Bitterly Disappointed

I purchased the Discovery 3 for my retirement and to undertake a major round Australia trip and have to say when I took delivery I thought this is the best car I had ever owned, three years and 50,000 kilometres down the track my experience includes, instrument pack faulty and replaced, air suspension faults, two new front differentials, tie rod replacement, RH front lower ball joint arm and ball joint replaced, second lower ball joint replaced, three wheel alignments, front window not working, loose wiring, indicators not working, loose wires, water leaking from sunroof, (twice), radio not switching off, radio complete fail, an intermittent fault with another window not working and countless stop light globe replacements. The vehicle has never been off road, always garaged. In the case of my previous (and much less expensive) vehicles, a Nissan Pathfinder, a Mitsubishi Pajero and a Toyota Land Cruiser, I never had the need to replace tyres under 80,000 km, (I have now been informed that one tyre is scrubbed out and requires replacement and 3 nearly worn out). In addition, I usually get 70,000 kms on a set of brakes, 31,000 kms and required replacement. I have always purchased new vehicles, and I have never suffered the litany of maintenance difficulties and inconvenience with any other vehicle, save this Discovery 3. I note from some recent advertising that the Discovery 3 TDV6 has won fourth year in succession both the "Best Large Diesel Wagon" and "Best Overall" category. I certainly purchased my vehicle on the basis of the Discovery 3 being awarded the "Best 4 wheel drive of the year award" and am bitterly disappointed. I have lost total confidence in the Discovery 3 and certainly would not contemplate any form of remote travel in the vehicle. Complaining gets you nowhere on the local scene and ended up going direct to the CEO of Tata Motors, who referred back to the UK who referred back to Australia with no effort by Land Rover to negotiate at any point about what has clearly been a poorly built vehicle. I guess next step is to advertise my experience on the back of the TDV6 and go to court.

Land Rover HQ just isnt interested

I share your experience, particularly with Land Rover HQ, they also did not want to know and referred me back to Spain. Also i share your lack of confidence in the car, it will break down again, and leave you stranded! I agree that it is one of the best vehicles on paper, but the ownership reality proves the opposite, my next car will be a BMW or a Toyota, in fact anything but a Land Rover.

It's called an off roader as it spends more time i

We have had our discovery 3 for 2 years and have spent about £6000 on every part being fixed which isn't under initial or extended warranty. We have also had 7 punctures as car is too heavy for most makes of tyre available in this size. I got up this morning to take my kids to school only to finf the hand brake was stuck on 'park brake fault'. It also has had new suspension parts a new fuel tank, radio fail, ball joints etc etc etc. Last time landrover had it for 5 weeks leaving us unable to go anywhere as a family as the freelander we eventually got after 2 weeks of begging for a courtesy car from the dealership would fit myself 4 kids and the husband in. This is the most unreliable and most expensive car we have ever had the misfortune of owing. AVOID!!!!!!

I trulpy treasure your work, Great post. Here is

I truly treasure your work, Great post.
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