I stupidly sold my faithful Isuzu Trooper and bought a Td5 18 months ago.

Whilst with any 2nd hand car you can expect to encounter problems - I was not ready for this !

So far here are are some of the problems we have /are experiencing ......

1) The back brake discs went - Just as we were on our way in the morning to take my friend to the airport as she was emigrating to Australia.

2)The alarm persistantly started going off - so much so I was scared to lock it and thought I would rather take a chance that no one would steal it

3) When it rains the sun roof leaks UNBELIEVEABLY -It pours in.

4)The wind caught the back door (our fault) - Door had to be replaced  

5)Steering started feeling dodgy - New power steering replaced

6)Radiator went - new one replaced

7)We were advised the turbo on its way out - too bad it can wait!

8)Key snapped in the ignition - was quite pleased tho as you could still put other half in and it would work - but then ...

9)...The immobiliser went so car undriveable and had to be towed away for 2nd time (first when on way to take mate to airport)

10)Went to put a small amount of turf in the boot and the car went down and didn't pump back up until engine on - hole in the suspension

11) Brake lights permanently on

12)Back seats in boot now won't go into the sitting position

13)ahhh the latest one the gear stick a bit sticky but clutch seems fine will wait and see as in garage again at the mo.

Wish I'd steered well clear of theses amazingly crap vehicles - believe the rumors they are total rubbish - avoid like the plague and buy Japanese!!!!!!!!!!!


More to add - We are loving the rain pouring in with the current weather at the moment - but to add to our list the electrics on the back light have gone now (no such luck as a simple bulb replacement) and a horrible sqeeky noise was heard yesterday .... yep we broke down AGAIN - Its the fuel pump :0( - 3RD TIME THIS YEAR WE HAVE TO TOW THE PIECE OF CRAP

02 Dodgy Disco

I too am in the nightmare situation of owning a dodgy Disco. Bought it 2nd hand this year and have already spent £2,200 trying to keep it road worthy. The worst was when the gears went towing a caravan on the bleakest part of the M62. It still leaks oil and I need a rain hat and mack when it rains! It's broken my heart, my will and my piggy bank with no sign of any let up on the expenditure. Selling it is not an option as I'd lose so much money. I thought I was buying something that would last - I'm beginning to think it's now a case of till death us do part!

fuel pump again

I love my disco its a 2001 TD5 s I love it to bits and like the love of a good woman it has cost me. I am now about to fit the 2nd fuel pump in 18 months gets gunked up garage says its bio fuel that does it..wonder if its possible to wash it(the pump) had track rod replaced starter motor anti roll replaced all brake discs have now been replaced and on 3rd set of tyres having done 60k miles in 5 years BUT it can go any where and tow anything its getting a bit battered now but sell it NEVER

I'm NOT alone!

Baught a second hand TD5 (auto) February 2010, since had the following: - 1'st breakdown the day we got it, mechanic came out to check but it started again after a while (could not find problem) - Wife went to work late one night and could not get it out of drive - mechanic had to come a do a quick fix (had to replace some pin or something underneath the gearbox that broke) - From the start one of the back seats would not come up (Fixed it by opening the mechanism and spraying with Q20 oil - now seems happy) - On our way on a trip the gearbox died with gearbox oil all over the show (had to get the car towed by insurance company) - cost me THOUSANDS to get it on the road again (gearbox oil pump replaced) - Break lights stays on - still have to replace switch behind break pedal (resetting the switch seems to work for a while) - This weekend the air suspension decided to die (compressor won't shut down). Tried to remove the compressor but could not disconnect the last pipe - reinstalled and now magically everything works again (wonder for how long)! I'm going on a trip again this weekend but I think I'll rather use another vehicle - don't think I can trust this bugger! As someone said in one of the forums -it's a great vehicle until something breaks! I mean, I have had the vehicle for less than seven months and - already two MAJOR breakdowns and a few "minor" ones. Makes you think the jokes they make about Landrover is no joke at all!!!!! Another guy told me the other day that if you want to drive a Landrover, buy two. While the one will be in for repairs, you can drive the other one. Then, swop ...


