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Thanks to all of you for your support and comments, I made this post as I hoped that it would be of interest to members of the Autocar blog, for me to spend 60,000€ on a Land Rover Discovery 3 and then see its reliability dramatically decline over two years is very disappointing, and upsetting, I bought this car to do a job, I needed a good reliable tow car for my work, subsequently now the vehicle cannot be relied upon and is now costing me money in lost income. This was not a easy sum of money for me to find and spend on a car, and I currently am not in the position to have the funds available to buy another, so I am stuck with a unreliable car which hampers my ability to earn money, if the cars was 10 years old and I had received value from it, I would scrap it, but its not, that is why I am grieved, I have paid out what is to me a fortune to get the right vehicle to keep for a long time, and its let me down, I am stuck with it, that is why I have asked Land Rover to provide me a replacement vehicle because the one I have is or little use.


I am not in a position to give up, I need a reliable car, I am not obsessed, I need to make Land Rover listen to me and help me come up with a solution, and until they do so I want my experience to be know so that other do not make the same mistake as me.

what you have made known really concerns me,

The thing with buying a d3 3 years old is people have got rid of them for a reason (out of warranty etc) don’t want any big bills etc, people say how much electric stuff the d2 has got on it to go wrong so I hate to imagine what the d3 has, what you have made known really concerns me, so I will not now be going the Land Rover route, thanks for the info, and I hope Land Rover see sense and replaces your “Lemon” soon.

55 Reg Disco3

We've had a 55 Reg Disco3 since new and with 74,000 miles on it I've had the following problems: 1. Heated Driver seat module replaced 2. ECU had gremlins when we first got it but sorted by upgrade. 3. Sunroof leaked (due to blocked drainage hole) 4. Thermostat in radiator wasn't working (it took forever for the heating inside to work, three years later the dealer sussed the issue).

Nice information about Autocar Blog. I'll read your post on regular basis. Looking for more post....

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Sorry to hear the unfortunate circumstances, you know I always believed Land Rovers to be reliable as well.I support you 100 % replacement car is deserved, we don't buy cars with one purpose in mind just so they can't serve it.! I'll read regularly if it helps.

Land Rover Discovery

I paid €61,000 for my TD5 passenger model from Bradley Motors in Galway in 2005. After 14 months the rear self levelling suspensions had to be replaced. The car was only used on road for short journeys. In 2010 I had to replace the compressor for the self levelling suspension. Now the compressor and the rear self levelling suspensons have to be replaced again. There is 74500 miles on the clock. The vehicle is a disaster. I have a beautiful looking machine that cannot function as a vehicle. i bought this jeep to last me for a long time. I am so doissapointed as I thought that I was buying a quality vehicle. How wrong was I.

The vehicle contains different parts, among all of them some are very expensive and some need small repairs. Sometimes, the vehicle that is purchased new doesn't also work properly due to some faults in them. Land Rover discovery is done to check the engines of Land Rover, they need repair many times for the same problem. At this time, the purchaser can claim against the manufacturer under the law for the compensation. Who can help to understand that for your defective vehicle, can you claim against the manufacturer for the compensation? The lawyers are available to guide the people that they can claim or not. It depends upon the condition, the problem facing in the Land Rover USA and if due to that problem, the value of the vehicle and its safety is affected. In the United States, Lemon Law Claims is available to assist all those purchasers of defective vehicles who want to receive a refund or want to get a new vehicle.

Land Rover claims

In the event anyone is searching for counsel, our office is familiar with the problems with the Discovery and Freelander and welcome any inquiries.
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