I am at war with Land Rover HQ

Article Submission From Land Rover Hell

Name: Jan Champney

Title: I am at war with Land Rover HQ 


This is a copy of a letter I sent today to the Managing Director after sending a similar version to Customer Services on 1st March 2010 and not recieving a reply. I think the letter is self explanatory.. 

Re: Land Rover Discovery 

I am writing to complain about the low level of service I have received from Land Rover in respect to the above vehicle.

I am a self-employed consultant who travels across England to undertake contracts in my client's own premises. 

I live in a rural area 30 minutes from the nearest public transport and have three children. I also own seven horses kept at a livery yard 15 minutes drive from home.  

As you will therefore recognise, I am totally reliant on having a car to undertake my work and to live my life. 

At the time of writing, I have been unable to work for 8 weeks. As a result I have experienced a combination of severe financial difficulties and the related stress, compounded with the inconvenience derived from not having a car to undertake the commitments related to my children and horses. 

This is the story to date: 

Jan 101h 2010: My Discovery broke down for the third time since August 2009 and was taken by rescue service at the expense of my insurance company to XXXXXXXXXX, Dorset. 

The mechanics prescribed the fault as a failed valve within the filter housing and referred it to XXXXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXX who are an independent Land Rover specialist repairer with over 30 years of experience.

Jan 13th 2010: The vehicle was delivered to XXXXXXXXX and part - WJN 000030 was ordered from Westover (Christchurch) Land Rover, the local main dealers. They advised that the part was on 'back order' with an expected delivery of 29th January. 

I was advised that there were no available parts in the UK so there was no alternative but to await delivery. 

Week ending 29th January 2010: I contacted XXXXXXXXXX for a progress report.  They were again advised by Westover (Christchurch), that the part was still on back order and delivery date had been put back to the 26th February. Again I was told there were no other spares in the UK so 'to be patient'.  


22nd February 2010 am: I contacted XXXXXXXX for progress and to ask when my car would be ready for collection. 

To my anger and distress I was advised delivery was now the 12th March, but Westover (Christchurch) had also told them to inform me 'not to expect delivery until at least the middle of March'. Hearing I would be without my car for a further four weeks I aksed for the contact details of Land Rover customer services.

22nd February 2010 pm: I telephoned Land Rover Customer Services Centre and updated Mr XXXXXX about my experiences related to Land Rover's after care service.  

During this telephone call with Mr XXXXXX, I was cut off three times, the computer system went down three times and I had to ring back at my expense several times each time having to repeat the same information! 

I stressed both the financial problems and inconvenience that I have experienced since not having my car and the impact upon my business and home life. 

He advised me it was the repairing garages responsibility to provide me with a courtesy car and advised me Land Rover were unable to provide one to me. 

He stated he would put my requirement at the top of the list and promised to locate a spare part.

24th February 2010: Mr XXXXXX contacted me to inform that a spare had been located and it would be delivered to XXXXXXX on the 26th February via Westover (Christchurch).  I understand he also advised Westover (Christchurch) to expect the delivery, advising them to forward it to XXXXXXXXX immediately.

I informed XXXXXXX of the news and as a result, my car was booked in for repair on the afternoon of the 26th with the completion date to be no later than the 2nd March. 

With this information, I went ahead and booked work with clients based in London and Essex on the 3rd and 4th March.  

26th February 2010: 

10.00: XXXXXXX rang me and informed me that the part had not arrived. 

10.15: I contacted Mr XXXXX who informed me that 'he was aware of the situation and he was 'trying to locate the part as it was lost'. 

13.30, Mr XXXXX re-contacted me to say the part was lost, but he hoped to find it and send it on 1st March. 

16.00 Mr XXXXXX rang again to say part was untraceable. He hoped to locate one for delivery middle of week beginning 1st March. He apologised for the inconvenience and suggested I ask XXXXXXX for a courtesy car!

He promised to ring me on 1st March 2010 to update me with any news. 

1st March 2010

13.30: I contacted Mr XXXXXX. He told me he had been in meetings but intended to chase up the situation in the afternoon.

