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US J.D. Power and Associates Vehicle Dependability Survey for 2005 (published 8th July 2005) places the Land Rover marque last (Kia second last). This is the fourth year that it has been in the last or second to last place in the survey. This study was based on responses from more than 55,000 US based original owners of 2000 model year cars and light trucks at three years of ownership. [1] In 2004, it narrowly dethroned Kia, as the least reliable nameplate, but swapped places in 2005. (Kia last, Land Rover 2nd last).
Tied for last (with Hummer and Porsche) in the 2006 Consumer Reports (US) car reliability survey. It was only one of 6 makes that did not have a model whose reliability was "Good" or above (joined by Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and Jaguar); its highest-rating car was the LR3, which got a rating of "Poor". In addition, 56 percent of people who owned a 2003 Range Rover reported problems, as did 61 percent of 2002 Freelander owners--both the highest among all cars for that model year.
Land Rover Discovery 6th-from-the-bottom of 100 models for reliability in an Auto Express (UK) 2002 survey.
Joint 16th-from-the-bottom in 144 car 2002 J.D. Power's What Car? (UK) magazine customer satisfaction survey.
Land Rover had joint highest average cost in warranty claims for cars up to 10 years old in 2002 UK Warranty Direct index – (based on full-maintenance leasing claims).
Land Rover Discovery was joint second-to-last in 2002 Which? (UK) magazine reliability survey of cars up to 2 years old – however, only 35 Land Rovers were in the sample.
Land Rover was 3rd least-reliable of 31 makes of car in 2002 Which? (UK) magazine reliability survey of 2000-2002 model-year cars.
Least-reliable of 32 makes built 1997-1999. Spate of engine power, gearbox and exploding clutch problems (which Land Rover reportedly has refused to repair under warranty).

Land Rover, the luxury nameplate that Ford recently sold to Tata, finished dead last with 344 problems on average for every 100 vehicles on the road.

Four-wheel-drive specialists Land Rover and Jeep have finished bottom of a ‘Reliability League Table’ based on a new survey of 450,000 vehicles.
The UK/USA study, conducted by independent car-warranty specialist Warranty Direct, reveals nearly half the customers of the British and American 4WD brands made a claim on their policy during a given 12-month period.
For every 100 policies sold to owners of three- to nine-year-old vehicles, 46.4 per cent of Jeep customers made a warranty claim, with Land Rover faring little better with 44.2 per cent.

Probably the most unreliable vehicle we have ever

Probably the most unreliable vehicle we have ever owned. Had to sell the disco at 2 yrs old because it had spent so much time at dealers. Persistant transmision probs, turbo, power steering, ace suspension, oil leaks, injector, many minor electrical problems to name but a few. Lost faith in car and bought a new shogun , just could n't risk another disco. When vehicle was on road it did not dissapoint but it was letting us down at least once a month over the last six months. I would not have liked to have payed the bill for warranty work including the hire cars we had to have.

I didn't buy one.

A couple years ago I decided that I wanted a Land Rover Discovery. I started asking complete strangers in parking lots what they thought of their rigs. About a third would go on and on about how much they hated them, how much gas they sucked down, how often they were in the shop, and practically offered to hand over the keys and the title on the spot. Another third would say the same thing, but milder. The last third would say something like "ahh its ok... but I wouldn't buy another one." I didn't buy one.

I didn't buy one (2)

Although a UK site leaning maimly with the diesel`ll give feed back as to what is scary about the D3 as everything else should be the same as what you Yanks get...the usual electrickery and shite build quality...I have a series 1 Disco diesel with 285000kms with no problems...simple is efficient...I`m afraid of new models made by marketing men and accountants...

I didn't buy one (3)

As a auto shop owner for over 25 years I would have to agree with the rest. There basically junk. Pretty much sums up all I've ever heard about them.... yup. Couldn't give me one. Barry

crappiest car on the planet.

You can add my crap Freelander, which has just cost me over 7,000 euros to fix, to your "have it for free as noone wants to touch one" pile of used cars!! After new head gasket, new engine and still not right...what does Landrover Spain offer me as compensation - a discount of 45 euros to replace my water bottle!!! ha ha what a joke...and yes, I agree, crappiest car on the planet. They know it, won't do anything about it... Dont touch them.

crappiest car on the planet 2

You can add my crap Freelander, which has just cost me over 7,000 euros to fix, to your "have it for free as noone wants to touch one" pile of used cars!! jap motors are great landrover are rubbish never buy one again ,isuzu engines are fitted in the corsa c diesels and my friend at work has covered 200,000 miles in his with no bother ,bet there is not a landrover owner could say the same thing anywhere on the planet Dont touch them.

crappiest car on the planet 2

Check out Olgadinos coments on the Freelander (this forum), he is one of 1,000's of unhappy Land Rover owners. If you are looking for a good 4x4, avoid the Discovery.

how bad the Land Rover product is.

