

Just want to say thanks to the contributor for the solution for the locked tailgate. Had to break the plastic trim to access the back panel but managed to keep it intact by levering off from the middle and unclipping from one side at a time. Carried out repair as your instructions put back panel and stuck trim with super glue. Let's wait and see if it holds. If not then it'll be a cost for replacement but still cheaper than going to a dealer for repair

disco 3 2008 rear door wont open

i have a 2008 discovery 3 just about to load up for the christmas bottle run and the rear door wont open very frustrating reading all the comments its obviouslly a common fault / design fault . i have just ordered a new replacement 2012 vehicle which will be cancelled if this door lock is not repaired under warranty even though the warranty is up on the car

locked tail gate

hey! Same problem there. go inside the car and push hard on the tail gate, like you want to lock it, so push hard down on levers. If not you, then somebody else should operate on the key fob to open the tail gate.It will open then. But to make sure it won't happen again degrease with W40 the locking system on the tail gate with plenty sprays. done!

Freelander '98 rear door won't open

I had the same problem as many Freelander owners it seems. I found that by removing the rear door trim (4 big philips head screws at the LH lower base of the trim, then pull out the bottom and sides, and lift up at the top to remove), gave access to the door lock mech. Remove the 2 torx screws that hold the dust cover on (top and bottom), I could lift up the cover and see that the nylon bush that holds the pull rod into the solenoid was split in half, and that the rod was out of the solenoid hole. Using a piece of coat-hanger wire, I was able to pull down on the rod, with the rear window partially down, and release the door lock! At last the door is open, and a simple matter to take out the solenoid and door mechanism. Now the hunt for a substitute nylon bush to replace the broken one. perhaps a rubber grommet will work! Surely LR will not supply this 10cent part!

Disco Tailgate Lock

I fixed my own tailgate lock using the instructions fom one of your contributors above. See: "Discovery 3 tail gate problem Tailgate refused to open, could hear the solenoid operating but the upper door would not open. This is usually the release cable that has broken, it has an 'L' shaped piece at the end which breaks at the base of the 'L'." New cable mechanism from LR cost £30ish.

Tail Gate Latch

I have had two disco 3 now and suffered with hand brake and tail gate failure on both, funny that eh! Wouldn't be a manufacturing fault!! I followed one of the above articles and repaired the tail gate mechanism in about an hour. You do have to be abit brutal and break a couple of plastic clips on the side panels in order to get the carpet panel off. I have used a couple of self tapping screws on these panels positioned so i can get at them from the inside with the boot closed, should i have to do further repairs. All good thanks

Disco 3 55plate rear door fault fix

Going to try today to fix this tailgate locking problem. Hopefully can sort with advice given here. Wish me luck and watch this space.

tailgate latch stuck

my LR Discovery 2 tailgate has stuck twice with my great danein the back. phoned LD independant garage. the guy advised me to take the LR badge off with a screwdriver, it came out easily. you are then able to reach inside to the latch to pull it down enabiling you to open the door. the latch was just extremely stiff. its now been greased well and so far has worked everytime...SO FAR!!! However, i now have a problem with the passenger door handle/latch and have to reach over to open the door each time i have a passenger; awkward when you're a short arse!


After a few swear words, its actually relatively straight forward! What a weak design.. My fix is better! Thanks to the responses above probably saved myself a few hundred quid going to the local Land Rover Ripoffs

Tailgate Lock

I am so angry.My 80 series Landcruiser broke a plastic clip and I couldn't open the rear tailgate.It cost me $3 to fix and the vehicle is only 16 years/550 000km old.At least I have never had to touch the engine/drivetrain/aircon (thats right.Original injectors/turbo/pump/everything) otherwise I would be very mad.And in 16 years the dealer was OK for the ONE and only dealer service it has ever had at 1000km. Good Luck

Rear door locks

If you take of badge on handle and push the latch down door wil open. It really works every time .Clean latch and oil it job done.Road dirt gets in .

tailgate lock

cant get into tailgate, must be the cable, shame. how to get the lower carpet panel off, any help would be would be a help .

Boot wont Open

I have that propblem too besides Many others like a christmas tree cluster. I would like to say I hate it and its a bad buy, but I love how it makes me feel. FUCK IT...I 'm starting to hate it. WE NEED A FREE FIX AND CHECK UPS FROM LAND ROVER OR A SERIOUS CAMPAIGN.

Tail Gate Lock

When the top lock of the tail gate won't open but makes a noise, take out the rubber seal around the lock, with a screw driver ease out the white plastic housing which has clips either end then clean the corroded metal switch and spray with WD40, replace. Just saved yourself £200 and you can get your dog out!!

Tailgate problem

Yep yet another tailgate problem fixed by myself thanks to the advice of everyone else who have had this problem and there is a lot of us ain't there, now it's the key fob sarger to get over they only work when they feel like it both of them , I think this one is gonna cost more than three tie raps well done that man for suggesting that it works!

Tailgate Problem

Hi my tailgate is also the same since a few weeks it wont open the top half of my door no noise what a pain...

