I bought a 4 XS early March 10

I bought a 4 XS early March 10 plate initial thoughts were very good then Tuesday 27th Apr. I went to get it out of the garage to find the engine wouldn't turn over only problem shown on the dash was that the steeringlock was on but it wasn't. AA arrived no help. Landrover Assist arrived next morning did a system reset plus ran the diagnostic prog. from the laptop with no success and then decided it was a recovery to the dealer Guy Salmons,Bristol.

It arrived there around midday Wed. and stayed in the middle of their general carpark for 1.5 days because they said the steering lock was on, despite me turning the steering when it was towed out of my garage,and they could not release it,waiting for advice from Landrover technical.I heard nothing then until last Friday 7th May when initially they said it was a earth or broken wire problem in the steering lock this was then superseded by they would have to change the dashboard readout module. All this with a vehicle that has covered 1536 miles.

I was initially told the module was on backorder with a due date of the 16th May on hearing this I rang Landrover Admin. stating if Disco 4's were on the production line why couldn't one be sourced from there this was followed up by a call from the dealer with delivery due the 11th vehicle back 12th/13th latest.

As I type the part has not arrived as advised by the dealer last night and am now waiting for Landrover Head office to come back to me.

Reasons for contacting Landrover direct are no communication from the dealer who I must admit gets the same problems as I do I feel sorry for them I'm just trying to get 1 expensive purchase back they must be dealing with numorous.

When ever you raise the issue of reliability all you hear is "well it is the latest technology" which is what I thought we paid for following development and durability testing.

Reading other reports here it seems as if electronics is a problem I wonder if they had considered investing in HiRel parts and do away with all the bells and whistles at the dealers.

drivers seat

The driver seat on my 2013 xs will not hold its position I am continually having to pump it up while driving.the car has been back to land rover centurion 4 times for this fault. Land rover South Africa do not appear to be able to rectify the problem.
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