If you really want to know how bad the Discover is, why not buy one, they are extremely cheap to buy secondhand compared say to buying the same year Toyota Rav. Then and only then will you realise how bad the Land Rover product is. Don't take my word for it check out all the other coments on the internet, not only on the Freelander but also on Land Rovers dealers. Check out

the Freelander is the worst 4x4 by far,

I agree with Stu, the Freelander is the worst 4x4 by far, has Dudkat72 ever owned a Freelander? The secondhand value of the Freelander is very very low compared say to the same year Toyota Rav. It is well comented that the Freelander has problems with headgasket failure, gearbox and transfer box failure. I would not have another Freelander even it I was given one for free! The repair cost to this car run in to £1,000's. Stu you have got it correct about the Freelander. Dudkat72 take up Stu's offer and buy a Freelander, I am sure Stu can get you a good one!!!

Many Warnings!!!

Thank goodness I did not go forward with my plans to buy a Discovery! After reading sooooo many bad reviews and then finding this website (which placed the nail on the decision coffin for me), I bought a Lexus SUV and have been happy ever since. My heart goes out to all those experiencing these problems. Landrover needs to wake up and realize this is not good for their business. A CARMAX associate even warned me against buying anything Landrover (they had several on the car lot for sale) . She says they are bad cars and would not wish them on anyone. I now tell everyone thinking about buying a Landrover to "Don't even think about it!" . I am now the proud and happy owner of a used Lexus.

The Venom

My good lord I just bought one. I have seen a similar site before. It was a Mac vs pc site or play station vs Nintendo site. Such Venom... I really hope I'm not posting here next month

North Scottsdale Land Rover

Ray has got to be the dumbest person alive. Do not buy a car at this place. Go to Flagstaff. The are the best. Its worth the drive.

Abused wife syndrome

They say people who buy land rovers can be compared to the abused wife who stays in the relationship in spite of the torture she endures from her abusive husband. After the first bad experience they go on to buy another land rover UNBELIEVABLE!!!.

Land Rover

I've owned a Land Rover (various models) for a great number of years and my last 2 cars have both been Freelanders. My current model is a Freelander2, bought from new, and it's had problems since it's very early days. The fuel gauge problem being the first fault to appear. On starting the engine the gauge needle shoots to 'FULL' then over time drops to the correct reading. I reported this to the Land Rover dealer at the beginning, they had the vehicle in for fixing many times and never rectified it. So I complained to Land Rover themselves only to be told by them they'd never had such a problem before. This problem's now gone on for 4.5 years and whilst it was in warranty I complained about it many times both to the dealer and Land Rover themselves. Every time they fobbed me off making excuses that they'd never had such problems before and their latest excuse they made for it was that it was my non Land Rover towbar that was the cause of it. So the car's warranty ran out and the gauge wasn't fixed by Land Rover! Now I've just discovered that the fuel gauge problem appeared in a Land Rover Technical Service Bulletin as far back as 2010!!! That means Land Rover Customer Services and their dealers were lying to me about it. There were other problems at the same time - windscreen wipers going haywire and many other problems too numerous to mention. As I write my latest problem (which has been checked) is the REAR DIFFERENTIAL which has started making a loud noise. This, I find, is yet another Land Rover fault! After my many years of experience of using Land Rovers I know that my mileage is not the cause of it and my vehicle doesn't get heavy off road or heavy towing use either. So I've searched and found that another Service Bulletin states problems with Freelander rear differentials. This one is going to be a very expensive cost to me and quite frankly, I'm sick of footing the bill for Land Rovers shoddily made product. If any of you other Land Rover owners have such problems you should tell others (just as I am now) so that it forces Land Rover to take responsibility for their poor workmanship because the cost of these repairs shouldn't be coming out of my pocket - they should be coming out of Land Rovers pockets! If you don't highlight Land Rovers failings it's the private owners, you and I, that lose out EVERY time and that's not right!