Such stories are always bad news and of course the owner has every reason to be upset (to put it mildly). However, these vehicles are not all bad at all. I have a (now 3 years retired and awaiting "old timer" status) Range Rover 3.9. Built in 1987 and converted in 1989 by LR as a 3.9 prototype, I purchased it with only 4,500 km on the clock in 1991. 640,000 km later it still has all its original major parts - including the clutch plates and shock absorbers. I've just replaced the usual wear-and-tear brake blocks, hoses, spark plugs, etc. It's main problem has always been that it'll pass anything on the road - except a petrol pump! We now have a year 2000 TD5 with nearly 300,000 km and it's had a few issues like a recent new turbo, a wheel bearing and a control unit for the auto-box. In Southern Germany recently, we had a starting problem and the garage (who I can't name yet, due to a claim situation) fixed the problem but in so doing, somehow moved the metal feed pipe for the power steering fluid so that it touched the (I think Airco) pulley wheel. In no time it was eaten through. They deny liability! Anyone had this issue or heard of it happening? They also fixed a small leak in the radiator and when it was reinstalled the bottom hose was left in contact with the block (or front of the engine). Within a week this too failed. Again THEY DENY LIABILITY!! So far, their mistake has cost me about Eur 900.00 extra!! So, I'd be interested to hear of any comments of similar (nightmare Garage) experiences.



Rubbish TD5

I recently bought a Discovery TD5 and can confirm that when they are working, they're brilliant. But you know that just around the corner another problem will occur. I've not owned a Land Rover for 30 years, I thought that by now LR would have sorted out the reliability issue, but no! They're still crap.

disco td5

Just bought a 2001 td5 have been repairing front end damage ,battery went flat have removed air con rad to replace a panel now hill decent light abs light etc are on and air suspension is down and won't inflate, I was told to drive it for a mile and ecu should reset it self but hasn't worked does anyone have any ideas thanks steve

Good and bad

I'm on my second Disco Td5. First one was a 2000 GS and only thing that went wrong over a year and 10k miles was the sunroof leaks. Cured that easily. Bought a 2001 Td5 with 65k on the clock last year and so far have only done 2k miles and have had the following: the usual sunroof leaks, steering drag link, anti-roll bar link, turbo, all 3 ABS system lights come on periodically and now the gearbox has started making a horrible noise in 5th gear.

The dealer or the car?

We have a 2003 TD5 2. Rear suspension inflates, deflates at will. Power steering is now leaking so may be the cause of both. Will get around to looking at it in the next week or two. This aside. The Mrs took the car on the school run, ran out of diesel outside the school. She was turning it over and also flattened the battery. A guy from the AA came out, told her he wasn't a mechanic, was just helping out. Couldn't get it started. So it got towed to the local Landy dealer. Next morning the phoned saying they had replaced the battery at a cost of £180 and it's ready for collection. Two things, the old battery was fine, the Mrs had simply flattened it secondly when I inspected the car, it was drawing air and leaking diesel from the fuel filter under by the tank. Hence she ran out of diesel. But £180 for a battery that did not need replaced, An AA roadside guy that did not have a clue. At the end of the day, whats worse the Landy or the so called experts?....GRRRRR!!!!

Problem TD5

Nightmare vehicle. We had the 300TDi and all we did was change the brake pads and tyres. This TD5 has had 2 new batteries, two water pumps, one fuel pump, three or four suspension bags, the constant water leak through the roof, the rear seats wont lock down, the rear door sticks and has to be lifted to close it, there have been other minor issues and then finally last week the bolt holding the oil pump in place came loose, the crank and belt fell and effectively the engine was cooked! I think I have spent as much as I am prepared to on this damned vehicle.!!!

TD5s can be a world of pain

All sounds very familiar. I've had my 2001 TD5 for 5 years. Terrific off road, motor has been great but...snapped key, oil in the ecu, dozens of blown lights, the abs, hill descent etc lights on permanently, air bag light when I hit bumps, boot lock shot, radio electrics shot, central locking gone. oh my

1999 td5

I have owned my td5 for 5 years on a t plate and its bloody good ,returning 34 mpg, not costing me anything apart from a service one a year, did think about upgrading o tdv6 but to many horror stories about them

Love it / Hate it

Bought my 2001 TD5 in 2010 and have so far had to replace 2 front hubs (2nd one went at today's MOT), both rear air suspension bags, front brake pipes. Sunroof currently sealed up with gaffa tape to stop the interior rotting away. Steering box is leaking fluid and needs topped up weekly and I'm told a new one is around £400 ! Also broke down twice over Christmas and Green Flag unable to find fault. Seems to be bad connection to starter (flimsy Lucas-type connection). I still love the car, but its bleeding me dry !