16.00: Message left by Mr XXXXXX on my phone to say the parts department were still unable trace a part. He would contact me when one is located.

4th March 2010

Mr XXXXXXX rang me. He informed of the following:

. He was still unsure of when I would receive the required part for my car and apologised - he said he had tried to do everything he could.

. Land Rover Parts Departments had assured him it would be possible to fit a non-Land Rover part to my car and I should instruct my garage to do so. 

. Land Rover Parts Department had informed him that the reason for the delay was the age of my vehicle - it is old (W reg/2000).

My responses to Mr Britpal for each of the above was as follows:

. Was the part he had originally sourced 'fiction?' If not, he should be able to source another one.

. Had he located where the first one that 'had been sent' had been delivered to?

. My garage had already tried on a number of occasions to source a non-Land Rover spare but due to the non-existence of the Land Rover versions there are no non-Land Rover versions left.

. My car is 10 years old! Is it a good idea to inform a Land Rover customer that once their vehicle reaches ten years old it will be unable to get spares for it - and I should resign myself to having to scrap it? 

On hearing this I suggested he say no more in case he said anything else he may regret for inclusion in this letter.

In summary:

The 'loss' of the part on 26th February summarises my dealings with Land Rover and is both inexcusable and farcical. 

My mechanics are helpless to repair my car without the part and Land Rover appears unable to source or supply one. 

It is impossible to adequately describe the stress and frustration I have experienced in the last 8 weeks. 

As a result, I am writing to request compensation in recognition of both the financial and emotional stress I have experienced as a result of Land Rovers complete inability to provide the level of after care service expected of a company of its size and reputation.

Compensation requested:

Loss of earnings:

. The Jan - April quarter is traditionally the busiest for my company and I rely on it as the foundation for my annual earnings.

During the same quarter during the years 2005-2009 my weekly earnings are an average of £XXXX per week. 

During the same quarter in 2010 I have earned £XXXX - less than I normally earn in a week!

Compensation requested (to date): £XXXX

Road tax      

. Had I known the length of the delay I would encounter from the original breakdown to now,  I would have informed the DVLA and taken a statutory off road notice (SORN) for 2 months of road tax. 

As it is, the car remains taxed (and on a garage forecourt) and is due to require re-taxing in April - if and when it is ever repaired.

Compensation requested: £XX (to increase at £XX for each month rising to reimbursement of the full cost of re-taxing if not repaired before road tax expires)

Cost of repair

. When a part is eventually supplied I will be expected to pay for the repair. Given the severe financial impact arising from the situation I no longer have access to spare cash. T. Johnsons have advised me that the cost of repair will be between £XXX and £XXX. 

     I believe that Land Rover should meet the cost of the repair. 

Compensation requested: £XXX-XXX (to be paid to T.Johnsons upon completion of repair)

Courtesy car

. At the time of writing I have been without a car for 8 weeks. At no point have I had or been offered a replacement vehicle. 

On several occasions my husband has taken annual leave in order for me to have access to his car - this situation is not acceptable or able to continue. 

I understand Mr XXXX asked if Land Rover could supply one but the request was rejected. 

Compensation requested: A courtesy car to be provided immediately until my car is repaired to start with immediate effect.

Emotional stress and inconvenience

. In addition to the above, I have a good claim for additional compensation to reimburse me for the inconvenience and stress related to the last 8 weeks. I have had to borrow money from my family and sold very personal objects in order to pay the mortgage and feed my family. 

At this time I am not requesting additional compensation to that detailed above. However, If the situation is not resolved quickly and I have to resort to the actions listed below, further compensation will be included.

In summary, as a result of Land Rovers inability to firstly supply and subsequently 'misplacing part WJN 000030' I have experienced:

. Severe financial stress due to my lack of earnings 

. Emotional stress due to the length of the situation 

. Ongoing inability to plan or progress any new work due to not knowing when repair will take place

. Damage to the reputation of my business

. Inability to attend home/family/school events

. Wasted time spent making/chasing telephone calls, writing letters, etc in an attempt to resolve the situation 

I am sure you will agree that it is totally unacceptable for ANY car owner to have to wait 8 weeks for a spare for their car. This is even worse when the car is backed with the international reputation and size of a company such as Land Rover. 

