Land Rover What Car Review

Here you will find a brief summary of the What Car review of the Land Rover Discovery. Their overall opinion is

FOR, the Landrover Discorvery is sharp on-road but its still a Land Rover off it. The classy cabin has space for seven and superb versatility.

AGAINST, it is expensive to buy and costly to run, either privately or as a company car”

What Car then give a more detailed review of the Land Rover Discovery, taken from their website they state:-

Landrover Discover Performance
There’s just one engine in the Discovery, a 2.7-litre V6 turbodiesel based on the one you'll find in a Jaguar. The Disco's weight means it has plenty to do, and you have to be forceful to get it away from rest. However, once you're settled into a cruise it becomes smooth, quiet and quite lively.

Landrover Discover Ride & Handling
On-road, the Discovery is astonishingly good for a car with a separate chassis, permanent four-wheel drive and serious off-road talents. Most models have air springs and all have independent suspension, so you get high-speed stability, tight control of cornering roll and a firm but well damped ride.

Landrover Discover Refinement
The V6 diesel works beautifully with the optional six-speed automatic gearbox, and though there is some diesel clatter when it’s working hard, it’s quiet once you’re cruising. There’s a bit of wind flutter over the roof at motorway speed, but road noise is almost totally isolated

Landrover Discover OWNERSHIP
Buying & owning
Although you can get a new Discovery for around £27,000, top-trim versions take the price well over £40,000. It's thirsty for fuel, too, so you'll spend a lot of time and money at the filling station. However, Disco resale values have always been good, and the latest version is no different.

Landrover Discover Quality & reliability
The materials used in this Discovery suggest that attention to detail has been paramount. It feels classy and solid. However, Land Rover's reliability record has been somewhat less than illustrious in recent years, and there are still big question marks over how the latest Disco will fare in the long term.

Landrover Discover Safety & security
Five-seat cars come with six airbags; seven-seaters with eight. Stability and traction control, anti-lock brakes and Hill Descent Control are standard, along with full-time four-wheel drive. Thieves won't fancy having a pop at your Disco, either – it comes with an alarm, immobiliser and deadlocks.

ILandrover Discover N THE CABIN
Behind the wheel
The command-post driving position expected of a Land Rover has been preserved, giving a great view out, and the driver’s seat has lots of adjustment. There are plenty of storage areas in all directions, too. However, there are buttons and switches galore, especially in top-trim versions.

Landrover Discover Space & practicality
The Discovery seats seven with comparative ease (base models seat five). All occupants get in via the side doors. The tailgate is split so that it will serve as a picnic seat or viewing platform. There’s not much boot space with all seats in use, but the second and third rows fold out of the way to leave a flat floor without you having to remove the headrests.

Landrover Discover Equipment
Base cars have five seats, coil-sprung suspension and a simplified form of Land Rover’s new electronic off-roading aids. The rest have seven seats, air springs and the full five-mode Terrain Response four-wheel-drive system. Top models include leather, sat-nav, a premium stereo and a six-speed auto gearbox.”

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