Sold Discovery-Best Day Ever!!!

I just sold my 2004 Land Rover Discovery and am sooo relieved. I bought it used a month ago knowing it needed about $600 worth od work. The head gaskets had just been rebuilt, new radiator & water pump, new brakes, tires, etc etc. Thought I was getting a great deal and LandRover mechanic looked it over and fixed everything as expected. Drove it off the lot and ended up back almost every other day with something new. Had to be jump started twice in past 2 weeks despite brand new battery. What a joke of a vehicle. I lost over $2000 in past month but am jumping for joy that I was able to even sell it. Thought I wouldnt even be able to give it away. Feel very bad selling it knowing the new buyer will most likely experience even more issues and major expense. Now when I see someone driving one, especially a brand new one, I find myself whispering to myself, "Poor sucka." never again!!! Land Rover should be so embarrassed with themselves, biggest piece of crap of a vehicle ever made!

Piece of shit

land rover are so shit that i feel like an idiot for buying one! evoque are piece of crap broken down twice! since new only had 7000 miles! not to mention all the small things that broke. now only over just a year old the power life gate won't close i can't even drive to the dealership. land rovers are just bad bad bad, i can't own another one that's it!

Range Rover

My Range Rover has been nothing but a curse. I have done tours of Afghanistan in military Land Rovers and we really impressed with what they'd put up with. I do a fair bit of motorway driving so I thought a defender would be a poor option. I treated myself to a Range Rover ( one of the most expensive cars on the market). The build quality is shameful. It would be easier to make a list of parts that haven't failed. I almost could have bought the car again.

Modern landrover down hill slope

I can agree with most comments 1st shape freelanders were shit 2nd generation were a great improvement the discovery sport is not worth the money it cost it's ugly can't handle the work of a real discovery and will cost a fortune on repairs when used hard. The range rovers sport and vogue are the top of the shop but just silly money. The actual discovery 3 series and 4 series are fantastic machines in my opinion the only thing I have against them are the electronic hand brakes which can stay on when you've knocked them off as I know most this personaly was we sell a lot of land rovers. The defenders are a great machine a bit uncomfertable to drive but a lot of them have been customer with leather seats black custome alloys checker plate and so on unfortunately because they don't meet European or American safety standards they're being shut down and the New defender witch is far to expensive and fancy for the work land rover defenders get used for they'll never live up to them so in summary land rover in general is going downhill and I won't waste my time talking about the evoque

Land Rover Pros and Cons

I owned a late 90s Land Rover Discovery 2. The Pros: Nice looking vehicle with the most comfortable interior. Decent power and awesome brakes. Cons: very expensive to maintain. For maybe 4 months I didn't have any problems. Then I wanted to go on a cross country trip and found out it needed $6-$8k of repairs to be 'safe' for a long trip. That was at dealer prices but I didn't know of a private shop at the time. Paid. Had power steering fluid leaking but the trip went well. Noticed that while the ride is smooth and nice at city speeds there's lots of violent rattling and shaking once you hit around 70mph with a cross wind. Settles down without wind. It's pretty nerve racking at first. I don't think the car was really designed interstate speeds! Within 1 month after the trip was over I started needing to put $1k/month into repairs just to keep it driveable. Eventually I got lucky and found a private shop that specialized in LR (after going thru a few who claimed they did but didn't know what they were doing). By then the engine was permanently damaged from overheating so I traded it in. POSSIBLE SOLUTION to the money issues: As soon as you buy the car pay a mechanic to rip out the stock engine and transmission. Replace them with reliable non-luxury engine and transmission. This isn't cheap to do but in the long run you'd save a ton of money over luxury car maintenance costs. Be sure to replace the power window controllers too.

death trap

ive been working at landrover just over 20years and 25% of them are a death trap due to being dispatched around the world with missing vital welds and rivets that if the vehicle was involved in an accident it wouldn't stand an impact due to missing welds and rivets,i can remember a Thursday night when have the track had a drink including the team leader and welet 15 cars go through missing a total of 11 welds missing on both sides of the vehicles and because the outer frame was already fitted on them we kept our fingers crossed that they wasn't involved in a collision,please if you love your family don't risk buying one as it could be one of the unlucky ones

Absolute Garbage

Words cannot describe my hatred for these rolling piles of feces. These vehicles should be outlawed. Bought a 2004 Range Rover HSE Westminster. Worst thing I ever did. Stay away from these curses on mankind !!
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