HELP Range Rover Evoque hell - Land rover wont change my car

HELP Range Rover Evoque hell - Land rover wont change my car Article: EMAIL 1 Dear Jason Stuart / John Edwards, Hope you are well and more importantly hope your having better luck with your respective Land Rover's than I. Just a quick update on the car having been inundated regularly via Andrew at Farnell. I believe the car is being dropped off by yourselves today. The issues with my car are as follows; Seat Reclining Mode I was asked to come down to Farnell on Tuesday to discuss this issue as nothing was logged on the ECU system Re Fault. I did state I cant automatically make this happen, this occurs itself. I was told by the engineer nothing can be done if there is no proof. By chance when I was with the engineer(John) it randomly went into reclining mode (so once again Proof is provided, highlighting a underlying electrical issue). What is worrying is that it goes into recline mode randomly which is concerning and extremely stressful, a scenario could be that I could be driving on a motorway and it decides to go recline mode which can cause fatalities - can you please bare this in mind. NB this has been mentioned several times to Farnell and has been demonstrated to Ravi (Service desk advisor) In Summary my confidence and safety for my family in this car has further soared. Engine Cutting out As previously stated in my original email to the Executive my engine has cut out a handful of times when I have had My wife and several Children in the car. As a result of this no child or my wife no longer wish to sit in this car. She refers to it as a 'C. £50k worth of scrap of metal'. This is putting a huge amount of strain on our marriage as we spent countless years saving C. £50k for this car and our dreams have been shattered with an unsafe car. As a result of this car we are on the verge of a divorce having no reliable car and she in unemployment she refuses to take this car anywhere! At work my car is total laughing stock with all the issues which does demoralise and affect confidence and reliability of this car. Having asked to discuss this with the engineer he stated he could neither see this issue logged on the ECU (Same as the reclining Seats co incidentally) and 'Proof' is required by Jason at Land Rover. To this point in jest I said 'Meaning an Accident or Casualty is required before something is done'. In Summary my confidence / safety in this car has further soared and more importantly my marriage hangs on a needle of a thread. Suspension Issue Having dropped the car off on previous occasions to Farnell complaining about the suspension, Tests were inconclusive I use the term lightly, Having tinkered with a (common fault)Ball joint (giving off the impression of a backstreet garage not a luxury worldwide brand) the Engineer believes this issue should be resolved via this method! I suppose the proof will be in the pudding. In Summary my confidence in this car has further soared having previously mentioned this to the dealers. Key Fob / Driver Seat After having a car for less than a year my key fob started to disintegrate. For a luxury product this is not acceptable. I did show this to a sales rep (the one who could sell sand to the Arabs! promised so much delivered so little 'misleading sales!') he stated this is normal for the keys and driver seat leather to fade away and pointed me in the direction to the service department - 'A great poster boy for Sales / Customer Service!' In Summary my confidence in this car has further soared and evidently highlighting ive been given an inferior product. Tail Lights I noticed having washed the car that water was gathering in all the tail gate lights further highlighting an inferior product being given to myself and my wife. As you can imagine me on a Sunday afternoon washing and polish this generally beautifully car having to endure the pain of seeing water gathering in my pride and joy. It's heart breaking!! I understand the parts are on order but I've had experience where water gets into lighting systems and it seriously affects vehicles - my experience comes from controlling C. 2000 - 3000 vehicles for one of the biggest councils in England. In Summary my confidence in this car has further soared and evidently highlighting ive been given an inferior product. Audio System After highlighting this on numerous occasions to the dealers it was never ever resolved. All I was receiving was the cold shoulder and being fobbed off. Previous problems found were Broken brackets, speakers popped and now there was issues with the software - ' The question which im asking myself is why is this happening to me (its seriously causing me and my family undue stress) In Summary my frustrations of having a premium sound system not working adequately all this time has lead to me losing confidence in the car brand and product. Breaks When purchasing the car I came into the dealership on a few occasions complaining of breaks squeaking and was once again fobbed off by the then at the time service manager that it is normal for new breaks. To my amazement the service manager thought I would accept this to be acceptable 'as believable as a week full of Sundays', After taking this up with your rude and unprofessional Senior customer call centre manager he refused to do anything to which left me helpless until recently I seeked legal advice who advised me to escalated this complaint to people who can actually do something about it.