I am a member of an equine forum which includes hundreds of Land Rover owners and as a result of my ongoing saga these people are already aware of the appalling customer care I have received and will now think twice about buying or replacing their Land Rover cars. I know you will agree this is very poor marketing and not the picture Land Rover would want to promote.

If in the next seven days I do not receive either a response to this letter/and or a satisfactory offer I will have no alternative but to:

. Contact my solicitor in order to pursue a compensation claim in the small claims court. 

. Inform my local newspaper, The Bournemouth Echo ( where Westover Christchurch are located) 

. Send copies of the case history to the BBC television programmes, Watch Dog and Top Gear

. Approach BBC South Today and Inside Out production teams

This additional negative publicity will reflect badly upon Land Rover's reputation as a company who looks after its customers. 

I am very disappointed to find myself in this impossible position, but I have been left with no alternative but to write and ask for your involvement. 

In reference to both the poor customer care from Customer Services Centre and the inability of your spares division to supply and then 'lose' the part, I look forward to hearing how your company intends to compensate me. 

With best wishes,


futher information

Was contacted by Land Rover CRC again today. Still no idea when part will be delivered as the supplier hasn't started producing any yet. Mr XXXX was very aggresive on the phone as I criticised how he was handling my case. I had to remind him I was the customer! Totally frustrated. Asked again for a courtesy car. LR CRC advised that is the responsibility of my local dealership. Mr XXXXX contacted them and they said as car wasnt in warranty they would not supply one. Still no response to the above letter. Apparently I will get one by the end of the week.

landrover nightmare

yes i am having the same trouble with my dealership.in aberdeen total idiots and rip off mechants i am having an argument with them at moment about the cost of repairs . they are not mechanics they are spare part tecnitions ,so cant repaire anything so they just replace it and bill custermer this is the last disco 3 i will own my old landrover was ten years old ,and twice as reliable can you get in touch with me on this subgect cheers carol

Landrover now worst car owned

I can sympathise with you, I am on my 5th Landrover and after the last two disco 3,s they have gone from a car I loved to something I cannot wait to get rid. both were from new, one burst in to flame whilst driving along and this one at four years old is costing thousands in repairs in thought I have extended warranty. keep up the good fight, but I am off to Toyota.

totally discusted

I am having the same problems. I have contacted the bbc and the ftc. Who do I need to talk to nxt? The stess the lies being late to work walking in 94 degree weather. Please give me info on someone in a higher postion with a compassionate heart

Freelancer and Evoque

I am the not so proud owner of firstly an Evoque which broke down constantly leaving me stranded on a fishing trip off the beaten track at Muir of Ord,having to call out the Landrover Technician on numerous occasions, to the extent he advised that I take the vehicle back to the Dealership in Aberdeen for them to deal with, on the way back the alarm kept flashing on the screen that the battery was low, so I drove into the garage and handed over the keys to the totally unreliable Evoque. I have since purchased a Freelander 2HSE, which is what I had been driving previously ( this is my 7th) and guess what, it has had a few visits to the hospital! I now have intermittent touch screen reception, no phone, no sat nav etc., I have sent 3 e-mails to the manager at Aberdeen, but no response, disgusting for a vehicle that cost me £39500.00 , the Evoque cost more than that, but was offered no compensation for all the inconvenience of not having a reliable car, nor the difference in price.

Freelancer and Evoque

I am the not so proud owner of firstly an Evoque which broke down constantly leaving me stranded on a fishing trip off the beaten track at Muir of Ord,having to call out the Landrover Technician on numerous occasions, to the extent he advised that I take the vehicle back to the Dealership in Aberdeen for them to deal with, on the way back the alarm kept flashing on the screen that the battery was low, so I drove into the garage and handed over the keys to the totally unreliable Evoque. I have since purchased a Freelander 2HSE, which is what I had been driving previously ( this is my 7th) and guess what, it has had a few visits to the hospital! I now have intermittent touch screen reception, no phone, no sat nav etc., I have sent 3 e-mails to the manager at Aberdeen, but no response, disgusting for a vehicle that cost me £39500.00 , the Evoque cost more than that, but was offered no compensation for all the inconvenience of not having a reliable car, nor the difference in price.

