Land Rover Discovery Recall

The Landrover Owner International website gives details of recalls by Land Rover here.

The article we read about Landrover Discovery recalls was written by a Land Rover Owner Reporter and states that Land Rover Discoveries made between May and September 2005 need to be inspected because they may leak fuel. The LRO reporter goes on to advise that if your Landrover Discovery smells of petrol when you are inside, yours might be one that needs attention and also if you are experiencing misfires and poor starting you are probably on the Land Rover recall List! Land Rover blame a "poorly specified pipe" and state that they will have to replace the fuel tanks of the affected Landrovers.

Back in November 2005, in the biggest of the two recalls at that time, Land Rover wanted to examine the parking brakes of the automatic Discovery 3 as well as the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models. We read about this here.

At the time it stated, Land Rover were going to recall more than 1000 cars for checks on parking breaks and jacks.

In another recall, 200 other coil-sprung Discovery 3 cars, as opposed to those with air suspension, have been found to have been supplied with the wrong type of jack.

We found an informative site which appears to list recalls for all Landorover vehicles. Have a look here to see the long list of recalls for Land Rover!

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