Nightmare td5 x2

Bought a disco td5 in november 2011, within the 2 months i owned it it had, new fuel pump, sterring bars, tyres (after tracking problem killed them) new turbo, intercooler, air flow meter x2 engine wiring loom and egr removal. sold when we still couldn't cure a misfire at about 2000rpm. Then i bought a 2003 td5 with 70k on the clock from a respectable dealer. in the last three weeks i'v owned it it has been back in for, new steering bars, both front hubs, abs pump, fuel pump, sterio/cd (still not right) egr removal, power problems at less than 2000rpm, intermittent dash lights, interiuor lights and its back in again for steering trying to kill me above 60mph. The later is all under warranty but that runs out in a few months and then im going to be very poor.

my td5

03 plate td5 i love it even though its about to cost me 2 grand because of the damage caused by the last owner, who fitted the wrong clutch and added bolts to the arm to give it extra clearance, the pressure pushed the cranks and forced out the carnk washers and damaged the bottom end. but i will repair my car and be happy driving it again as i cannot afford to get rid of it now

Battery drains overnight.

New battery fitted but after 2 days runs flat. Have checked alternator output when engine is running and is putting out apprx 14 volts.

horror disco

had 2001 td5 for two wks 91.000 miles full landrover service history 12 mth mot ... steering wondering at will turbo works when it wants sunroof is leaking gears crunch air susp works now and again disco looks good impresses nieghbours but give a me a isuzu trooper any day

02 discovery td5

Bought my 02 discovery on a wednesday and on friday I had to be towed away from outside kids school. New fuel pump and filter fitted and still in garage, where they cant start it. NightMare

02 discovery td5

Bought my 02 discovery on a wednesday and on friday I had to be towed away from outside kids school. New fuel pump and filter fitted and still in garage, where they cant start it. NightMare


I bought a td5 disco with a conrod that went through the block, owning other land rovers (older ones) I personally believe the td5 engine is rubbish and my reasons are this - the wiring loom for the injectors wasnt very well thought out, they've tilted the engine so you can't get to the glow plugs short of taking the inlet manifold off or stripping off all the stuff from the inner wing, the oil filter is below the turbo which means you have to disconnect the exhaust in order to change a filter, well for any of you that do diy mechanics you want to do an oil change when they engines hot/warm so do you want to be putting your hands near a scalding hot turbo? the prices for parts on a td5 are 3/4 times more than all the 300tdi stuff and what do you get a bit more speed and a much bigger head ache I like the shape or the disco and how they drive so I'm planning on putting a GOOD OLD RELIABLE 300TDI lump in! from what I've seen stripping the engine down this was not an engine that was built in mind with anyone other than land rover dealers getting business for themselves. One more niggle - chassis are rubbish on the td5! mines just reached 11 years old and is already showing signs it needs welding! i have a 20 year old 200tdi disco and the chassis is perfect! and hasnt been off roaded.


We bought a TD5 from Rogers of Bedford what can I say the first thing that went was the starter motor fixed in 1 hour by Rogers only miner problems as you would expect from a 10 year old Landy the land has only covered 80,00 miles and still grab fun to this day ! Buy from a reputable cop may love it !!


