Another Breakdown!

After collecting the car after it being off the road for over a month two days later we drove 100km to the airport, on the return trip at night in torrential rain the whole cars system shuts down! We had to cost to the inside lane and park the car half on the very narrow hard shoulder, and the other half in the inside lane of the motorway, wait 10 minutes before we could restart the car, this was a very worrying and dangerous position to be parked, and all Land Rover can say is take it to a dealership and the car is perfectly ok and not bad enough for a refund!
How bad does the car have to be to warrant a refund then?

11 break downs in 2 years?

11 break downs in 2 years? Wish my old series was that reliable!! In the 2 years I've had that on the road... I'm now on my 3rd engine, 2nd wiring loom, oh and a hell of a lot more. The recovery guy is now quite familiar with picking it up, sometimes it manages to drive onto the work ramp under it's own power.

I bought a 1.8 Kalahari

Hi,I bought a 1.8 Kalahari before i found out about the problem with the engine, its now done 48,000 miles and yes its losing water,with what i would desribe as a curry smell in the car and engine compartment. i found K seal advertized on the internet and put it in, the car covered about 1000 miles and now the smell and water loss is back,so looking at past posts i`ve done a wrong un by using it, I have just phoned my local Land Rover dealer who said there is a modification kit for the engine, 2 piece head gasket,new cylinder head bolts,repositioned thermostat,and new oil rail,the whole job parts and labour £1300,when i asked if Land Rover woud pay all i got was "i suppose the car is out of warrenty" if Land Rover have this modification out then are they not admiting the engine is not fit for purpose.
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