Landrover poster advertisement colleagues are now looking at this and laughing.

Enquiry:Dear Sir/Madam, Attached is a letter which was sent to Landrover Customer Services and to the Dealer Lookers Colchester. Since this letter the car has been back into the garage for the Air Conditioning, Navigation, Electric Seat (Drivers Side) and Non Recognition of Ignition Key. Vehicle was returned to me after two weeks in the garage but unfortunately returned to garage two days later still with a problem of the steering wheel not adjusting to position with the ignition key. They said that a security number had not been entered into the new electronic memory unit which had been installed. We are lucky that the vehicle is still under warranty and that we have been lent another vehicle. The inconvenience and stress this is causing to myself and family is unbelievable. A brand new car to have had so many problems seems unconceivable. Landrover say they are not prepared to give me another vehicle and all they are prepared to offer me is 3 free services. I now think after reading various other reports of other owners that Landrover should now be held accountable for selling goods not fit for use. Mr P. J. Robinson 5 Dedham Meade Dedham Heath Dedham Colchester Essex Co7 6EU Telephone: 01206 322027 E-Mail: Re: Landrover Discover HSE 3 Registration AV08 RZR. Dear Sir / Madam, We have bought a Brand New Landrover Discovery HSE 3 in Java Black with the Alpaca Beige leather interior. It was our dream car. Let me hasten to say that this was not the first Landrover we have ever owned. In all we have had nine other vehicles eight of these from Lookers Landrover Colchester. We bought the aforementioned Discovery in April 2008 and unfortunately the dream soon turned into a nightmare. Problem 1 occurred in June with rear offside speaker becoming unattached and steering making noise and stiff. Problem 2 occurred in July with the oil pump unattached. This was advised by friend who heard rattle coming from underneath vehicle. The steering still noisy. This to me seemed to more serious. Do they not check these things? Landrover Customer Service Team was now involved with Mr Wajid Hussain Tel. No. 01926 691849 on the case. Problem 3 occurred in September/October with the steering. The steering still excessively noisy and stiff. First attempt at resolving problem was new steering column. Car taken for test drive situation not resolved. Took out new column and replaced with old and sealed the steering rack. We took the car home. Driving the car later went to use hooter did not work. Obviously not connected back after steering column was put back in. Yet again car had to be returned on Saturday morning to be rectified. Problem 3 unfortunately returned to the fore in December and was resolved after nearly four weeks of the car being in the garage with a complete steering replacement. Also a suspected suspension problem was noted but nothing found. Problem 4 occurred in January 2009 with guess what a complete suspension malfunction. Unfortunately this occurred late in the evening when my wife was driving alone in vehicle. A recovery vehicle from Landrover Assistance had to be called and the vehicle was recovered to Lookers Landrover Colchester. By now we were getting very angry with the faults on our Brand New Car and could not even be bothered to report other minor faults such as air conditioning smell on start up, satellite navigation system malfunction, key recognition malfunction, electric seat problems, has this car gone into electronic meltdown. It now seemed the only months which were problem free were August and November. Perhaps that was because the whole of August the vehicle was parked in a hotel airport at Gatwick while we were away on vacation and November I guess we were just lucky. It does seem ironic that the most expensive vehicle in the Discovery range £38,000 seems to be worst. All in all I think we have now driven courtesy vehicles nearly as long as we have actually driven our own vehicle. Not only is this an embarrassment to Lookers Landrover Colchester. It is also an embarrassment to ourselves when family, friends and colleagues ask where our new car is and we have to explain again that it is in the garage. We bought Landrover again purely for the safety and reliability we had come to expect from such a vehicle. My wife is now too scared to drive the vehicle due to the major problems that we have encountered. This vehicle does not give her confidence to drive as she now has to commute between Norwich, Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich and Colchester. We require this vehicle to be replaced immediately with an alternative or a complete refund. With regard to our telephone conservation I now put the matter in writing and am awaiting your urgent attention. The problems occurring with this car are now to numerous to mention. Refer to Lookers Landrover, Cowdray Avenue Colchester. Attention Martin Shepherd, Daniel Boyle. The reasons we bought Landrover again was because of the reliability this has now been shattered beyond belief that the car we now own is in the garage nearly every month. We have had 9 Landrovers I again state NINE LANDROVERS and none have been as bad as this one. I would now think that this makes me a very loyal customer to Landrover. Where is Landrovers commitment to the customer? I have family and friends who were thinking of buying a new Landrover on referral by myself. I definitely now think they will change their minds. Near where I work they have put up a large Landrover poster advertisement colleagues are now looking at this and laughing. This obviously cannot go on any more we have been patient enough. I will be sending letters to the major motoring magazines, newspapers, internet forum sights, etc, highlighting the problems with the vehicle and Landrovers incapable attempts to solve the problem. Looking at the internet forum sights some of my problems seem a concurrent recurrence in the Discovery, Suspension, and Electronics. Perhaps Landrover should take note of their customers' problems. I work shifts and now find myself having to stay up after night shifts visiting dealers, making phone calls, writing letters trying to sought the problem out. I also now have a car that only I can drive as my wife will now not drive the vehicle for a fear of breaking down again. I again reiterate just one of the problems that the car had only gone in to Lookers for a suspension problem three weeks earlier and given the all clear that the car broke down on the busy A14 at night in the rain with my wife by herself with a suspension problem. I now have another problem to find a vehicle for her to drive. The problems of stress and inconvenience that I and my family have had to endure are insurmountable. As far as we are concerned we have been sold faulty goods and Landrover should be held accountable. I look forward to Landrovers Urgent response to this matter. Yours Sincerely Mr and Mrs P. J. Robinson

Land rover defender

My 2.2 90xs defender suffered an oil cooler failure a few weeks ago the vehicle had done 12,000 miles and was 18 months old, this caused catastrophic engine failure. I have to say my experience with land rover was completely different. A land rover engineer inspected the vehicle arranged recovery and delivered a new freelander curtesy car in the same day. There was no quibble with the warranty and Taunton land rover returned the vehicle to my home three weeks later complete with brand new engine, so annoying to have such an issue but thought service was excellent.
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