I have owned my 99 TD5 from new, and can definitely say that all the problems that owners complain about in various articles are very common to this model. I have experienced every single fault mentioned and more.......if you think you have been unlucky and dealt a bad hand, just keep the vehicle for a few more years, and you will start to understand just how bad these TD5's are. I will list a few that come to mind, however, please bear in mind that this list is just a tip of the iceberg. First and foremost would be the oil pump failure. The bolt securing the sprocket comes loose.....or.....the bolt stays tight, but the sprocket, which is very thin starts to get chewed away on the drive face and eventually just spins on the oil pump drive shaft, without driving the pump. This results in a catastrophic and expensive engine failure. If you haven't yet experienced this, let me say.......'you will' The next very expensive failure would most probably be the automatic gearbox.......again, if you have not yet had this happen to you....'you will' The very well known problem of the ABS, Traction Control and Hill Descent Control being illuminated on the dash in these vehicles is something like the common cold is to us humans that just happens on a regular basis......again the repair is never cheap. The rear suspension air bags drop like flies, again costing an arm and a leg to get back up and running. The fuel pumps, which are a monument to fuel pump engineering in size and design again fail on a frequent basis....again not cheap. The radiators suffer from electrolysis.......resulting in pinholes....which then leak fluid....and need repalcing. The power steering pump piping is done in such a way that it rubs against the very sharp edges of the sump, and, with the vibration over time from the diesel, rubs through, leaving you stranded. The fuel injection wiring harness allows the engine oil to eventually leak past the connector, causing an awful oily mess, but more importantly, causing the engine to misifire and run very rough, maybe running on just 2 or 3 wont get home....I promise. These few faults that spring to mind, even when fixed will re occur. It's the nature of the beast. I would like to point out that these faults are just your run of the mill every day issues. They happen without even stressing the vehicle in off road situations. Oh yes, I just remembered, the window winder mechanism's fail because of the little plastic rollers on them that collapse. Ahh, and the door lock mechanism fall apart, again, a very complicated palstic unit that just isn't up to the task....but yet costs a lot. I could go on and on......but I am sure by now you get the gist. It is not poor servicing of these vehicles, it is just the poor quality of these vehicles. My new vehicle had a warranty of 50,000 km or 6 warning bells should have started ringing then already. I almost forgot, the very expensive cylinder head failure problem......yep, another common one. If you want to drive on of these, be prepared for a very expensive and unhappy journey. I still have mine, and every time I repair it, I think to myself,'surely, nothing more can go wrong'....but ........I know now that I am simply delusional. Another failure just popped into my head...the coolant hose chafes through the airconditioning line......all the gas leaks out the system.....and yes is common. Hope I have been of some help to someone. My advice to any one is, 'Don't get sucked's just not worth it ' However, if you are still mad mine !

disco td5

would just like to say a massive thank u to u all. I was just about to swop my rough but reliable f reg 110 200tdi for a very nice looking disco td5 on a X reg with all the trimmings, full leather, cruise control, hill decent, electric window's etc etc etc, BUT after reading all yr comments about the td5 problems, i think I'll stick with my old faithful. :-)

110 td5 power loss

I have a mint 110 special vehicles on a y plate spent 3000 on new spray job and all toys all Landi glass sides beautiful motor 4 inch lift then the turbo went and 2 clutches later I also have a freelander td4 amazing on and off road then tention pully bolt went omg what a job to replace and what a mess but love my landrovers so freelander going and td5 disco van next let the money spending commence


brought a td5 on a 02 plate had it 2 weeks and the engine blow up also sun roof leeks cost 6000 second hand and paid 4000 to have the engine rebuilt yes complete bag of crap owes me to much money to sell so am stuck with it o and now the thermostat has packed up othe joys x


I bought mine 6months ago and its been in garga most of the time.first fuel leak.then bad starting.needed new wire loom.then central locking playing up could not start car again emmoberliser not coming off .been bloody nightmare.ill touch a landy again they are crap.i still got it because its cost me too much money.i hate it

Land rover td5

Oh great this is really an eye opener i knew land rovers in general wehre unreliable didnt have an idea how bad. Ive been toying with the idea of changing my trusty Daihatsu fourtrak that is towing car transporter trailers form Aberdeen to southampton at least once a week without skippin a bit or stuttering. I should know from the number of land rovers and rang rovers i transport. I had an offer to swap with a P38 Range rover 4.0 on lpg and the thought of the creature comforts compared to the bare spartan interior of the daihatsu have been making me leave my senses. But i think in my job where im 500miles away from home in some remote country road with 3.5 tonne of trailer in tow means reliability and THE ABILITY TO GET BACK HOME TRUMPS COMFORT ANY DAY. I think i may consider a trooper instead as its slighttly more comfy for the longer journeys and has a rear seats i can use for having a nap in.

disco 2

What people forget about second hand disco's is these are designed as a work horse and thats what happens they sre abused not well maintained and then we buy them and suffer the problems not all the problems are land rovers fault. its bad maintenance we who can't afford a new land rover are the ones who keep these going at a cost so I believe its bad owners not baf land rovers.

