Clutch Broke

After only 50,000 miles my clutch broke, upon removal there is plenty of wear left, it has just cracked to pieces, and what make it worse is the wait for spares, does anybody else have a similar problem?

Clutch Broke

My 2008 discovery 3 clutch failed at 25000 miles. Replaced under warranty. Then at 50,000 it failed again (this time I had to pay). I take great care not to create excess wear to the clutch - particularly after the first failure. I asked if there was a heavy duty replacement available. Initially told no, but then the dealer found that there is. My second replacement is the heavy duty version. Hopefully this will last, but not optimistic. I have had some 6 other major and expensive faults with the vehicle since new - including complete parking brake system replacement. Currently have noisy front wheel bearing, coolant sensor faulty, and an undiagnosed fault causing the engine management light to show!
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