Land Rover is a disgrace

Enquiry:Hi I bought a Discovery May 2007. As I drove home I realised the brakes were not as expected but within days, 120 miles, I phoned Landrover Assist who came out and 'cleaned the brakes'.To cut a long story short, in the first 8 monts the brakes had probles requiring work 6 times. When the car was 16 months old, having done 19000 miles,October 18th 2008, I again became very concerned about the brakes. The car was recovered from my home and several days later I was told they had found a rare defect in the braking system, the whole system had to be replaced. This was done under warrenty but I refused to accept the vehicle back. They took the courtesy car off me 27th Oct 08 and I am still without my car. I have started Civil Court proceedings against the Dealership but have never had my letters to Landrover Head office replied to. My court date is 16th April 2009, leaving me without a vehicle for 6 months with a disabled child. This company is a disgrace not just their vehicles. Has anyone ever won a case like this?

Any Update on this

I am interested to know what the result was of this case. Did it get to court? I have a major issue with my vehicle and have been without sor some time as I have rejected it also

braking system

i had problems with my brake to
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