discovery 2

had 03 discovery td5 had a defender double cab 03 defender td5 hard top with 180000 miles on mates a 1999 td5 defender hard top we have never had any of these fauld must not behaving them serviced right put 2 stroke oil in the diesel and it will help the injectors fuel pump and all the engine internals

mad td5

I run a workshop out of pine town in durban. we overhaul diesel pumps and injectors as well as have a vehicle repair shop. we have an issue with a td5 where the engine runs beautifully.. until its put into drive and then it wants to cut out and the lights on the dash keep going mad.. it does look like a gear box problem.. any thoughts friends?

Don't buy one

Well another Sunday spent getting my td5 towed to the garage, I too recognise everyone of the above problems and after spending thousands and thousands, can only say don't ever. Ever buy one, great when they work but there is not a month goes bye without me having a Major repair.

Td5 rust

Just failed mot on my 2004 td5 chassis as almost splite in to at the back end . Rest of car was fine and past test . But when put on ramp to repair the holes in it is unreal for a ten year old car .... Water leaks in sun roofs and doors want open with out climbing in and opening them from inside , I also paid good cash for this to tow my caravan etc , it was my first and last landrover that I will be buying .... Going jap from now on . Still in garage and cost mounting up by the hour £1200 so far ... Unreal


Well what can I say ? I was about to look over a td5 disco full spec on Monday 3rd march it has more chrome on it than any American truck you will ever come across. But thanks to you all for such input but where do I go from here I sold my Mitsubishi L200 and would NEVER have another.... PLEASE HELP you may see me on the side of the road... Thanks all..

Starting problem

Had a fuel problem changed fuel harness fuel pump oil change oil filters got it running mot it taxed done 100 miles ran fine went out next day wouldn't start been told to change crank case senser any advice on problem

buying a td5

I am thinking of buying a 2003 TD5 with 71000 on the clock and fsh. Tell me honestly am I mad?


I have been reading through the comments and note that most bought their TD5's secondhand. I have owned mine from new it's a 2003 ES7 with now 124K miles. Yes, its had some problems and the sunroofs leaked, the air suspension SLS I changed recently (it's recommended changing it at 10 years), I note the track rod end needs changing now and I'm now getting the ABS 3 Amigo lights so the ABS modulator needs electrically modifying due to a common fault. However, if you buy a secondhand LR without a really thorough checkover you will have issues as with many other vehicles and you also need to be competent with serious DIY mechanics not just servicing after the first few years. In all honesty I expect some issues but nothing I have experienced is anyway extraordinary in an 11 year old 124K miles vehicle. Like all things you get what you pay for. The things that do niggle most are firstly the supercilious attitudes of LR main dealers, failure of the the PAS pipe rubbing the engine sump and leaking, the third set of perforated fuel lines (the first subject of a recall), the leaking sunroofs as a known fault by LR, regular failure of the door locking mechanisms and finally the failure of the Satnav disc to eject on the second new unit. These are either poor design issues or poor quality parts. In all honesty, my 20 year old Pajero import is better built than the TD5 and it cost me a tenth of the price. I am progressively updating the TD5 as by todays standards it's now relatively worthless but would I buy another Landrover after owning many over the past 40 years, hmmm, I'm not too sure anymore.

Engine fire td5

My Disco 2 td5 just had an engine fire ! Flame seemed to come from the pump environs left hand front of engine, perhaps I should not have extinguished it but I really need to have an idea of what the f**k is the cause before I get into the clutches of Ali Barber and the forty garage men.

2002 td5

can anyone tell me why the brake pedal on my auto td5 kicks back when it reaches 55mph and at no other speed ?? really doing my head in now as even L/R can,t explain it ... yet they built it


Electrics knackered boot door won't open, passenger side does not unlock rear seat not unfolding sunroof leaking making a whirring noise just spent 180 quid on a pump and it's still making a noise what more can I say bag of £&@&

