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We found many comments made by Land Rover Discovery owners here

Here we found some owners who despite appear to be overall pleased with their Land Rover Discovery, they have real issues with things that go wrong and dealers who never seem to get the problems fixed. From mirrors that don´t fold in/out to the vehicle loosing power when setting off. One owner wrote "Great, but I don't think it will last 5 years, so will sell before the warranty is out!".

Here the Land Rover Discovery only received an “average” rating. For both Performance and Quality & Reliability it only scored a two star rating. Despite some positive points the writer of this review states its “only really worth considering if you need the seven-seat option or intend to use it in the mud.”

Here the online version of What Car? Magazine give their review of the Land Rover Discovery. They state that “Land Rover's reliability record has been somewhat less than illustrious in recent years, and there are still big question marks over how the latest Disco will fare in the long term.” On Quality & Reliability What Car? only give the Land Rover Discovery 3 stars out of 5. However, they do give it a five star rating for Safety and Security.

Top Gear give their opinion of the Land Rover Discovery here

They give a brief review on Comfort, Performance, The Cool Factor, Quality, Handling, Practicality and Running Costs. The Land Rover Discovery in Top Gear´s opinion only scores 1/20 for running costs with the highest score of 15/20 for its practicality.

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