Which Survey Land Rover Comes last for reliability

When it came to reliability, Daihatsu was identified as the best performer in the survey with an 86.8 per cent satisfaction score. Land Rover came last with 67.5 per cent.

The most reliable new supermini was the Kia Pacinto, with the Seat Ibiza coming bottom. the Mazda 3 was most reliable medium sized car, with the Nissan Qashqai coming bottom of the table.

When it came to large cars, the Honda Insight, a hybrid, fared best with the Ford Mondeo being named by Which? members as the least reliable.

Which? Reliability Survey

These are the rankings for manufacturers based on drivers' views on dependability and maintenance.

1. Daihatsu 86.8

2. Honda 85.3

3. Toyota 84.6

4. Mazda 83.7

5. Lexus 83.0

6. Suzuki 82.0

7. Subaru 81.7

8. Hyundai 81.6

9. Mitsubishi 81.2

10. Kia 81.0

11. Mercedes-Benz 80.0

12. Skoda 79.0

13. BMW 78.9

14. Mini 78.6

15. Chevrolet 78.5

16. Ford 78.4

17. Nissan 78.3

18. Porsche 77.8

19. Citroen 77.2

20. Volkswagen 77.2

21. Vauxhall 76.8

22. Volvo 76.8

23. Audi 76.6

24. Jaguar 76.0

25. Smart 75.9

26. Seat 75.7

27. Fiat 75.5

28. Peugeot 75.1

29. Saab 73.8

30. Renault 71.4

31. Jeep 70.5

32. Alfa Romeo 69.1

33. Chrysler 67.7

34. Land Rover 67.5

disco 4

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Land Rover Discovery Vibration

I´m from Portugal and I have a LR Disco3 2.7 tdv6 since 2007. Now I have the same vibration issue like you. Above 120km/h vibrates more and more...My dealer doesn´t kwow what the problem is. Can you help me? Thks. Alexandre 19-09-2008 Problem with vibration through transmission when accelerating and cruising on the motorway. Dealer in the U.K. could not diagnose the problem in time available, so we had to travel back 2,000km with the fault present hoping that the car would not breakdown. 31-10-2008 Vibration though the car has go progressively worse and it took the dealer around 3 weeks to diagnose and repair the fault.

I have a Discovery TD5 auto.

I have a Discovery TD5 auto. Bought new 10 years ago with a main dealer service and MOT every year. The annual service costs have been horrific but we have paid for all necessary repairs. In 2008 the power steering pump failed and was replaced by Land Rover dealer. One year later (having only travelled 2000 miles) it was leaking again. Repaired under warranty. In 2011 it has now failed again. The total distance travelled being less than 4000 miles since it was originally renewed. Land rover customer services (Tristan) very friendly but say they cannot help. Dealership says it is out of warranty - which it is but has only traveled 4000 miles!! A case under the supply of goods act? They also said there was a pool of oil on the floor under the gearbox. Very suspicious given that we had no oil on our drive whatsoever where it has been parked each day for the last 10 years!! Needless to say we took our car away but they said that they had already serviced the car but it would be undriveable because of the gearbox. In summary we paid £500 which was worse than when it went in. On a positive note - they did wash the car so at least it was clean!