2011 sport - absolute waste of £45k

Purchased my car in June last year. Car was 12 months old. In the first 6 months I had the owing faults - wheel alignment fault (told didnt have enough pressure in!), front and back brake lights replacement, fuel gauge problems, engine light come on, fault with fuel gauge caused me to drive car for few days with no petrol even though showed half tank, radio/tv/phone system not working fully. Been advised update to fix not available until they have updated cars aged 2012-2014. All I get from land rover is dealers problem, dealer who is hatfields are useless! Between land rover and hatfields they are infuriating. Both their engineers failed to pick up the wheel alignment which had been out 12 months before I got a forensic engineer. Land rover seem to think not their problem as warranty covers all the faults on the overrated, ridiculously priced non-prestige vehicle as they call it. I am now trying to sell but can't privately as the update not available. If any one can help please! Thanks - if not steer clear of land rover!

Land Rover Cars

My 2006 Reg. Discovery has just been sent for a service to the L/R dealer where it was purchased in 2006, & they inform me that it is not worth repairing. It has done less than 40k miles & never been in an accident.

Range rover 2010

Yes indeed. It looks that There is a major problem with the services they provide to their customers. I myself bought a new Range Rover 2010 in 2010 from the local Dealer (AlGanim) in Kuwait. From the date I bought this damn car I change the oil and filter every 8 thousands kilos in their carage. After the pass of two years. The Desk office informed me that the warranty is expired!!!!. And I have to pay around 900 dollars to renew it. I asked why and how? They told me I didn't bring the car for the complete service while I still bring the car to them every 8-10 thousands kilos. I talked to everyone. I told them why don't you call me or send messages they said they are sorry. It is a computer mistake. but still you lost your warranty. I do not understand. After a while I knew that not only me who suffer from such stupid decisions. I need to contact the Headquarters of Range rover and I will. Do you knew if you buy a range from the Agent and decided to sell it after one month. do you knew that you loose 50% of its price. even if you take it to its agent they will cut same percentage. And this is why the reputation of this car in Kuwait is zero. Its it beautiful car and girls love it. but they always cry after just one year or two of buying it. There is nothing with car but the problem always with Agent itself I need help do something with this damn AlGanim Agent who has no respect at all to customers after they buy their cars. They knew they are mistaken but they insist for what they call a fine or a penalty. Thanks

Poor Service Standards for Range Rover in Qatar

The Range Rover Service in Doha, Qatar is pathetic. The AlFardan Service Centres don't bother to respond once you give the car. MY Car is in service for almost 8 days just for a Power Window Switch replacement. There is no clarity on when the car will be ready for pickup. The same Switch was replaced just one month ago. Initiaally the Driver side Switch Block had a problem with the switch to operate the co-driver side window. Now after replacing the switch assembly the problem shifted to the driver side window itself. Its terrible inconvenience when you cant open the window at parking lots for tickets and for payments. The Warranty aprovals from UK are a major delay in overall service timings.

Evoque Complaint

Since the purchase of the vehicle at 7000 kilos, have struggled and even missed my important work related meetings and budget speeches due to bad service in South Africa Land Rover Menlyn. First was the radio system which decided not to work any longer. The car was booked with them but struggled to get assistance until I threaten them with ombudsman. Now i7 October 2014, its booked for turbo installation but to date was called for a courtesy car of which they will keep my car for three to four days. Must I stay without a car or talk to the bank that financed my car to tell them about the challenges. Very disappointed cause was approved by other brands of which I think by today would be giving me a better treatment as their client Will never recommend it to my family members to purchase it in future Regards Bafedile Moselane



Range Rover Vogue

Two year old New type vogue. In the last 3 months broken down 9 times same fault, Land Rover does not know what is causing it !! Car has been in the Garage 61 days out of the last 80. Land Rover HQ not helpful or sympathetic at all, I have had 8 Range Rovers in total I am completely and utterly disgusted at there attitude. I expected better, I am of course fighting them every way I can !!

steering column

WE bought a Range Rover used, from a dealer. After a number of days in the shop for check engine light, numerous failures occurred. After the warrantee ran out, the steering column dropped in my lap. The height adjust depends on a tang that is in a die casting. It is almost a guaranteed failure. The new column here is $4500+ installation. I told the leasing company to pick it up and they are suing me for$10,000. Happy motoring. You guys are far too patient. This kind of service does not command respect.