TD5 - Faults so Far

In no particular order, issues with 2002 TD5, ES, 5 seat, auto, purchased used 6 years ago from a LR dealership, now on 120k miles; 1) Door lock failures (3nr) - won't open / close 2) Boot lock failures (twice) - only operate from inside 3) Window regulator failures (3nr) - usual plastic runners snapping rendering window inoperable 4) PAS box (3nr) - complete failures 5) Oil in ECU through harness (once) - miss-fire, new harness 6) Leaking sunroof - seal failed between sunroof and body 7) AC pipes chafed, loss of gas 8) Transfer box leak 9) heated windscreen failure (issue with car, not screen) 10) Wheel arch trims falling off 11) Radiator top hose failure around the bleed screw 12) Dash bulbs blowing on monthly basis 13) Damped crank pulley failure - £500 for the part alone!!! How can 2 bits of steel held together with 1 bit of rubber be this much!!! 14) Blown headlamp washer circuit 15) Saggy headlining - a problem with the foam degrading apparently. 16) Active Cornering Enhancement light on for no good reason (goes off when ignition switched off) 17) Dropped rear door hinges – rear door leaks and jams. All in all, a potentially great vehicle but seriously compromised in terms of both detail design and quality. On the plus side, I now have a great relationship with my local Land Rover specialist in Bury St Edmunds - great guys, highly recommended!

Range Rover sport

My Sport HSE 2007 was beig driven by me the other night when the HDC light came on out of the blue . Stuck on a roundabout i travelled no more thean 40 yards to a service road with the car giving out black smoke. I have been told that a fuel injector failure has caused the engine management to cause this true!!!

Discovery TD5

Wow these Discovery TD5's are giving some grief! My advice if you are thinking of getting one, is to sack it and buy a Defender. I owned a 2006 TD5 from new and have just sold it for £15,000 (we only psid £19,250 eight years ago) We never had any trouble with it at all, and the only reason l sold it was that l wanted a 110. I bought a 2005 110 and looking at the service history it has only had one spurious bill in nine years, the "diesel pressure regulator" which cost the previous owner £300. The only problem now, is finding a good one. Many have had a hard life, being used for what they were designed for. But good ones are out there (never been off road, waxoyled from new etc)

Discovery TD5

Was thinking buying a 2001 TD5 for Young Explorers Foundation but after reading owners experience's not to sure

Discovery leaking roofs??

We NEVER get water through our TD5 roof..reason being it's got no sun roof!! Mind you every other Discovery I've owned before leaked!! but they all had a great view of the sky!! Yep I've also had the 3 dash warning lights on.common fault power steering faulty..common fault.Fuel pipe near tank fracturing..common fault.. the list goes on. But it's a great motor when you get all these faults fixed!! Ah could not get first gear this morning....

td5 ireland

Bought my td5 9 yrs ago been to spain france also artic circle all around italy switzerland and austria ,most of europe its a 7 seater 6 of us the kids named the jeep ratchet after the transformers movie i can,t say enough at how reliable it has been over the years has never broken down thank god and we have been in some places where u would be praying it would,nt break down.looked at disco 3 with kids and we could,nt let ourselves part with our disco 2,have snorkel,roof rack, tent etc bullbar 2 inch lift ,coil springs, black windows ,ladder there not all bad guys, wouldn,t have it if there was reliability issues especially with kids jeep 01 passes nct test every year.Take care readers.


All land rovers leak.all land rovers breakdown at some point. Most keep dragging themselves along. It's a matter of what your prepared to put up with. I wont have a vehicle I cant fix my self.dont like complicated electronics and immobilisers that can't be by-passed. We've used L/Rs for years and sad to say the company ethos has turned what was the world's best light 4x4 into a pastiche.

landrovers td5

Same old had mine for 6years always something but love driving it just had iol leak done and coolant bottle leak came out of garage last week back in 2nd head gasket later now back in garage having new front bumper now looking at sorting sunroof leaks out

02 disco Shut down

it's been raining a lot lately and noticed the sun roof is leaking. Went to open it with the remote and nothing happened. The immobiliser has activated. Can an immobiliser be bypassed? Where is it located?

bad td5

i had a 200tdi for the last 15yearwith no problem so i decided to get a discovery td5 what a complete and utter let down you name it it has gone wrong how can you from a reliable disco to this rubbish .

