Land Rover Discovery Review

Jeremy Clarkson gives his personal opinion of the Land Rover Discovery here.

He writes “.. I should make it crystal clear at the outset that I absolutely loathed the last Disco. It used the old Range Rover’s chassis, which means it was rooted in the late 1960s, and boy, could you tell on the road. You could have given one to an asylum seeker as a sort of welcome-to-Britain gift and he’d have gone straight back home again.“

However, Jeremy Clarkson believes that the new car is completely different, he believes it’s a looker, his exact words “a sort of Matra Rancho for the 21st century if you like.”

Despite the good comments Jeremy Clarkson has to say about the Land Rover Discovery, would he swap his Volvo for a Land Rover Discovery? Jeremy Clarkson believes that The Land Rover Discovery is nicer to drive and feels more substantial. In his opinion the Land Rover Discovery has better engines and more ability off-road. However, for someone who needs the vehicle just to move children too and from school his answer would be no.

We found a very positive review of the Land Rover Discovery here.

The review is very clear and comprehensive. The writer has commented on many aspects of the Land Rover Discovery from its appearance and comfort to its performance and handling.

The online autotrader magazine give their review of the Land Rover Discovery here.

Although the review isn´t very long it does give brief opinions on Looks, Practicality, Ride and Handling, Performance, Running Costs, Reliability, Safety and Equipment.

The writer of this review comments “The previous Discovery had a reputation for breaking down, but the new model seems to have these problems licked. It feels very well screwed together and even the doors shut with a pleasant solid-sounding 'thunk'.”

We read a short and precise review of the Land Rover Discovery here.

The author of this review feels that the Landrover Discovery is a big and very heavy car although apparently it's no longer than a BMW 5-series saloon, shorter than a Mercedes E-class and only 12-15cms wider than either. The writer goes on to comment that despite the Discovery's size its 2.7-litre V6 turbodiesel makes light work of hauling it and its fuel consumption of up to 33.2mpg overall is good for such a monster.

The overall comment on this review is “New or used, it’s an exceptional car, to drive and to live with. If you need seven seats, it’s one of the best: but even if you don’t, it is marvellously comfortable, smooth and quiet

The popular Channel Five programme Fifth Gear give their review of the Land Rover Discovery on their website here.

You can see a video review of the Landrover Discovery here and read some very interesting owners comments one of which is by David Mooney posted on 15th September 2008. He writes “My Land Rover dealer is 2 miles from my office, has a great espresso machine, papers, magazines & cheery staff, I hope yours does too because you'll spend an awful long time in there, shame cause when it's running it's a bloody wonderful car for a family. Get to know your local petrol station very well also!!”

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