Land Rover Service or lack of..

Privately owned Freelander 2 from Landrove Dealer in Slough. Recently taken over by another company. What a disaster.. This new company (I believe to be of Hong Kong ownership) has ruined the what was, an excellent dealership. I cannot understand why Land Rover, or any other manufacturer to be honest, can invest in the technology and move forward with engineering of amazing cars and yet, FAIL so catastrophically when it comes to SERVICE. Is it so hard to set up a national service hotline and be able to call this number 24/7 and then have the opportunity to request an available "slot" at a local service centre? I have to wait 16 days to get my car in so that they can sort out why I cannot use my key to open the car. Is it such a hard system to arrange? I have to waste valuable time ringing around the local areas and ask if there is an available slot for me to have my car and keys checked, investigated and corrected? This could invalidate my insurance, is preventing me from working and having read some of the comments above, I am one of the least affected but surely, someone in Landrover UK could try this suggestion..? Good luck everyone.. Sadly my dream car has become a nightmare and all down to the Service departments

discovery4 / 2010manual

i have acaravan twin axle weighing 1.5 tons loaded / whenever i tow caravan or trailer the clutch slips for litraley seconds then alright / also gones into limp mode when it feels like / very dangerous situation

range rover sport

i have been having serious problems with my range rover sport for the past 10.000 km. it broke down 4 times and every time i had repair costs that were above 2000 euros. the last time it was broken i asked for it to be repaired in warranty and to be recalled from the manufacturer as it is not normal that a v8 motor of 90.000 km could seriously brake down 4 times. land rover service in Italy refused to give me any help or official assistance. So when you buy a range rover sport 3.6 liter with a v8 engine just know that you will be able to use it for only 80.000 km.Aftet that you can sell it to speare parts if you dont want to spend another 20.000 euros in reparations that have no follow up warranty. .i strongly advise to think 10 times before you even buy a land rover product as you don t have any support or understanding from customer service or manufacturer.

New Land Rover Discovery Sport March 2015

HELP - Is there anyone out there that has recently bought the above vehicle and has the same problems as me ? My big issue is the useless SAT NAV. -It has NO names of villages, towns or cities on it. So if you do not know where you are, the SAT NAV can't tell you either. I have to use my iPhone MAPS to tell me !! - It takes you down the smallest roads possible and gives you no alternative to use a major road. - It only randomly names roads, not every road that you pass. - It uses phrases like: turnpike & calls the numbers on roads by the thousands instead of single digit named roads. - It can't find villages that have been in this country for centuries ie. Sutton Benger (it can't find) I have asked the dealer if there is a software upgrade to rectify this deficiency and all they are saying is that Land Rover are not answering their fault complaint. I have reported it 3 times to the dealer and they are now saying there is nothing they can do. I have written to Land Rover customer service and had no reply. Can anyone advise/suggest what I can do to sort this out. At the moment my £36k car has a useless SAT NAV and I can't find where I'm going with it.

Freelander 2 Diff

Another Freelander 2 with a diff that has failed at 60k. Not been used off road nor for towing. Interested to know any other experience with / response from the company. It is clearly a recognised fault. . I will be writing this weekend.

