Autocar Respond!

We emailed Steve Cropley of Autocar regarding the various problems outlined on this site.
"Hi Steve
You keep saying how great these cars are and I actually bought one on your recommendation.
I am so disappointed that we have experienced constant problems plus bad service and a general uninterested and unhelpful attitude from Land Rover Spain and Land Rover head office in the U.K."

Steve Cropley said, "Sorry to hear that. I’ll pass on your experience to my contacts."

We look forward to hearing from them then!

Fob off!!

Dont think he will! Looks like a fob off.

It started with no power pulling away from a junct

Could you please post my comments below and maybe direct me to anyone that can help solve the faults please. I have experienced similar problems. It started with no power pulling away from a junction and over time the Sat Navigation shut down and display screen went black. At the same time the CD player, sound system and internal functions stopped working. The car became un-drivable. I called the RAC and they fixed all the problems by disconnecting the battery for a couple of minutes. The car was ok working as new but after a week the problems are beginning to show again. Has anyone found-out what the problem is and how to repair it please.

Disco 4

Hi, I have just put £500 deposit on New Disco 4 XS. Have had landrovers in the past from new and used to trips to the dealer with warranty issues. Has the new D4 with V6 Jag engine overcome previous issues or should I just admit defeat before taking delivery and hope for deposit return. 2 out of the last 3 landrovers owned have all had major issues and breakdowns and familiar with having unreliable landrovers. I was hoping the new disco 4 would overcome the nightmare landrovers of the past. Could I be wrong, can someone give me a positive. I am trading a Q5 which has been trouble free from day one and now a year old. I have got a scary feeling about D4.
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