2004 TD5

bought from a main dealer eleven yearsago, 7 point check could not have been carried out, all tyres were different pressure, gear lever fell out, engine bonnet would not close, radio had water in it, windscreen leaked, all within the first 24hours. It has been serviced by a different main dealer each year and has allways required an expensive part replaced. Two years ago a new engine required at 50,000 miles, this model only had a short production run and the engine was faulty & bound to go at 50,000 miles, permanent oil leaks, water leak somewhere in front of roof, rear suspension replaced, rear door lock replaced, driver door lock has to be unlocked separately from the locking system, the list goes on. To add insult to injury the headlights have been stolen three times. Words cannot describe my feelings about this supposedly quality car.Serviced a couple of weeks ago told it required more parts replacing at a cost of £2,000. Taken for second opinion to small outfit, job done for half price with genuine land rover parts, & now they are trying to fix the intermittent roof leak.Could have bought another car for what it has cost me to keep it on the road. Disgraceful Land Rover.

Engine won't rev and pours load of black smoke, tu

My 2004 TD5 all of a sudden lost power and will not rev up, I was told it was a faulty turbo which I have replaced but the engine is still the same, anybody has any ideas of what could be the problem. It starts fine but there is absolutely no power in the engine.

TD5 funny thing

I own a 2000 TD5 disco, and i've now spent 3000$ on that thing. i bought it cheap, but that's no excuse: - Cylinderheads gone - Air-Suspension-compressor kept on running - electric front radiator didn't work - air in the cooling system - overheat - climacontrol worked just on one side But i've mended her and now she runs excelent. time to sell that piece of british engineering with about 500$ loss! :D

If only I knew!!

Wow!! I thought it was only me who had been unlucky with land rover.. I have a 2001 TD5 that I bought brand new. It is now 14 years old and has 320,000Kms on the clock. My list of failures since new....ran out of diesel 3 days after purchase because of faulty indicator needle... turbo hose lining choking engine.....electric window on passenger side broken and wont wind down properly..... electrical system haywire, dash lights don't come on... electrical system lag. wipers delay before starting LOL..... radiator pipes turn brittle radiator has been replaced and now this again a second time today!!.... Have replaced all injectors and great expense only to have the harness fill with oil... central locking needs 4-5 clicks before all doors unlock.... turbo has lost its whistle and is now buzzing and whining....power steering pump on its way out also whines.... Have now spent this cars value in repairs in the last 6 months... Surely now it will be OK heheheh Its a real love hate relationship.. may change it for something Japanese.

Total rubbish never ever again

Avoid like the plague!! Mine looked mint ,, 1-starting probs-failed injector loom 2-misfiring -new injector 3-new maf sensor 4-immobilsor constantly sticking on 5-3 amigos 6-sunroof leaking 7-brake lights stuck on 8-steering box replaced 9-then fuel pump failed 10-gear box recon due to crunching 11-then radiator failed 12-fuel pressure regulators leaking and replaced 13-new battery 14 -mot time ,,corrosion on rear chassis,,, SOLD IT FOR SPARES OR REPAIRS ,PLEASE AVOID THESE DISCOVERYS THERE UTTER UTTER CRAP

Air Locking

My TD5 is airlocking, can't seem to find out why

2011 DISCO 4 touchscreen

I have a2011 DISCO 4 & touchscreen not working so no radio/sat nav/phone etc .. dealer upgraded software, still a problem ... as its out of warranty they only want to replace the touchscreen unit for a cost of around EURO 3 000. ! does anyone have any suggestions before I fork out ? would appreciate any suggestions ...many thx


I had to smile when I stumbled across your website ! I have an old model L200. Lumbering, sluggish, but simple and generally reliable. I love it as it does not appeal to land rover 'whip aerial snorkel nuts', the original model county set, or the black and chrome bling merchants !

It's trying to kill me

My Td5 is actually trying to kill me (and bankrupt me first)... After buying before Christmas for the "winter" i have put just 2 tanks of fuel in due to the immobilizer immobilizing, brakes ceasing, clutch squeeking, water using, electrics failing, ABS breaking (on all 4 wheels) sunroof leaking, window wiper seizing, indicator stealing, chassis welding, gearbox stiffening, high rev misfiring, manifold blowing, and finally the best for last - steering locking whilst driving round a corner!!!! arghhh

