Stranded again!

Yet another nightmare with Land Rover as my vehicle broke down due to a faulty fuel pump, leaving me stranded. So it´s back to the dealership and I am without a car, yet again! Add it to the list of constant problems I have had with this Discovery.

You just stopped me from buying a new Land Rover,

Enquiry:I cannot thank you enough for this site. I have had my concerns out here in spain about the service side of things since i had my Audi RS4. I havd the same issue with that that you are with the Disco. I did some homework and spoke to landrover uk on the basis i wanted to buy a NEW RR but couldnot speak or get through to anyone. They fobed me off. I was STILL MOMENTS AWAY TODAY OF BUYING A LHD RR today, but with this niggle in my mind, then i found this site. Ive just been to look at a BMW X5 in Alicante !!!!

Land Rover cars are a disaster

Enquiry:recently bought a 02 disco. sinc epurchase it has been sporadically throwing out black smoke. Now, she is losing acceleration and wont go above 60mph. Landrover waterford advised i clean the fuel filters. i did so this evening, made no difference. i think this might be the injectors, what do you think? i really need to sort this. how many injectors are in a series 2 engine and is this something i could do myself and if not, ballpark what should a mechanic charge to supply and fit the injectors, if it is the injectors? is it worth my while checking the fuel pump? any assistance appreciated. regards, peter

Land Rover Discovery 3 HSE

I bought my new Land Rover Discovery 3 HSE in May 2009 from official Land Rover Garage in Gibraltar. It only has 9,000 miles on the clock. I have never had any problems with it until now. It had its first full service in May 2010. The vehicle has never been used in rough terrain and has never been in an accident or driven over pot holes. Late December 2010 I started noticing a vibration on the steering wheel whilst at rest. The vibration is a constant purr and is also felt through the interior of the cabin. The vibration is still felt on the steering wheel whilst driving at all speeds. This was never the case as it was a solid and cofortable drive. The engine though appears to be performing well as it does not appear to be misfiring at any revs and responds well. I have taken the vehicle back to Land Rover officil garage in Gibraltar and they have linked the computer on it and have found no faults. They say that they have checked the engine dampers, steering and cam shaft and this are "in order". They have since even replaced the injectors of the vehicle which apparently there was a recall made by Land Rover for my vehicle but the vibration on the steering wheel is still there, felt at rest and whilst driving. I have driven other Discoveries and they do not have this problem. The Land Rover dealership admits that there is something wrong but they do not know whats causing this. They have made an enquiry at the Land Rover Factory but they have still not come back with a reply. Can any of you please help. I take it that any repairs will be covered with the vehicles warranty since it is only a year and a half old. I would appreciate any help in this matter. Thanks Henry J Bautista

MY10 Range Rover Sport TDV8 battery and turbo fai

I brought a Oct 09 build MY10 TDV8 Sport with 22000Kms in June 2011. The car was fully loaded option wise. Since then it has been off the road over 4 months in last two years. Every 6-8 weeks the car wakes itself up, and drains the battery dead flat. So car has to be towed away. LR have spent ages "fixing" it but have never succeeded. Then we had a engine fault, issue was with one turbo charger (body off repair) car was in shop for 3 weeks. Car is returned, left as we go on holidays, go to start, no joy, and brakes fail. LR ignore this, car taken away again, not until I get LR UK involved do we get offer of rental car. I was demanding money back by this stage. Solicitors involved. Car returned as "fixed" as per LR solicitors. It wasn't. Since then has been returned twice more. Is still with them, and solicitors involved. When going, lovely to drive, but just doesn't go often enough or regularly enough to warrant time, expense etc etc. LR and my solicitors are discussing. If no joy, the man in the wig will be called in.

Landrover Discovery 3

Our Discovery started having faults before the car was 4 years old!! Last month the cost Handbrake Actuator went - cost to repair £1200, followed by the turbo - cost to £3,400 now the geometry needs resetting cost £250 It's a disgrace a car of this so called quality should not start falling apart at 4 years old. We certainly would not recommend a Landrover to anyone

Land rover faulty fuel pump

Faulty fuel pump again! 3 times bin fixed , each time I've broken down and AA have had to tow me to nearest garage ! But still now it won't start ! I've given up on it spent so much money trying to get it fixed and I need this car to travel to work !!!

LD Disco Issue

I am starting to believe that the LD Discoveries are not built to last more than 5 years or 100000km's. I have had a few and always the same issue, handbrake actuator, 5th door lock brake etc. I don't think I will buy another one

Discovery 2 V8 - best avoided

There's a lot of horror stories on this forum about recent and new Landys, but you might want to hear about my experience with a 2003 Disco 2 HSE7. I'm in California so this car had the 4.6l V8; at $7k for a 7-year old car with 88k miles I hoped I was getting a good-looking, capable car with lots of room for family trips at a good price. (These cars depreciate very fast over here.) I knew it dropped a bit of oil but didn't think that was too bad, and I was prepared to put up with some of the quirkier aspects of the car, thinking most things could be fixed... which turns out to be true if you have plenty spare cash or are a very skilled mechanic. If you can't do something yourself, very often the only option here is to take the car to a specialist since most regular mechanics are not familiar with them. Here's all that went wrong with the car in the 3 years and 27000 on-road miles I had it: - Three failed lock actuators - Wiper switch which only worked in warm dry weather - Leaking moon roof - Failed DVD system - Inability to select low ratio - Sticking drivers' side window - Cracked radiator (replaced with ancillary parts) - Engine block diagnosed with air, oil and coolant leaks (stripped down and rebuilt with new gaskets everywhere.) - Intermittent ABS shuttle valve failure (resulting in the well-known appearance of 3 warning lights simultaneously) - Failed crank-case position sensor - Dragging fan clutch - Throttle body de-icer leaking coolant - Oil and coolant leaking from valve covers (again) - Piston 'slap' caused by worn piston rings and/or worn cylinder liners In total I spent $6.5k on repairs, and I got 2.5k for it when I finally managed to trade it in. It averaged 10mpg (US) running on Premium gasoline. I recently discovered some fun facts about just how bad the 2003-2004 4.6l V8's really are. Basically, due in most part to poor design choices and a lack of investment, these engines are doomed to failure, sooner or later. Without a doubt this was the worst car I have ever owned, and that's saying something. Unfortunately it seems that Land Rover are still making mistakes.

land rovers suck

my wife got her first car this past saturday it was a land rover discovery 2 look really nice test drove ok its a 2001 model 100,000 miles seemed like a great deal well two days later she pulled into a hardees and all the electronics guit working it showed she was still in drive but it was pushed in park and now wont start has any one had this problem there is no waranty so im trying to figure this out and fix cheap as i can we have 3 kids and needed a bigger car not a bigger head ach any help would b awsome

Thank God for this site/

I just wanted to express my gratitude for your effort in bringing experiences on the Land Rover brand together on this website. I almost bought a Disco. 4, after doing research to make the decision on what to get I bumped in to this site. I ended up getting a Toyota LC instead. :) Very happy with it. Thanks a million.

Car from hell

I've been having major problems with my Range Rover bought it 3 months ago and the dealership will not take any responsibility. I've taken it to the mechanics 3 times in the 3 months. From fuel pump to electrical to alignment and in between. I tried to call Range Rover Canada they hung up before I got a word in so then I tried to leave a message but the Range Rover Canada's voicemail was FULL. Need to find out if the car is on a recall. It's not even starting only bought it 3 months ago doesn't make sense.
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