(Can you check your recorded messages on my conversations with the Senior Call Centre Manager please which will add weight to what im saying). Also I've noticed the windscreen chips very easily I have had to get auto glass to repair the screen as small stone chips affect the glass (To my luck the chips is right in the vision of of my eye.) In Summary my confidence in this car / customer service has further soared and evidently highlighting ive been given an inferior product causing unrest and insecurity in the product. Dash Vents After complaining about a knocking and whistling sound from the driver air vent finally a fault was found in the dash system. In Summary my confidence in this car has further soared and evidently highlighting ive been given an inferior product. Poor management of Replacement Car After being given a Replacement car by the dealer the wanted to take the car back as it was booked for another customer - I was left astonished and lost for words at the poor level of customer service. I stated to Farnell 'what am I suppose to drive in the mean time?'. After discussing this with Jason and Farnell I was forced to drop all scheduled meetings to tend to this issue to which I stressed my dissatisfaction. To add further insult I had some gofer from customer service called 'Trevor' once again asking for customer service feedback!. Also the following day I had a meeting in London to which I had to purchase a SatNav as the replacement vehicle did not have a SatNav. I dare not ask Farnell for another like for like replacement as they might want to car back and suggest public transport!. To add salt to the wounds Farnell rang me this morning to say as a 'goodwill' gesture they will pay for the replacement car which is £12 a day 'to which I was baffled' In Summary Jason / John Im totally shocked by the level of customer service I have received from a loyal Business and Personal Purchaser of Land Rover. What I am concerned about is how unsafe the car is and im seriously considering legal Watchdog action as this is affecting my work and personal life. I would prefer we resolve this which suits both parties. I have tempting fate with my wife and kids who is fed up of this car's safety and chooses to use public to transport especially at time of no employment, this does not help our finances. To summarise Farnell / Land Rover do not consider the safety of its customer as it took a over week to book the car into Land Rover to look into my problems after highlighting all the issues for over a year do you Mr Edwards consider this acceptable? Based on the above highlighting all the issues Mr John Edwards, what can you do for me? Can you please respond asap to this email as I would like this nightmare to end I have read nightmare stories about Land Rover but i bet mine car top those. This car is even making me consider my job within the Fleet industry as all work reminds me off is this problem of a car which causes me stress. EMAIL 2 Hi Jason / John / Shelly, After speaking to you (Jason) this morning. I disagreed with all the comments you made on the previous email you sent and I talked you though the reasoning behind it. I will not list all the reason but I will just a couple just for reference with proof as what seems to always be required. Key fob - you stated this was new and at no cost to myself - does the attached photo suggest this fob is new I think we can both conclude that this fob is not new. It seems to me I have been fobbed off once again by Land Rover.(No pun intended) Capliers - you stated that the calipers have painted- as my photo attached suggests not all calipers have been painted and the paint job on them looks like its been done with a spray can and now all 4 calipers are different colour - shows the amount of quality and effort spent by the dealer. Recline Seats - your response that's this was a memory storage buttom which in front of my eyes the mechanic tested and this did not occur. What's even worrying when the car was booked in on previous occasions this should have been picked up once again im being fobbed out and this further questions the integrity of Land Rover and Safety of the Car. I have not written all the reasons if required you have a recording of our conversation. As you agreed to some degree all my claims are valid and cant comment on why this occurred. You suggests I only escalated my complaint a few weeks ago to Land Rover and a new car cant be given as the 12 months have passed and nothing has been escalated to Land Rover. I can confirm I have been ringing around all day to Land Rover and Farnell to get hold of this letter which was sent by Land Rover which was eventually located on your system! - with all the notes (I had a copy of the letter but i wanted to proof that it came from Land Rover and there is record on your systems) (Can I please request all notes kept on myself / Car be sent under the data protection act 1998). Please see attached word document sent by AMO (Customer Service Executive) and also a separate email format version confirming this.- he also has found out which rude manager at Land Rover who was so unhelpful and closed the case with me still being unhappy with the then at the time new car - if you listen to the telephone conversation today with AMO this will confirm this. AMO Confirmed that the Complaint was filed within a month or so (well within 6 month of purchase under consumer law) of purchase to Land rover and within 24-48 hours to Farnell as on arrival of the car I complained on System and electrical Faults e.g SAT NAV. The date which filed the complaint was 05/12/12 with Jody Collins (Land Rover) and I spoke to the Rude / Disrespectful Manager (Amer Gill) who treated me as a Second class citizen. AMO Confimed that the conversation with Amer Took place Mid January 13 and all notes are kept as he summarised them to me. Jason I appreciate all the conversations I've had with you but i would like this escalted I am available until 8.30-10.30am tomorrow to speak to you. I do need to get on with my day job as all i have been doing is writting email's or in discussion with Land Rover / Farnell. All i feel is im being fobbed off but please I am going to continue with my persistance as i feel im being discriminated against. Im sure this would make a great news report but i prefer to work with yourselves and not against yourselves. P.s can you reply to this chain of email as am trying to keep all correspondence in one place. Kind regards

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