Land Rover Azur Cars

My name is Francesca, and I recently moved to Antibes, France with my daughters, Chiara and Allegra. We are English and chose our new car three years ago from Land Rover Azur Cars, a Defender 90 in gun metal grey - love at first sight! :-) Scenario 1 - what SHOULD have happened. 21st June '11 Dear Madam, Land Rover Azur Cars regrets the delay in repairing your Defender which took over one month longer than estimated. As both the gearbox problems were under guarantee Land Rover Azur Cars will be happy to absorb the cost of the sustitute Mini. One of our staff will bring your car to your home at your convenience as we know that you have already left for an extended stay abroad and that your daughter, Chiara, is unable to drive for medical reasons. We take this occasion to thank you for your patience and understanding and look forward to seeing you for the regular servicing of your Defender. Yours sincerely, Land Rover Azur Cars Scenario 2 - what HAS happened/IS happening. This spring, on the motorway, there was suddenly a metallic roaring noise beside me, I thought it was a lorry overtaking but in fact it was me - the 6th gear had taken on a life of its own. Concerned that I might be stranded, I limped home in 4th and booked an appointment with Land Rover Azur Cars for 16th May '11. I was also concerned that the 3 year warranty for the car expired mid-July '11. Allegra and her car are permanently in Milan so when I took the Defender in, they organized a Mini for me as a substitute at the cost of Euros 50 per day. The chief mechanic, Claude Bruyere, told me to call the next day - but there was no diagnosis. In the meantime I received a urgent letter from Land Rover headquarters informing all owners of this model that there was seepage of oil into the braking system and that I should hot-foot it to Land Rover. Given that the car was already there I sent Mr. Bruyere the letter and finally received information that the gearbox would have to be replaced (he told me that both works were under guarantee) and that he would ask Land Rover to take over the charges for the Mini. I told him VERY clearly that I was booked for an extended stay abroad from 8th June until 4th October '11, advising him too that Chiara couldn't drive due to a medical condition and that the Mini was parked on the road nearby just getting dirty. He told me there was no problem, all was in hand and not to worry. Time rolled on, Chiara and I called LR Azur Cars many times with no result going through various departments of used car sales, BMW motorbikes, the latest Mini/Landrover promotion and put on endless hold for the mechanics department. Finally I left. To shorten the story, Chiara telephoned and emailed regularly to find out what was happening. 22/05/11 - Chiara to Mr. Bruyere Please do oil seepage re. urgent notification. Given that both problems are under guarantee can LR pay for the Mini? How long until it is ready? Please call asap. 23/05/11 - Mr. Bruyere to Chiara Gearbox ordered. Car ready at end of week (i.e. Friday 27th May) I WILL ASK LAND ROVER TO TAKE CARE OF THE CAR RENTAL. 28/05/11 - Chiara to Mr. Bruyere Hope car is ready as mother leaving 8th June and no-one to pick it up. 13/06/11 - Chiara to Mr. Bruyere When will car be ready? My mother has left, I cannot bring the Mini or pick up the Defender as I don't drive. 21/06/11 - Chiara to Claude Bruyere ( after receiving voice message to say car is ready) I can't drive either car. Can someone bring the LR here and pick up the Mini. Any other suggestions? 28/06/11 - Mr. Bruyere to Chiara No suggestions you must bring Mini here in person (At this stage after a desperate phone call from Chiara to Azur Cars there WAS an arrangement for someone to bring the LR and take back the Mini for 4pm one afternoon. Chiara took time off work, waited for the rendez-vous but no-one showed up). 26/08/11 - Arrival of registered letter from Land Rover Azure Cars saying We received the Land Rover frame No. SALLDVBS88A758534 on 17th May (was actually 16th May). Car was repaired on 20th June. We don't have any room and can't keep your car here indefinitely. We are asking you to pay €35 per day for parking rates as well as the rental of €50 per day starting on the 30th June, up until you come to pick up the car and deliver the rental one. °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° This was the last I heard from Land Rover Azur Cars. The money they are claiming before handing over my car and keys comes to Parking for 113 days(20 June - 11 Oct.) x €35 = € 3,955.00 Rental for 108 days(Mini returned 06.10.11) x €50 = € 5,400.00 Total............................... € 9,355.00 In one phone call from the office of the lawyer I have now employed (after receiving the registered letter) was a discussion from LR Azur Cars to go 50/50 was mooted but was rejected. Three letters have been sent by the lawyer to LR Azur Cars but no reply as yet. The lawyer 's letters have been 'indignant' and he has told me not to go to Land Rover Azur Cars/Mini before seeing him....but it IS, how do we say........ France .... trés lente and I can't be without my car indefinitely while the lawyers send each other 'indignant' letters. I consider this situation similar to legalized extortion and do not intend to pay a penny for something brought about entirely by the inefficiency and inflexibility of Land Rover Azur Cars. I have returned the Mini to the rental company, have had to fork out €2,000.00 for the wear and tear incurred by having it parked on the street for 4 months and the post-sales director refused to give me my car unless I paid the above sum. I don't want this ridiculous mountain created from a molehill to grow in even greater proportions. Please send me any advice/help possible as it doesn’t seem likely that I am going to see my car again for at least another year, until the court order is over (wishful thinking?). Yours, very sincerely, Francesca Grantham

Discovery 3 try's to shut down when stopping at ju

Discovery 3 try's to shut down when stopping at junction and t/lights people Are telling me it the in tank fuel pump. Can any one put any light on this Problem

Land Rover, you should be ashamed of the bullshit

I have been the owner of a LR Freelander 1998 Petrol; yes, I know, I can here you already. It was a disaster, a bottomless pit of money was needed. The funny thing is, after all that I still have this affinity for LR design. I thought of buying a Disco when we moved to Europe from Australia because it has some of the best specifications i.e. size, design, space, and it has that thing that cannot be defined. You know what I mean, that's the reason people buy LR's, BUT and I mean BUT...I will NOT buy a LR because of the many, many issues that they have. On top of that, they do not own up to these issues, or try to make amends. This is such a pity, as the LR Disco 4 was one of my favourite trucks. In saying that; what is the point? If all it does is breakdown, or threaten to breakdown, where is the assurance? If these cars(trucks) were $10,000 I would expect them to work(not) like a Lada Niva, but they aren't, are they! Land Rover, you should be ashamed of the bullshit you spin. How about this: Spend slightly less on marketing, and leather upholstery wank and more on QUALITY and RELIABILITY.

I purchased a Land Rover Discovery TDI 300ES in 19

Dear sir, I purchased a Land Rover Discovery TDI 300ES in 1998. I still own it, but the first few years were hell. Faulty leaking sunshine roof, broken fuel pipe ( cut by air conditioning pipe! ) New Tarmac drive had to be replaced by Land Rover as car under warranty.Corrosion after 18 months, again after 3 years. (steel against aluminium) I could go on, and clearly Nothing has changed! In fact things were so bad, they gave me a free Land Rover experience day. When I mentioned my issues to others on the day, it turned out most invited had similar bad experiences! Re the black smoke and no power, if this was on a 300 TDI, I had same problem. Land Rover cost me over £300 but couldn't fix it. They did it by trial and error. Their error and my trial and expense. I stopped them continuing when they wanted to replace the injectors. In the end I found. A diesel specialist in Bristol. They sorted it immediately. The car car has a valve in the exhaust that opens and recycles the exhaust back into the engine to reduce emissions. It had stuck open. Funnily enough, with this problem the car still passed it's MOT but it was undrivable because of lack of power and very dense black smoke on acceleration. Bob Underwood

Transmission popping out of park

My 2011 LR4 was idling in park on an incline to the rear. Standing outside the driver's door I decided to turn off the engine by leaning inside window and pressing the start/stop button. The first time I pressed it, nothing happened which surprised me. I immediately pressed the switch again, possibly 2 or 3 times in quick succession. That killed the engine and the car started rolling backward. I will spare you the disaster details, but has anyone encountered a similar situation?.....thanks...Martin

Enquiry:Having endured 6 years of hell as a Sport

Enquiry:Having endured 6 years of hell as a Sport owner, more than happy to lend support and advice to you and your members.
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