Tailgate problem

My tailgate wouldn't open, no noise, checked hand book that states press unlock and lock together on dash for 3 seconds and that releases door, worked

Disco 3 Tailgate Doesn't Open but actuator makes n

I had the same problem as most people on this page with an 08 Disco 3. Pressed door release button, hear a noise, but the upper tailgate doesn't work. This is caused by the 'L' shaped metal tab at the end of the release cable breaking. This is how I fixed it: Order the part - LR017470. This is the latch assembly (the bit in the middle of the lower door that holds on to the hook from the top door) and includes the cable that is broken (a 'new improved' more robust cable!). I got mine from a dealer, £27, same price as online. The below link contains some useful instructions and photos. http://www.disco3.co.uk/gallery/albums/userpics/13978/Liftgate%20Latch%20Diagnostics.pdf You will need to prise open the lower tailgate carpet trim using a couple of flathead screwdrivers to create a gap to work through - be careful not to damage the plastic trim. There are photos in the above link of where to position the drivers. Secret ingredient - you will need two tennis balls. Once you've prised the carpet away and have a suitable gap, stick the balls at the edge of the gap to hold the it open. You will then need to follow the routine in the link above using photos 6 and 7 to unlock the door. This is the trickiest part and looks more accessible from the photos than it really is. I did it in this way: 1. Follow the actuator cable with your fingers away from the lock mechanism box (to the left as you face the back of the car) up towards the latch assembly (which is to the right and centre as you face the back). 2. Have a look at the assembly you've just bought (Part no. LR017470) and try to get a feel with your fingers as to how this corresponds with the latch connected to the car. You need to locate a small hole near to where the cable enters the latch (shown in the photos) 3. You will need a small electrical screwdriver and a bit of manual dexterity. Get the screwdriver in the hole shown in the photos and push it down until you hear a reassuring clunk which is the tailgate being released. You will probably have to mess around for a while until you manage this. I couldn't fit my hand in straight and had to work the screwdriver at an odd angle whilst facing the front of the car! Once the tailgate is open you will need to take the door trimmings off and remove the broken latch and the actuator box so you can replace with the new assembly. The link below is really useful for this dismantling stage: http://www.disco3.co.uk/gallery/albums/userpics/13978/Tailgate%20repair.doc All in all it took me about 3 hours. Partly due to losing a few bits along the way and having to work around the problem. The longest part was working the screwdriver to unlock the latch. Still, 3 hours and saved me a couple of hundred quid by not getting the dealer to sort it. Have fun!

Tail Gate Lock Broken

I had the same problem as most on this page. Came to the net and found this site. Fabulous information from the two long posts on this page. Very grateful for the trouble you went to to spread your expertise. Thanks very much. It took me most of Sunday and I made a bit to repair the old cable with a few bits from a 13 amp plug thus saving £200. Well done!.

Discovery 3 tailgate problem

chuffed to bits after finding this site - got it sorted at no cost after 1 1/2hrs work, thanks to the above help with the same title problem

Discovery 3 tailgate release

Tailgate release mechanism gone again , twice in less than a year. Dogs in the back for ages.. Not good enough Landrover. I was thinking of buying another but not now.

rear door stuck shut

yeh me to rear stuck shut day before going on holiday, so fed up with problems on this vehical 2005 hse full LD service history take it from me it means nothing, suppose i now need to destroying inner door pannel to fix, just another job on the list for this vehical that nags attention constantly, D3 are nice but not worth the hassel LD should stop making vehicals and just make eye candy ornaments to spare people the greif. X LD die hard fan.

Read door not open

Thank you for your posts. I removed trim to find i wasn't the first person to replace the actuator. The water shedder was already full of holes where previous replacement had been done. New actuator on order, £40.76 delivered. Simpler to do as only intermittent fault and managed to open boot and replace before completely failed. Thanks

tailgate latch broken

Hey guys...for anyone that is having a problem with your tailgate making a noise of unlocking but not opening... chances are the cable on the match became disconnected. I'm a female and was able to fix it on my own with no prior knowledge of cars whatsoever. I youtubed "latch not working on tailgate of land rover" step by step video on how to fix it... hardest part is getting the back carpet panel off. Little hint that worked wonders for me.... once you get the panel open..stick your hand in the hole that you rip, find the big cable and follow it to the thin metal wire thats about 2 inches long... pull that and it will pop open your tailgate... then you can continue to take everything apart from the outside... good luck...

tailgate easy fix

Had to put a reply on here as its so easy to fix. Follow the links above and prize off the carpet cover with two screwdrivers. When you get to the inspection hole for the cable mechanism don't bother with the little screwdriver through the hole, I looked at mine today with big hands and thought no chance. Stuck my hand around the back of the mechanism and just pulled on the cable. Pop, couldn't believe how easy after reading how difficult it is. Repaired with an electrical connector and cable tie. 45 mins job done all back on. But I am a handy plumber, gas fitter. Hope this helps as all the feeds helped me. Cheers.

Tailgate Wont Open

Like many other Discovery 3 owners this is the second time my tailgate won't open and it looks like this time I will have to distroy the lower gate trim panel to gain access to locking mechanism. Land Rover should be held accountable ref this problem as the quality of this pice of kit is very poor and much have been disgned by a LEGO engineer who was having a bad day. This is my third Discovery but I will have to think long and hard before I buy another one VERY POOR SHOW Land Rover.

Tailgate fix

We found a detail online with images to fix it. We had the catch go and replaced it for 24 quid and then the lower cable detatched. Hubby and I struggled but together fixed the cable and replaced it by adding a brass cable connector on the end as the lr plastic wasn't up to the job. After 3 years it's just shook loose so we need to do it again. But saved a fortune doing it ourselves!

TD4 Tail gate problem

Same problem with my TD4, I have replaced the lock and the actuator not a big job , closed the tail gate and it would not open, can not work out the problem all parts were new. you can not hear lock or un lock, open to any suggestion that could be given

TD4 Tail gate problem

Same problem with my TD4, I have replaced the lock and the actuator not a big job , closed the tail gate and it would not open, can not work out the problem all parts were new. you can not hear lock or un lock, open to any suggestion that could be given
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