Land Rover Discovery Clutch park brake issues

After owning a TDI, and then a TD5 it was only natural for us to move on to a TDV6.  On purchase of the car I loved it!.

I bought the car Oct,08 and I have had to return the car for problems with the rear release button on the tailgate, fuel cap release kept getting stuck.

I have called out Assist 3 times for a park brake fault which also included the screeching symptom.  My car is at a LR garage as I type and they called to say that there cld be a clutch problem and they asked me to auth a £250+vat fee for the strip down, they explnd if I need a new clutch and it is not down to wear and tear then all costs covered.  Otherwise, I will have to pay for all costs.  I have NOT agreed to the charge as I strongly feel that on a 2008 TDV6 with 20k on the clock that it shld not need a new clutch and suggested that it cld be a product fault as opposed to me riding the clutch which I do not do.

So now I am stuck, the garage have asked me to collect the car as they cant do anything with it unless I auth the strip down fee.  But, after trawling the internet I have a very strong feeling that they are going to say I do need a new clutch which is down to wear and tear and that I have to cough up. I will not give up without a fight and I intend to go down to the garage to have it out with them again.  If anyone can give me any advice on what I cld do that wld be fantastic.  I was looking to move upto a Range Rover at some point, but, now they can sod off.

thanks Donna

disco 3 clutch

i have 09 disco 3 its just had a new clutch and flywheel at 6,000 miles under waranty is this normal wear and tear. NO i suspect not. I also had 07 disco 3 that did 29,000 with no problems at all !!

Disco clutch

I've got a disco 3, 2007 plate. Have had all the same problems as you describe, tailgate, fuel cap, also problem with suspension and now clutch has gone at 31k. Am battling it out with land rover as this is quite clearly a product fault as i'm reading of lots of people with the same problems. Hope you get it sorted

park brake problem

i had the same screeching problem - the garage replaced the park brake mechanism - but there was stil a problem - eventually they tracked the problem to an incorrect brake light bulb that they claim caused the issue - i dont know if this is true or not, but i havent had the problem since.

clutch park brake isues

I had the same issue with a sceeching park brake and gear change issues. After changing the park brake mechanism which didnt solve the problem, the fault was traced to an incorrect brake light bulb, which on being replaced seem to solve the problem

Discovery Clutch

My disco 3 has been plagued with clutch and hand brake auto release problems it is an 07 plate and done 41k it has one clutch and needs another why should I pay for another clutch when it is obviously a product fault?

Discovery 3

Thought I was alone out here as my dealer claims not to have come across this problem ! New clutch fitted for previous owner at 74,000 mls. Now at 77,000 and clutch all but disappeared while reversing light trailer. Came back when it cooled down, but I can still smell it. This is a vehicle which is supposed to have a 3.5 tonne towing capacity. Have had 6 Range Rovers and 3 Discos and only ever replaced one clutch - as a precaution when overhauling gearbox. Otherwise I love it !

Discovery 3

my landrover is an 06 plate. i had to have the handbake repaired as it came on then would not release, then a month later the clutch went on it! it had only done just over 30k miles, also i could not open the tailgate so this had to be repaired! my petrol cap sticks sometimes so i have to keep locking the car and unlocking untill it free's itself! as i write this the parkbrake has a fault once again! When are landrover going to admit theres a problem and recall these landrovers!!


I have owned a brand new Disco 4 2.7 GS (Manual) from 29-Jan-10, I have had problems with the Park Brake Release from the second month of owning! It has been in and out of the garage no fewer than 10 times for the same fault. Land Rover originally blamed me for "riding the clutch". I did not expect this kind of treatment from "Land Rover the Brand!" They are no longer making a 2.7 manual due to the amount of problems they have had, this is from the dealer himself!!! Just a shame he never told me that before I bought it. Land Rover should have done the decent thing and recalled this product until it was sorted out.

Discovery hand brake failure

Enquiry:G'day. I am in Australia and have had the usual heap of issues with my D3. Now I am up for a new handbrake module which is $2000 AUS supplied and fitted. I keep hearing "is it fit for purpose"? Has anyone won a case on this basis against Land Rover stating that as a 4wd you should be able to go through a muddy puddle without the hand brake ( a safety device) failing? I am thinking of challenging them here but can't believe someone has not already done it somewhere else?? Cheers

recall brakes

last year car was recalled for brake vacume i was driving and my brakes failed luckly no one hurt and land rover have looked at car and said "brake vac pump inop causing hard brake." and car is not covered surely as this was the recall they should fix what should i do.

handbrake and tailgate 07 discovery 3

we are the second owners of a discovery 3 07 model with less than 57,000 on the clock. We have full service history and are in contact with previous owner, the vehicle has had extensive handbrake problems under warantee and has had the handbrake module replaced a year ago. We are now up for replacing the module again after experiencing screeching noices and handbrake stuck on even the release wouldn't give! we brought the vehicle in warantee and just 8 weeks out the tailgate doesn't release and $400 later (from australia) and 10 weeks out the handbrake module needs replacing AGAIN 1 yr later. Yesterday we were refused by landrover australia on a goodwill request from our local dealer, so now have written a letter and waiting for a reply..... very distressed and worrried it is the start of a long list of complaints...