Corruption in Land Rover and Range Rover heirarchy

I own a Freelander 2 HSE 2012...... Where do I begin? Should I start with the UK dealer or the Bulgarian Dealer? The first sold me the car with faulty paintwork and related it to "some one poured some paint corrosive liquid and polished it, insinuating that I sabotaged my car!?" and kept it for a week to repaint the back door after admitting there was a paint fault with the original paint work. I gave up pursuing the matter with them, determined not to deal with them any more than ordering the parts I need, or not so. Today, in Bulgaria Varna, I took the car in for an arranged appointment at 2:00 pm to have a fault diagnosis of the "Special Terrain Assistance programme. It took the technician 15 minutes to do the pre-examination paper work which included my ID! Then left the car parked at the door of the garage but partly obscured from my sight in the upstairs cafee/waiting room for 1 and a half hours!!!! then it was driven in only for the technicians to take a break! one of them went in to connect it to his diagnostic laptop but could not waste his time waiting for the programme to complete, so he commenced having his lunch sandwich and drink while leaning at the driver's door. 15 minutes later he completed the diagnosis and lifted the car to have a look under the rear axle. After bringing the car down to ground he casually strolled to the tech room and disappeared for another 15 minutes. I went downstairs to check with the first technician, who informed me that they will bring the car out in a minute and gave me the paper work less the tech report to pay at the cashier's. He also told me that it will cost me the equivalent of £500.00 for parts and labour to replace a pump in the system near the back axle, including the pump, three bolts and a rubber gasket. My guess only the gasket and the bolts are needed! But how would I know that the pump was replaced? (they thought, I am only a stupid person to pay such money for such a car ;). I left it at that since I already don't trust them. As I approached my car I noticed that the fuel cap cover was missing. I did not touch the car or open it and went back to the technician to let him know. He immediately said that I may have bought it in that condition, huh, as if! I showed him evidence that the rain shower which had fallen while the car was parked outside the garage did not fill in the inside of the cap compartment but only the outside rim? He went to check the CCTV footage. Meanwhile I proceeded to the service manager and informed him of the situation. He immediately accompanied me to the CCTV room and searched for evidence of my entrance to the garage with his other 3 colleagues. He came out to confirm that the cover was there when I went in, so "some one in that dealership is a thief" I said. He told me that it may have fallen while they took it to the garage from a bump!!!! ( I told you they thought I was stupid?) They came back to say that they could not find it and they will replace it at their expence (What? did they expect me to pay for it too? Nooo, that was it) I told them that they have a major problem in their dealership and garage and I am pursuing it with LR-J further. This is one of the last remaining British institutions ........ our government has washed their hands from it ...... I suspect that some one is trying to devalue it's shares and quality in order for it to be bought cheaply by a foreign friend who will consequently make them millionaires? and we are the victims along with our devalued pride and joy, not to be. I shall get this well built car fixed and treated properly by my mechanic who takes care of it like his own baby. But dealerships and LR-J HQ are in the darker grey area of trust now. Expensive good cars but shappy service!

Freelander 2 transmission fault

Almost 4 year old Freelander 2-signal came up transmission fault transaction reduced. 23k miles & towing a light caravan.Apart from warning signal no other indicators of problem. After googling seems to be a common and mystifying problem-solved by anything from new battery/new sensor/new coupling. My L. Rover engineers recommend new coupling cost £500 (inc labour)-not happy. This better work-worth asking L. Rover for contribution. Appears to

Discovery 3

Bought a Disco 3 8 months ago. 1st issue: Module fault, caused engine power problems cost me nearly £500. The warrrenty the sold me for £500 didnt cover it. 2nd issue: sold me the vehicle with wrong number plate. 3rd issue: just under 6 months of having it, electronic hand brake failure, cost me £1200, warrenty didnt cover it. Now 4th issue: engine fault. The Land Rover dealership are taking no responsability in them selling me a faulty vehicle which has had 4 major issues in the 8 months I have owned it.

