2004 Land Rover Discovery

Back in mid 2007, I purchased a 2004 Land Rover Discovery SE7. The car originally came from the Los Angeles Land Rover dealer, Land Rover Encino. For the most part, I had good experiences with LR Encino, with the notable exception of a 2003 Range Rover that was supposed to have been "certified pre-owned". Within two weeks the "certified" differential broke. The dealer's explaintion was "these things happen".

I made the pruchase of the used 2004 Disco with 30,000 miles. After two and one half years and 100,000 miles I find myself in need of installing a FOURTH engine. All engines have failed for the same reason. The engine heads have all failed.

In addition to the engines, I have replaced the emission system once and have had the differential rebuilt.

Am I the only one who has had this experience?

2004 Disco SE

I to have to replace my motor because of factory defective cylinder sleeves. It was in six times under warranty for a ticking noise in the motor and never fixed. After warranty at 62,000 miles it became worse. They told me a cylinder sleeve dropped and I would have to replace the motor.

2004 LR Discovery

I just got my Discovery back from have the differential replaced. I likewise had the engine head replaced. I just wonder what will be next.

2003 LR Disco Gearbox

has anyone had any problems with either of the gearboxes? my car starts shaking/vibrating after I hit 45MPH. I've also replaced two head gaskets within the past six months. Just wondering if anyone else has issues like these with the LR disco 2002-2004
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