Same old crap from the dealer & Land Rover, I have a disco 3 2007 and on starting the engine on an off day the pre-heater starts up, thats ok but the fumes enter the passenger and drivers area, been back to the dealer 3 times now lost count, this is the most distressing fault, the other faults well, if theirs a good lawyer out there come on can we not challenge L/R.


Got 2005 discovery has had 2 clutches fly wheel heater not working and now boot doors wont open. worst car ever had

gearbox hanbreak engine

owned my landrover 3 series for 3 years have had crossover turbo pipes fitted 4 times 2clutches duel mass flywheel 2handbreaks cuts out more times than i can remember air con fault suspension fault i think these cars are a death trap and are made to fleese you in my opinon a total bag shit to many electronic relient parts involved have spent thousands british engineering ive shit em dont ever buy one

Discovery 3 Clutch replacement

In the South of France when I had a warning message to say that my auto hand brake release was faulty. Rang LR who said it was safe to drive home. Charged me £100 to check and discovered that I needed a new clutch and fly wheel (£1500) This is my forth Disco ( Manual 2008) and never had a problem with a clutch before. After 36k miles this unacceptable. I have asked for compensation from LR and await their reply!

Disco 3

I have an06 discovery with only 45000 miles on clock and a full service history owning the car since 10000 miles. The park brake has for the second time been screeching and jammed on and has needed a full kit replacement. Any advice as to how to log an effective complaint with land rover. When will they ever do a recall for this product fault.

discovery 4

i have a discovery 4 2010 model with 21000 miles,never towed anything,and it is in having a new clutch as i type.i had the park brake fault 3 times which they said was because i must ride the clutch.the last time i advised them the biting point was getting higher all the time,but they just reset the fault.i cant belive a quality clutch plate would wear out so soon,what parts are they using now i wonder?i bet they are not the same as when landrover was owned by bmw!


Please help me guys, how can I turn off the parkbreak? Thanks Simon

discovery 3 and 4

I was looking to replace my TD5 with another Land rover but after doing a lot of research I am convinced the usual poor L/R build quality is still an issue.Why do L/R not realize when there is an"issue" with thier vehicles especially the clutches on the mark 3 that they do not do something about it. I was told NEVER buy a manual the clutch is not up to the job !!

Faulty disco 3

We purchased a disco 3 06 reg, in feb, after numerous other faults, the parkbrake has jammed on and screeches when I try to release it, my garage guy says its the brake motor, if this is a common fault why don't landrover recall the cars to check the problem

2005 Disco 3 Turbo Cross Over Pipe problems

My Disco 3 has had 2 turbo crossover pipes replaced, an expensive exercise... Has anyone had similar problems & how to resolve it. Thanks.

2007 Discovery 3

This is my third discovery Isold the last one because it kept breaking down needing a recovery truck to tow to garage.After buying a disco 3 I thought my troubles were over but no parking brake nothing but trouble clutch now failed at 28,000 miles looks like Ihave another dud, The new owners have ruined Land rovers reputation they are rubbish

Disco 3

Hi don't know if any one can help? I have an 05 discovery 3 and think I've got a bad one, it's done 91000 miles but so far I've had handbrake motor,clutch,gearbox,transfer box alternator 2 turbo pipes, propshaft, radio both front hub assembles changed. Really like the car but getting bit fed up with changing parts ,are the newer ones any better.


Hi I have just had a call from local dealer in relation to P/brake. The garage are insisting that this is clutch related issue too, quoted over £2k for repair. Only done 36k miles as it is wife's car. This is her 6th Disco on the bounce. Has anyone had any joy from L/R direct on this issue as there is obviously a fault, why discontinue manual gearboxes? Would appreciate some feedback.

Discovery 3TDV6 Park Brake fault

I have regularly suffered 'Park brake auto release failure' on my 2007 Discovery. Apparently this due to the XY sensor on the drive registering a discrepancy. Have been told by the dealer this is probably due to a slipping clutch. The car has 37000 miles and I am the second owner, the first being a LR dealer. Yes the Disco is used to tow but much less than the the full towing weight. The dealer states a clutch strip down needed which I don't doubt will lead to a new clutch. Having now seen all the comments on this subject I feel that there is an inherent fault but what can you do against a large company.