Land Rover Discovery sport Hse and 2015 Land Rover

I bought a Discovery Sport Lux Hse all tailored and suit to my needs but it was a faulty car after paying a hefty sum for it 48,000.00pounds. After having the car for two weeks it started to play up. While driving the car thick black smoke was emitting from the engine, .By the time I reached at Middlesbourgh car park I screamed at my children, and told them to get out of the car. The smell was so unbearable and the engine was extremely hot. The next day while driving the car, I press the brake and it was still moving and luckily the car did not hit me at the junction. Thn I went to Strastone Garage and complaint . I then change for a bigger car for safety that was Land Rover Dicovery SDV6. You wont believe it I took deliveryof this vehicle on the 10/12/15 and now its giving some problem. It over a month. I was driving from Teeside and realised a red warning appearing on the screen " Coolant level Low" .The very morning I took it to Land Rover Garage. The technician topped up the coolant and said it wont happen again. The very same day while driving the warning sign appeared again. I had to stop the car a t a safe place and call for the bREAKDOWN Service. He topped up with water. He was shocked and told me it should never happen to a brand new car. This morning I had to take it to the garage and let them do the investigation. Believe me or not the engine gets very very hot, so much so everything goes haywire. Never want to buy a Land Rover in my life. anymore. The new technology with cars are actually getting worse and stressing one's life. I have lost hope and confidence. I will go for Toyota or Honda, which I will never regret.


Not sure how much the service is different in North America but if it is so bad in UK, the "home" country for these vehicles...I am not sure I would even consider LR in Canada. Thanks for the story.


To be honest they are worst at almost everything my range rover sport is most un reliable car I've ever owned it's spent more time at the solihull dealers then my drive! they took it in and damaged it now they won't even fix the car

2013 Defender

I sympathise with all the above. Head gasket went on my Defender. The Oxfordshire garage where it is being repaired have had it over 3 weeks now. Told me twice it would be ready but it hasn't been. I need a vehicle that can tow for my business. I was, in fairness, offered a Range Rover but it had no tow bar so useless. I have had to pay a subcontractor to do deliveries for me so I don't let customers down and lose business. The after care service from Land Rover is atrocious. They can't wait to flog you a vehicle but don't want to know you when it goes wrong and regard you as a nuisance. If Skoda sold something the equivalent to a Defender I'd be off to them. Their customer service is excellent as is their after sales service. They bend over backwards to help. Land Rover should send their staff to Skoda for lessons.

2006 RRS Supercharged

Hi All Mine seems quite minor to what some of you guys have suffered, I have an RRS Super and to be fair it has been quite reliable its a 2006 with 70K on it now in 2016 so far its had new disc and pads all round, new battery, Air suspension re-prog (to stop the faults), and it has now just had the electronic break unit fail (I don't use it anyway but I'm sure MOT wont see it that way! ITs been ok really but my gripe is that the SATNAV updates always seem to behind all the other MFRS so the map is not up to date and LR seem to not be bothered at supporting this for older cars yet the older Range Rovers uses a BMW Satnav so these get updated regular. IT seems stupid to upgrade the car just cos the satnav is out of date which is what I guess LR expect you to do! Its a wonder who LandRover has become even more popular when the service is so bad!

MD contact

I have been trying endlessly to find the MD's name at Jaguar Land Rover......... can you help? Thanks

Immobiliser Defender 110

Defender bought from new, less than 25,000 on clock, immobiliser failed !! Insurers took 6 weeks to confirm not covered. £1295.00 to Land Rover thank you very much. No explanation, just failed, well I think £1295.00 is worth some explanation, but of course dealing with Land Rover they don't really think this is necessary, my goodness how stupid are we as Customers to buy this rot, off to Toyota !

Terrible And Arrogant

Harwoods of Coulsdon, Surrey. 25 minutes to Park. 11 minutes wait for a parts agent. Told me he was too busy to accept my parts order. Unwilling to answer basic questions. I asked what coolant to use. I was told that they didn't know as it came in a box. I was angered to the point of using unpleasant language which is out of my normal character. I have spent over 80k pounds on Landrovers in recent years and as far as Harwoods staff are concerned I am small potatoes. Without being vindictive but purely observational, they will all be out of a job very soon unless they change their attitude to us poor customers.....


If I had a pound for the number of people who raise all these valid complaints and yet go out and buy another Land Rover, thinking somehow it will be different this time. You are either daft, or you need the security of a "prestige" badge in the drive. Land Rover use posh to advertize the Evoque and they sell an image. It is because of these people or their partners, that Land Rover behave as they do. The only people you impress by having a Land Rover in your drive are not worth trying to impress.

