Problem Returns

The transmission problem that kept the vehicle off of the road for almost a month in October has now started to return, the problem occurs whilst under mild acceleration, a judder comes through the car. So it looks like it is back to the dealership for another month, with no replacement car or suitable v3ehicle to tow with. But will they still cover the repairs under warranty because it looks like the problem was never fully repaired last time?


Will the car stop going wrong, because it’s next to useless, and cannot be relied upon.


Stick to German products

You must feel like the car is 2o years old and ready for the scrap heap, not almost new, I feel really sorry for you, especially as this was not a cheep carm I will stick to German products thank you, you should do the same next time.

You bought a land Rover and its an unreliable mons

You bought a land Rover and its an unreliable monstrosity?????? And so your point is?? Its a bit like buying a Renault Laguna and expecting it to be a paragon of reliability. You should count your lucky stars you didn’t buy the last generation Merc M class.

'dont do it'

I still cant believe people complain about Land Rovers being unreliable even though theres a huge amount of info out there on the web already saying 'dont do it'

an e-mail I sent today to my dealer ....

Dear Liz Today I need to clear some bits from my office - I had expected to have my 4x4. I'm now becoming annoyed with Landrover UK - I've been more than reasonable but the Skoda I am driving is fit for 3 people ... I have a daughter whose pushchair (because my wife and I are tall) is the longest available - I have to put this behind the driver's seat. taking my mother out for her birthday last night was not an option ,,, no room! my 7 seat Discovery is unavailable through no fault of my own but because LR UK cannot or have not sourced the parts. I am without the benefits of my landrover and whilst I could have removed my sat nav', the quality child seat, the hands-free phone is missed. Taking a client out last week meant providing an explanation for my lack of experience of a manual .. I shall not repeat his observations. my neighbour's concerns that my business has taken a down turn have been answered by my thoughts on LR UK. oh, the windscreen washer fluid on the Fabia has never worked - the bottle came empty and whilst i have filled this, nothing. the parts were to be with Landrover on the 13th and with you on the 15th. when I spoke to LR UK last night they were to call about putting me into a car - they did not think it possible to undertake last night and as I phoned at about 3.30pm, neither did I and I was a little (pleasantly) surprised that this was considered. however, I was to receive a call from LR UK, I left my mobile ... nothing! please can you chase LR UK today. I shall be proceeding as per my e-mail to them of the 9th January. please ask that they detail the difference in cost between the supply / rental of a Skoda Fabia as opposed to a Discovery. as of the 14th January I consider this to be my loss. I remain sympathetic to your plight; I want to pay you to restore my car but LR UK have no parts - we are both victims. I assume that my Discovery will be the subject of a through examination; I am concerned that the car has now been sat idle for the past month+, outside, in the snow, unused. this cannot be doing the car any good. is there anything I need to know about the potential harm caused by this inactivity - I am more than happy to appoint an engineer to visit upon the car and comment upon this aspect should there be any issues associated with this aspect. my thanks in anticipation Philip
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