Discovery 3 2009

I love my disco however after buying it brand new the car of my dreams after 7000 miles needed a new clutch usual from the dealer the way I was driving riding the clutch been driving for 35 years now at 55 0000 miles clutch number 4 required, to be fair land rover have renewed clutch under warranty however clutch number four required because of my driving according to them categorically I do not ride the clutch this is a manufactor problem still love my disco but have lost faith why don't they just admit fault.


I Bought a new Disco2 in 2002, with the intention of keeping it 10 years then buy another new one after reading all the comments about parking brakes,transmission issues etc. The Disco 2 has 102,000 miles on the clock and has never let me down, half the miles have been towing a 1740kg caravan all over Europe during the last 10 years.I will be keeping it until further notice, when its clean it looks like new.

brakes locking up

We bought the '99 Discovery SD with a problem ofthe brakes locking up after about 15 minutes of driving. Has anyone else had this problem becuz i need to know if we've stepped into a money pit.

electric parkbrake

I just imported a Discovery 3 TDV6 HSE less than a month ago from UK already the car is in Kenya and I am having so many problems with. First the roof is cracked and the previous Owner did not mention that, the other is the engine on acceleration makes some kind of noise and now I can no longer apply the parkbrake due to a noise that is coming from the rear wheel. My major problem is there is no credible dealer for Land Rover in Kenya please somebody advise me

Parkbrake fault

I have a discovery 3 2009 this is my 3rd landrover and will definatley be my last i have had nothing but problems with the park brake it was in the shop 7 weeks ago regarding this fault and after a new fly wheel and of course the obligatory clutch afer only 20,000 miles it is once again back in the shop to be fixed once again for a park brake fault i wonder if i will need another new clutch after only 7 weeks this kind of inconvience is totally unacceptable and land rover should admit that there is huge problem as i sit here typing this i wounder if i should just book the motor in in another 7 weeks just in case

Park Brake Fault

My park brake would not release after starting to screech within 2 weeks of the first noise and embarrassingly I was on a roundabout over the M5 at 6pm on a Friday night! I have since changed it and returned to the garage every 2 days when the fault informs me "Auto release fault", 3 times now! It also takes out my reversing lights and sensors and also slow to load gear indicator on the dash. I've also been told it is a clutch issue and caused by riding the clutch. I picked it up from the garage last night having had it reset and today the fault appeared while in 6th on the outside lane of the M4, so much for riding the clutch

Should i

Was going to buy a landrover wich had clutch amd flywheel replaced last week should i buy or not its a 2007 tdv6 disco3

Clutch pedal no return

Can anyone help with my o5 disco 3 manual ? Clutch pedal does not return after 1/2 an hrs driving and you need to actually stop and pump clutch to get a pedal to allow gear change !! Totally fed up cos otherwise a good vehicle !! Thanks


Land rover disco 3 to all do not buy one ever stay a way need condeming I have one had it 5 months now 2 weeks in couch gone then parking back then pads and discs then last week engine catchs fire with kids in car has anybody had there engine go up in flams how land rover makes money sell scrap then gets payed to fix scrap a thousand times over

Discovery 3 EPB fault

EPB is faulty and has jammed twice once in an extremely dangerous traffic situation. Land Rover are not interested in my comments and complaints. Have reported the fault to DVSA in detail in the hope that this will force Land Rover to take notice. Will never buy another car with an EPB. Will consider Nissan or Toyota 4 x 4 instead. Mike Jackson.

Electric Hand Brake.

I have a 55 plate D3 with manual transmission which has now covered in excess of 200.000 miles of trouble free service. EXCEPT the poorly conceived ,badly designed and totally unnecessary Electric Hand Brake. It has cost in excess of £3000 in repairs and once became jammed when attempting a hill start on a steep hill while towing a loaded horse box. The AA were called and freed with the help of the wheel brace and disabled it by removing the fuse. I had to get going again by slipping the clutch after we had taken the horses out of the box. I complained to Land Rover and they claimed that the problems were my fault because I had been driving the vehicle off road in the mud and wet !!! Is the car fit for purpose or not ???? Luckily I have found an Independent Land Rover Specialist who has been able to somehow protect the mechanism and wiring from the mud and wet so it has given no further problems. Like my acquaintance in the horsey outdoor set the next 4 x 4 that I buy will be a Nissan Navarra or similar with a proper Hand Brake.
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