Panaramic roof and Smart Cover

On reflection after being a loyal land rover customer paying all insurances &Smart Cover etc and owing at least six vehicles with the same dealership I was very disappointed when I found a crack in my panoramic roof . I had absolutely no idea how this had happened and I was more upset than anything because I pride in my car and look after it to the best of my ability. I made an appointment for a specialist to look at the damage only to be told it wasn't a manufacturing fault so I would have to pay the full amount ball park (two thousand pounds) my car is only a 16 plate and far from cheep to buy . I did contact the customer services and to be fair they did contact the dealership to ask if I was a client and would they mind if Land Rover gave me some help towards the cost ,they offered 50% and the dealership said they could only stretch to10 % as they had to get other specialists to come in to do the job / the bill still stands at £ 800 for me to pay out on top of the Smart insurance and finance costs per month plus the debate about the cleanness of diesel and the wory of the glass falling in when I am driving is very worrying.

Range Rover Sport

My Range Rover Sport has been the worst landrover I have ever had in 40 years of owning land rovers. This car has been to the dealership over 16 times in the 3 years from new .Its latest visit I have been advised it need a new rear diff at a cost of £2600. The problem with the noise from the rear has been going on since last year .They have carried out work on the diff on 2 occasions while the car was still under warranty .the car is now out of warranty by 20 weeks . The dealership will not acknowledge this should be dealt with under warranty and at this moment Landrover are of the same opinion .Still battling on

2017 Range Rovers are a death trap

Purchased a brand new 105k Range Rover Vogue Autobiography. Taken to Listers Solihull dealership for servicing and repairs (as you know all Range Rovers come with a long list of manufacturing defects, electrical faults and engine problems). Every time I've received my car back from Listers Solihull they've damaged something else. I consider myself lucky to still be alive to say the least; (1) Whilst driving on the motorway at 80mph my bonnet unlatched itself. But when I contacted JLR they said this was a minor incident and the bonnet needed adjusting (2) I was sold the car with run flat tyres, yet whilst driving on the motorway at 70mph my tyre popped (with no warning on the display, before and after) I was trying to control the car whilst on the alloy wheel (all I could see was sparks from my wheel as the alloy wheel was screeching against the road. I just about managed to safely get on to the hard shoulder - emailed the dealership no reply, contacted JLR - no reply (3) Whilst driving on the motorway a red warning message ‘Engine overheating’, I contacted JLR was told to take the car to a dealership. The car was recovered to the famous Listers Solihull. They carried out a 50 mile test drive (fuel at my expense) and said they couldn’t find a fault with it. I luckily took a picture of the warning message and showed to the service advisor whom still advised there was nothing wrong with my vehicle. He couldn’t explain why the message was displayed on the screen. (4) Yesterday, (10 days after receiving my car back from Listers Solihull) whilst driving on the third lane of the Motorway, I experienced another near death incident. Whilst travelling at 80mph to overtake a vehicle in the 2nd lane, I merged on to the third lane, whilst doing so my car lost all power and the speed dropped down to 20mph. A message on the dashboard read ‘restricted performance’ . The vehicle behind me nearly collided in to the back of me, the driver had to swerve in to the left lane to avoid a collision. I quickly switched on my hazards and was left stranded in the third lane with restricted speed to 20mph. Vehicles were having to go past me in the left lane. Once I found it safe to do so merged on to the hard shoulder.  The level of service received from Listers Solihull, Lancaster Erdington, Marshall Peterborough dealerships and JLR Customer Relations has been dreadful. I have 22 other defects with the vehicle! RANGE ROVERS ARE A DEATH TRAP. IF YOU OWN ONE AND DON'T CURRENTLY HAVE ANY PROBLEMS WITH IT CONSIDER YOURSELF VERY LUCKY. #JLRDEATHTRAP #JLR #LANDROVER My solicitors have written 33 letter and phone calls to JLR still not been able to come to a resolution as they take months to reply to letters, calls and emails. We have now issued court proceedings.

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