td5 2.5 d landrover

hi were do i start td5 2.5 diesel pay 2,000 for it two year ago i had the sunroofs leaking so seal the hold roof the little windows in back of roof fount of top windscreen ,roof rack as well still leaking door locks fount head lights ,the ace pipes or antroll bar went going cost 2,000 so don away with it same air bag s now on springs 2 wheel bearings and bit of welding had srs light it was a plug sorted and bracking survo but the td5 has lost power on hills at mo i don,t some of work my self and a good friend help the cost is about 2,500 + so far and a garge would of been 3,500 to 4,000 so all you are right they are crap ok off road thanks for your comments as i no whats comeing lol

td5 2.5 d landrover

hi were do i start td5 2.5 diesel pay 2,000 for it two year ago i had the sunroofs leaking so seal the hold roof the little windows in back of roof fount of top windscreen ,roof rack as well still leaking door locks fount head lights ,the ace pipes or antroll bar went going cost 2,000 so don away with it same air bag s now on springs 2 wheel bearings and bit of welding had srs light it was a plug sorted and bracking survo but the td5 has lost power on hills at mo i don,t some of work my self and a good friend help the cost is about 2,500 + so far and a garge would of been 3,500 to 4,000 so all you are right they are crap ok off road thanks for your comments as i no whats comeing lol

TD5 5cyl Engine

Has anyone had experience of a crcked block on one of theses engines?

Discovery 2

Absolute money pit piles of CRAP do not ever buy a discovery unless you want to be bankrupt or put into an early grave.

2000 D2 Td5 manual

400k km's. LOTS of heavy towing. New gearbox at 350k km's caused by too much heavy towing in 5th gear. New radiator at 250k km's caused by stone damage. Steering pump replaced - worn out. Front hub seals. While the gearbox was being replaced fitted a new clutch, rear main seal and checked oil pump bolt and sprocket. No other problems - should last over 500k km's easily.


a very good frend bought me a td5 I had to put new clutch in new master cylinder and now the turbo has gone after paying over a thousand pounds just on the clutch iam peed right off


The WORST vehicle I have had the displeasure of driving. Paid £4500 for an 02 Discovery Td5 and spent £12k in 2 years. It finally thanked me last night by catching fire randomly and burning to a shell on the side of the road in Essex. Seems like I am not the only one this has happened to as there are videos on Youtube of the same. I am happy to be alive and would NEVER EVER touch a Land Rover again. Let alonr the thing drove like shite with a crap steering lock. DREADFUL vehicle in every way. All I have left is the key fob as the key stayed in the ignition when I evacuated the vehicle. anyone who is enthusiastic about these vehicles does not have a clue what they are talking about and have not experienced any better. Buy Jap all day long. Be Warned!


My advice would be to consider a Defender instead! I've had three Defender TD5's, one from new, one l bought nine years old and one eleven years old. ln total l have driven them nearly 100,000 miles with not a single breakdown and only routine repairs to be expected on a ten+ year old 4x4. My current 90 is now on 126,000 and the 110 is on 91,000. The first 90 was sold after eight years and 44,000 miles. I have just driven the 110 round Northern Spain with no worries at all.

apologies, mine's excellent

Bought a trade in 1999 Td-5 no warranty with 164K on clock for £1500 (aware rear undertray needed welding + clutch needed replacing soon). That was 4 years ago - been utterly reliable apart from 2 x central locking doors.It just purrs along, no smoke, no rattles, no MOT failures now has 212K. My apologies again...

Land Rover td5

Land Rover discovery vehicles are good cars. You've just got to get a good mechanic who no these vehicles. All the Japanese & Korean ones might seam good but they are a nightmare to work on when they do go wrong. From a 4x4 mechanic 35 years experience.

Help please

I have recently brought a td5 series 2. 04 it starts an drives lovley. Only fault with it is the fuel gage doesn’t give correct reading. New fuel pun has been fitting an still wrong reading. Does anyone no what this could be?? New to these site

disable remote control locking system on 1999 TDi5

Anyone know how i can disable the remote control locking and stop the horn blasting when you open the door , thanks john

'Buy Japanese'? Worst advice ever!

Toyota RAV4 bent flywheel from new -£1600 to replace- Not Toyota's fault apparently. Nissan Pathfinder- sorry can we buy it back at market value....before the chassis snaps in two. Mitsubishi L200 engine blown up at 27,000 miles- Not our fault, not expected to last that long!
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